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  1. Yes. I had a running start to get that far. The airline industry all but stopped too.
  2. The GIF is too large so a link is the best I can do. https://imgur.com/gallery/N914Zxp
  3. Careful there, it might be a trick. He said pennies on the dollar, it might be 99 pennies to a dollar and that is't a real good deal.
  4. As Randy said, these are not mine. If they were mine, I would use Sansui, Luxman, Marantz or something SS that is known to have good sound.
  5. Probably doesn't come with the obligatory water ring. The single LaScala that I sold to Kirby came out of a church. It was in great condition for its age.
  6. $1,800 Linky Klipschorns $1850 in a church most of their life I just don't have room for them KD-BB 1978 Designer Black Birch Less
  7. You are very right. I clicked on the like that was posted in one of your responses. My apologies
  8. I agree. To me, it's not a 'chicken / egg' thing. The states with the highest gun violence are talking away guns from or prohibiting law abiding people from having guns, which brings out the protesters, the media uses them in a less than light and the governor grabs more rights. Not sure that you didn't get your point across, I believe that I get what you're saying. I, also, see the author of what you linked as being just as big of a 'useful' idiot as the ones in the picture. The author is anti trump, anti capitalism, anti prosperity and writes myopic righteous diatribe blogs filled with one sided hate filled fear tactics to incite people who are like minded... just like the people in the pictures. The biggest difference is the one writing is using words for the fear tactic, and using pictures, quite often out of context, to make people he doesn't agree with look foolish, as though they really needed any help. I wonder how this level of divide gets this way. The hate started before the last election and before the past several elections. It's not difficult to to get people who are like minded to follow, just ask Jim Jones. Umair, and the ilk, use the same tactics as the NRA. All it takes is for Henny Penny to say it and people start to march and chant.
  9. They might not be the ideal representation of responsible gun owners and their display isn't helping the ones who are. That being said, I don't believe they were there to get in a gun battle with the police, nor were they there to shoot up the other protesters, so having a scope or not didn't matter. Also, I don't think that the AR-15 is an ideal gun for big game such as elk. If there were no violent ill intentioned people on Earth, I wouldn't be upset. Since there are, and that more people are killed with hammers and clubs (2011 data, new data is similar) than rifles or shotguns, and there are more people beaten to death using fist and feet than rifles and shotguns, I am glad people can have guns to protect themselves. On the sad side of guns, ~ half of the people murdered were killed but a hand gun. One more thing that ties the gun packing protesters and the Wuhan Virus together: There were less than 20,000 people murdered in 2018 while this virus has killed 4x that many so far this year. They want to carry a gun for protection, yet do nothing to protect themselves from something that is ~ 100x more likely to attack them. .... They probably protest against wearing a seat belt too.
  10. Yea, figures. There were a few post edited or deleted.
  11. The author of that has nothing but hate in every thing he writes. I can see how people who read it can get caught up in the spin and become a hater too. https://eand.co/its-not-you-it-s-a-failed-economy-e610b98381fc https://eand.co/capitalism-and-the-age-of-thanatos-8117ece7c94f https://eand.co/are-our-societies-dying-9b607327b888
  12. Both. I would do the caps first. After getting them to sounding right, you will be able to hear if you like the tweeter change / upgrade.
  13. Woofers and Tweeters


    Turn it around? 3 out of 4 are unhappy?
  14. Yes Or listen to them for a few tunes so that he can hear the difference. That's the main thing.
  15. IMHO, that's CF3 territory. Not sure if I have seen CF2 go that high.
  16. Got 'em. Will have them cleaned up and organized for you at the event. At a glance, I didn't see them. After listening to and enjoying your collection of music, I finally stumbled upon them. Thanks again
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