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  1. Expecting a return to Klipsch specs, Vs. Bob Crites’ specs. May they both R.i.P. Prolly this Veteran Armor Crewman won’t be able to tell the differ...
  2. Fast, too. Yes, I’ll dust them out, when remodeling in that room is complete!
  3. Thanks to Roy via Christy, for setting up, & recommending his service! @Chief bonehead @dtel's wife
  4. Got around to pulling the AA crossovers, and shipped to him last Tuesday. He rec’d them on Friday. Called tonight. He through, and ready to ship back. Invoiced me on PayPal for a trivial amount, including return shipping, with insurance, via FedEx, $159.57.
  5. Last Saturday night, I called the number, not expecting an answer, just wanted to add to my address book. Jim answered, coached my through taking pictures of my 1980 La Scala Tweeters, Squawkers, & AA Networks.
  6. Yes it is, if they are Klipsch. Go for towers if you have the space & budget...
  7. Thank you! Yes, I’m aware; but, before going that route, I want to buy from someone here, if possible.
  8. Plus description from him: Yes, there is a dent in one of the subs (never affected the sound) and some small damage at bottom of cabinet (superficial) Sez he’s ready to DEMO, fwiw.
  9. Don’t feel like a trip to New Orleans, just now. Here are a couple of other pics he texted me:
  10. I stand corrected, & edited accordingly, thank you.
  11. By both pair; but, negotiate the price down...
  12. Go far it, if able to audition, offer $400, settle on $500.
  13. Nice sales at Klipsch.com, Paducah Home Theater (CALL), adorama, newegg, Costco...among others.
  14. Welcome to the Forums! Klipsch speakers are known for efficiency. Most are nominally rated at 8 Ohms. The higher the sensitivity, in terms of dB, the better, or more efficient, that is requiring less power.
  15. None. Every cent goes to speakers, & parts for said speakers...
  16. Grilles are interchangeable with the cane grilles on my HIIs. Must’ve had utilized leftover cane grilles in the c. 1986 “Signature Edition”... No plans to crack open the rear panels, as long as they sound fine. When remodeling is finished in den, I’ll peel away most, if not all of the walnut veneer.
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