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  1. Oh, I support you 100%. I've been a mod on another BB for over 13 years.
  2. If I top an old thread, by reply, so I may find it later, I always give an Old Thread alert.
  3. Wonder if a bunch of old threads got un-locked by the migration?
  4. I pledge allegiance to the flag of the united States of America, and to the Republics for which it stands. 49* nations, under God, with Liberty and Justice for Ya'll.
  5. Thank the speaker gods those near me disappeared.
  6. Zac Brown is one of one recent artists I'd like to see.
  7. Nice photo of your dad. I had the honour to wear the Sterling Silver Captain's bars of my grandfather, lost in WWII.
  8. My 7 year old twins, Lee & Jackson, say it won't load ROBLOX, a game.
  9. Sancho Panza

    The lounge.

    It's NEVER Miller, or any other beer time for me; I pretended, or tried to like it for 20 years, finally gave up.
  10. Well, 1 would be in ideal location. T'other I'd have to try.
  11. Security would have a fit if I wore my Yankee suit (Army Blue Dress Uniform) & Sabre.
  12. Good, very good, I HATE to wear neck ties. Love them on others. Business suit, sans tie would work for me. Most memorable concert for me was Beethoven's 9th Symphony at Sansouci, Potsdam, near Berlin, Germany. It was outside; no doubt I had on shorts & t-shirt.
  13. So a pair of THTs with Heresy on top, & a Heresy Center would not be a good idea?
  14. Did check out ticket prices for the Mississippi Symphony Orchestra $16 a head for the one I checked on; not bad, now just need the Tux, Mini-Medals, Attire for the Wife &/or Girlfriend ;-) & a sitter for Lee & Jackson....
  15. Not really much provision for Tags from iPhone 4.
  16. Sancho Panza


    I've done that before with Watch ESPN, then called ESPN3.
  17. Sancho Panza


    LoL. If you can get Lee & Jackson OFF my computers...but, if you count that 40" Samsung, I really have 5 HDTVs in the room. Also could put a game with Watch ESPN on my iPhone. But, although I most of the time on Saturday put on 4, bc I can, it's hard to keep up with more than 3 at a time.
  18. Yes, I, for 1, think Subs should have a separate room.
  19. Sancho Panza

    The lounge.

    Cheaper to Rent than Buy!
  20. Sancho Panza

    The lounge.

    Cuban Coffee, Cigars & RUM All Around!!!
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