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  1. An SET amp is what ye seek, grasshopper…
  2. +1 on Soundsmith. I bought one of his modded Denons a few years ago and it was great. Later on I bought a Carmen II and it’s even better. Peter is a great resource and makes some fine cartridges. My Hana sits on the shelf unused.
  3. With the 270 mv input sensitivity of the integrated amp I would say there is a good chance it will work.
  4. Looks like you might not need a step up tranny. 60 db should be enough for the Hana. What is your line stage?
  5. Damn, Dennis is getting 7 watts from a 2a3. Very impressive. GLWS.
  6. Depends on a lot of other things. What is the gain of the phono preamp, gain of the linestage, and sens. of the speakers.
  7. I agree with what's been said already. But I also think the proper height of the speaker is when it is resting on the floor. Raising it up will only hinder sound quality when seated, if that's important to you. Best to use them as designed or not use them at all.
  8. I bought Bobs xovers and I thought the sound was worse than the AA they replaced. Bright to my ears.
  9. If five watts isn't party level loud, I wouldn't trust those meters.
  10. Rugs on the floor and some heavy blackout curtains too.
  11. That room will need some serious attention. Reminds me of about 25 years ago. I broke up with my girlfriend and moved into a new house. It had a large 26 X 16 room with suspended hardwood floors. All I had was a loveseat and my equipment and rack. Looked very similar to your room. The first time I fired the system up I cringed at the sound. I knew I had work to do.
  12. This is a wonderful way for someone to dip their toes in the 300B waters and see what it’s all about. GLWS.
  13. This is some good reading for you. https://www.thewelltemperedcomputer.com/Intro/SQ/VolumeControl.htm
  14. Using a volume control in the digital domain throws away bits. Just sayin….
  15. Well if you’ve never heard it done right, I guess you wouldn’t know…
  16. All I see is two question marks….
  17. Even though I haven’t heard the Emotiva, I’ve lived with other much higher quality SS amps and moved on. I’m not even slightly interested in that kind of sound since I am firmly in the tube camp. But I don’t think Emotiva would ever be on my radar if I had a use for a solid state amp. And with heritage klipsch speakers there is no need for high power behemoths, no matter the cost.
  18. Well think about it. A receiver that includes a preamp, amplifier, tuner, AND a DAC (and a processor?) can't devote a lot of quality to any one of those. Compromises will be made.
  19. I’m not a receiver expert or fan for that matter. But I would think there is a direct output that bypasses the onboard dac.
  20. I was using an Allo Digi One pi player when I decided to try a blusound node. Both being used with an external dac. The user interface of the bluos app was much better, but I thought sound quality suffered a little. I moved on to a Lumin U1 mini and it is better than both. YMMV…..
  21. I hope you aren’t alluding that the DAC in a computer is as good as an outboard dac?
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