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  1. he should reply pretty soon, im sure hes busy but should reply soon. or maybe he will see this tag & contact you @ngen33r. cant recall where hes located.
  2. & why exactly is a thread on water softeners in the general klipsch sub forum?
  3. read the repair threads in the tech section on these subs &/or contact @ngen33r he repairs these amps that are notorious for failure. good price great service.
  4. @Muddster a member on here @ngen33r repairs these amps & its far less than $ 250 or $265. he has a couple threads on it & can just send him a PM for details. repaired my rw12-d & did an excellent job in a timely manner, does a full recap as well, amp should/will last for many years to come.
  5. Doesnt look like you got any answers to your questions, heres some suggestions based on my experience with recapping fortes, chorus, a few KGs & many other speakers. Im not familiar with the russian caps so cant comment on them but the original caps voltage rating is there for a reason, these speakers have 100watt RMS but can handle a lot more peak power so the voltage rating of the caps isnt really based on RMS, although if you never give them high power the 100v are probably OK, i would stick with the factory ratings for values & voltage to be safe. As for size, many other mid grade polypropylene caps arent as big as sonicaps & 250v will fit on the board with little to no modification required. i have used the dayton 1% before but recently have used ERSE suggested by Bob Crites as a very good budget cap that he said tests as good or better than the daytons & other mid grade caps. they also uses ERSE for all other parts of their xovers & for the electrolytics in the woofer section. if price is a concern they are priced better than any of the mid grade caps, can get all the caps for fortes or chorus etc for about the same price as the ones you have & that is shipped. im no expert & dont have the expensive test equipment to compare them but i trust what bob stated & i know what i hear with them, they sound excellent in all the speakers ive done & definitely fixed bad caps in my chorus 2 that sounded like a towel was over the front of the speakers due to the caps going bad or falling out of spec after 25+ years. & just to reiterate on the "time to settle in" thing, Mr Crites & many others say caps & small diaphram tweets dont need any break in time, your ears may adjust (break in) to the new sound of TI tweets but its not the tweeter that changed & definitely not the capacitor that changed.
  6. there is a member on here that repairs these dead klipsch subs for a very reasonable price & quality work. look in the tech section for @ngen33r threads about repairing these subs or send him a private message.
  7. the prices of used klipsch speakers are taking off like super man.... apparently now black chorus 2 in average condition with scratches & damaged passives are worth $1700! WOW. https://www.ebay.com/itm/313657743251?mkevt=1&mkpid=0&emsid=e11021.m43.l3160&mkcid=7&ch=osgood&euid=9fb4757b359040d89a7f430d61e7c6b1&bu=43521485800&ut=RU&exe=99031&ext=233633&osub=-1~1&crd=20210901064818&segname=11021&sojTags=ch%3Dch%2Cbu%3Dbu%2Cut%3Dut%2Cnqt%3Dnqt%2Cnqc%3Dnqc%2Cmdbreftime%3Dmdbreftime%2Ces%3Des%2Cec%3Dec%2Cexe%3Dexe%2Cext%3Dext%2Cexe%3Dexe%2Cext%3Dext%2Cosub%3Dosub%2Ccrd%3Dcrd%2Csegname%3Dsegname%2Cchnl%3Dmkcid
  8. @ngen33r is your man. hopefully he will reply here or after you get 5 posts you can send him a private message. he does great work with fast turnaround times & can most likely repair the power supply that the klipsch dealer there couldnt for some reason.
  9. serious question regarding the whole "not klipsch anymore" thing. klipsch builds/designs a certain speaker, then it gets changed over time due to better parts or technology, is the updated version better than the prior version? usually yes. ie: Ak2 to AK3 to AK5 or 6 & beyond... exponential horns to tractrix, then tractrix with mumps, forte to F2, F3, F4, etc etc. but if a guy or 3rd party made or used a horn with mumps before klipsch did it, we would all hear how its wasnt klipsch anymore... its a fact there are better components than what is used by klipsch or most any company/product & if a guy updates or upgrades them whether they are caps, horns or drivers, they are criticized or scolded for deviating from the original stock design. same applies for the car analogies people use, if i upgrade the stock restrictive exhaust designed to meet emissions & approved budgets on a (insert car make here) it is definitely still that car... only better. some like to keep things original or exactly as designed & some like to experiment or improve things, neither one is wrong & most the time the improvement is just that, an improvement over the original design.
  10. good point, so the numbers are even lower in both scenarios you mention.... & yes, deaths with covid vs from covid are a big difference.
  11. did we lose the OP? sure would like to know what he found on the mystery leaking fluid....
  12. might want to check the math on those numbers... 628,000/37,700,000 is not 1.6657.. its 0.0166578. another number to consider that the media never mentions... 628k deaths, divide by the US population of ~330,000,000 = .0190303. those are extremely low death rates per population or per cases. comparable to yearly car accidents deaths or serious injury requiring hospitalization. personally i have not got the vax, mostly due to what jeff mentions in that its not tested long term, what happens in 2,3,5+ years when cases of other diseases jump like cancer, alzheimers etc etc? all for a virus that kills mostly elderly or people with other medical issues & the factual numbers are far less than 1%. dont get me wrong, i realize it can be a serious issue & i do take precautions to avoid crowds, social distance & try to stay healthy etc, but for the vast majority of people this isnt as big of a deal as its been made out to be. sorry if some of that is off topic & is simplified but numbers dont lie. just replying to the above allowed posts.
  13. love the cherry on epics! priced right too. should sell quick.
  14. IF the crossovers are leaking, i would be more concerned with damage to the crossover PCB than the inside wood of the cabinet. but again, the amount of fluid inside the small electrolytic caps on these crossovers most likely would not leak through the cabinets & show up on the outside. its possible it could leak enough to seep around the speaker terminal edges but we still dont know where its leaking from or what the fluid is. the amount of ferro fluid in the tweeter is not enough to leak out of the cabinet IMO. if it did leak out, which there is not much chance of, it would drip a few drops straight down on the bottom of the cabinet & not come out. hopefully the OP can post more info &/or pics so we can determine what is leaking & why.
  15. hey lakewood! are you missing the passive or just have a damaged one? if you want to retain the correct look for the forte2 passive its probably best & cheaper to have simply speakers recone yours that buying a new incorrect F3 passive or a chorus2 that will be the wrong weight. the reconed one above might be your best bet if yours is missing, or check ebay.
  16. leaking fluid? from where & what kind of fluid? "tagged the capacitors are the problem"? not sure what that means, can you elaborate more on some details? or post a pic of the leaking fluid?? the crossover capacitors in these speakers are a mylar film type & dont have any fluid to leak... there are very small electrolytic caps but i doubt its enough fluid that it would leak out of the cabinet even if it did leak all its fluid. you can buy new capacitors from many places like parts express or a company called crites speakers who sells replacement caps & x-overs for klipsch speakers. you can also pull the rear passive woofer or the front mid horn to get a look inside to see if you can determine what the fluid is & where its coming from. you should be able to get some help but more info is needed &/pics showing whats leaking?
  17. rotted out base board? when zoomed in on the pics, just looks like some dirt or spider webs or a light layer of mildew from being stored on a concrete floor, definitely not rotted out. way over priced though for sure, i call that barret-jackson syndrome... when a guy sees an ultra rare or top level restored car sell for big $$ on the barret jackson auctions & thinks his run of the mill average condition car is worth anywhere near those prices. same thing here, the seller googled Khorns & saw the current price for new Khorns & thinks his are worth close to that. ignorance is bliss & he will soon find out that nobody is even replying to the ad at that price. or as mentioned above, he finds a sucker that googled new khorns & thinks these are a good deal! nice looking walnut Khorns though, worth closer to 25-40% of his asking price though.
  18. undertow is mixed & recorded very well, sounds great up loud or at "normal" levels. loved pushing that one on my K-horns & chorus2 & forte2. ive been a tool fan since the 90's with undertow... if you like tool, check out a perfect circle, has that maynard sound but so much more musical. & for a totally different twist check out puscifer, another of maynards side projects with a totally different sound.
  19. imagine what a chorus 4 would sound like... cornwall killers!
  20. glad you found the right fuse... what happened after you replaced the fuse if you have yet? usually, unless there was an external power short or other issue that blew the fuse, the fuses on these subs blow due to a problem internally with the amp. if yours works with just a new fuse consider yourself lucky. if it blows again there is a member on here that specializes in repair of these subs, he repaired a RW12d sub amp for me last year & it was a quick turn around for a very fair price. contact @ngen33r if you need it repaired or read his repair threads for lots of good info on these amps & why they go bad.
  21. not sure what you mean by that, where do you see most all caps are electrolytic? the caps for mid & tweet circuits arent electrolytic in any of the klipsch speakers i have owned or seen, AK/AL-3, AA, & all the forte/chorus or other models of that era use a mylar type cap. most aftermarket upgrade caps are polypropylene or other type. yes you can match the values on the stock caps & decide what type you want to use.
  22. of the 3 tool shows i saw, only the last one for 10,000 days had poor SQ, i agree the speakers were being pushed too hard on that show, i was seated dead center in the 1st row of the balcony so the hanging center 2 or 3 speakers were pointed right at us. the other 2 shows i was off to the right side & it sounded much better. i also saw a perfect circle at the same location & they sounded so much better. this location has about 8500 capacity & all other concerts ive seen there sounded very good but loud, even motley crues record db show 30+ years ago sounded better than the last tool show. yeah brain itch is not good... after all those concerts & many years of overly loud home audio trying to recreate the live shows & loud noises like high horse power engines with open headers at the drag strip i have a little bit of tinnitus in a dead silent room, so i have stopped abusing my ears & will wear ear protection at any future shows.
  23. to me concert levels are more like mentioned above with tool, ive seen them 3 times & probably 50 other big name rock bands & many smaller rock shows in local bars. back in the late 80's motley crue was touring for one of their new albums & was bragging about setting records for the loudest concert, they set a record of i think 121db in my city. when its that loud your ears distort & you feel kind of a tickle sensation. way too loud! so i'd say concert level is anything above ~95-100db, do that for an hour or so & you will feel it in your ears, mine were muffled for a day or so after that motley crue show.
  24. im not trying to be a wise guy here & this is a serious question: what cleaning or service does any given piece of audio equipment need each year? what exactly is being cleaned or serviced yearly? what environment is the equipment in that requires a yearly cleaning or parts to be serviced? im seriously at a loss to understand this & have never heard of anyone doing such a thing. cleaning & service as needed is understandable or for older gear thats never been cleaned or needs service, but every year paying someone to pull 4 screws & remove the top to blow out a micro layer of dust is new to me, & it does not in any way harm or degrade the components inside. what do they charge for this service?
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