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  1. All I can say is solipsism is about as far from any scientific viewpoint or rational seeking of information as one can get. You did not know because you did not care to look into what people who know nothing, that would be anyone but you just so we are clear here about my comment, were doing or saying or have done or said. It is an amazing cancellation of external information on thought processes.
  2. Forgot to mention we PAID to be there so we are more brainwashed then you first assumed.
  3. OK ODS you don't even have an idea what the gathering was for. It was about crossover design and Roy used 3rd gen and 4th gen speakers to demonstrate Linkwitz Riley and Butterworth and DB slopes effect on sound. It was not about selling us on new stuff as you so arrogantly assume. Do you realize how silly you sound?
  4. You are not kidding. This is the same guy who swore Klipsch Pro gear he had never heard was fit for only train stations.
  5. That right there is downright funny. Casting shade on a group of people whose capabilities, judgement and experience you know nothing of but then can be assumed by you to be far less than yours. I hear it can be quite windy when you live on the mountain top by yourself.
  6. If I remember right that improvement was the opinion of everyone in the room that day.
  7. Yes and the CW4 was much better for my tastes. No boomy box sound just great fidelity. Side by side the CW4 was clearly a large step up. Same room same amp same seating so a true side by side comparison.
  8. Always nice to see a working shop and real hands on speaker projects. Far better then mere words and never any examples of what is being talked about.
  9. I have visions of the drunks hollering to the drunken DJ "turn it up" and he does until they fry. Pro gear really gets hammered at times by clueless people.
  10. Well ya got me on that typo didn't you 🤣
  11. Your information is incorrect. The 301-1's use the K-79 not the K-792. I have hands on experience on a number of these and I know what they take.
  12. Wall of sound currently in the shop. Note the 301-II's and 301-1's. Oh, and those yummy KPT-456's.
  13. Using the crossover for the 301-II would be incorrect here because they use a different mid and tweeter then the 301-I. OP has correct crossovers and only needs to recap what he has. Assuming that Klipsch made the crossover update to improve them then yes I would build a copy of the 3.0B IF it made a noticeable audible difference. I do not hear a difference on the two in my shop right now with these crossovers. Notice the logo change too. Also see the difference in the grilles with one having expanded metal over to woofer. Both however are correct.
  14. As stated earlier they sound the same to me side by side so yes. They were both designed for 301's. Your real problem is the JBL woofer which will most likely not have the same characteristics as the K-48. I have seen all kinds of bone headed things done with pro gear. Had a set of LSI's once and when I got into them the K-33 woofers were 15", but the "replacements" were marked Made In Taiwan. K-42's replaced with speakers marked "Javanco" was another one that comes to mind. That was was pretty funny as Javanco was an electronics surplus store in Nashville but they fit the hole and were cheap and were right there.
  15. Both of the crossovers the OP mentioned are correct for 301's. I have a set with those two in them right now in my shop. Where are you getting your information?
  16. I don't buy kits I buy caps from Parts Express and use either Audyn's or Dayton 1%. I also use the 68uf Audyn's for the woofer and you can see an example of how I attach it. YES I know many of you choose to use that electrolytic cap here but I have seen them fail outright and I also think they do not sound as good + they will not last as long as the poly caps used in the rest of the crossover recap. If the idea of sticking the 68uf cap siliconed and cable tied to the top of the coil bothers you a small piece of wood screwed in next to the crossover board works fine and 16g buss wire and insulated cover works for the extended leads. Good speakers well worth your time. All the values you need are marked on the existing caps. I stay away from those nylon clips with cable ties now and stick them down with silicone caulk or just reheat that hot melt glue and smush the new caps into that until cool. I had a chance to look at an older board I had recapped with those cable ties and nylon clips a while back and there were dents in the side of the caps from the clips sharp corners. I don't KNOW this hurts the caps but I also know not using clips for that reason can't hurt.
  17. I just finished working on a pair like this. They sound the same to me and both are correct for the 301. I have no idea why the crossover was changed but Klipsch did this with other pro speakers too. I just recapped them according to the values Klipsch used and they are great speakers. Yeah replace that JBL with the right woofer and you won't be disappointed.
  18. A picture of the tag would help in ID'ing the date.
  19. OK lets look at that. For a few rare people that might be so. They have to have 3D design software to design the horn and the ability to design it right. The alternative would be a reverse engineered file which then means you have to have a way of collecting a point cloud which could then be brought into your 3D design program if you wish to duplicate a known good design. Or a CMM to accurately measure complex surfaces which you are not going to do with simple basic hand measurements.You see you have to have a program to design a solid shape to deposit or machine from. Then you need to have software to be able to create a printer path for the printer which then also means you have to learn both the design software and the deposition software. Unless you can find someone who will give you those files and teach you how to run the printer. Good quality deposition parts also do not come from those home owner desktop depositors, they come from much more expensive units. But yes if you have the capability an exact duplicate shape should behave just like what you copy.
  20. So what crossover changes do you make so the not stock Heresy 1 woofers sound right?
  21. Poly is better then Ti in 1" diaphragms in my experience and by my personal preference. There is only one advantage to Ti 1" diaphragm's in my opinion and it only applies to prolonged professional very high output scenarios. If poly gets to hot it looses shape and is no good whereas Ti does not suffer from that. I have never seen or heard of a poly diaphragm doing that in my personal experience (hundreds of drivers) and this is just what Bennett Prescott with B&C has told me can happen in professional venues. I have not heard every 1" driver out there so this is not a 100% blanket statement. There may be some Ti that are better but I have not heard them. .
  22. Yes and posting comments can take a loooong time to work.
  23. DO NOT do that upgrade if even possible. The KP-250 uses the far superior K-42 woofer and you would lose that. Looking through my notes today and I can't find the KP-250 specs but if memory serves me well they have better sensitivity and also have 200 watts output and not 100 watts like the Heresy's. The crossovers are also different and the KP-250's have tweeter overload protection. There is no reason you can't build a new box for these if WAF is a problem. If you use 3/4" fir plywood you will duplicate the original material and maybe sound a bit better with the elimination of the space hogging handles. I would have to think those handles might resonate a bit too though no idea since I have never had with handles and no handles side by side to compare.
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