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  1. Are you talking about using your TV as a redistribution for HDMI signals to TOSLINK? If so, then technically yes. Just be aware that TOSLINK's transfer rate and bandwidth is much more limited than HDMI. It will still pass straight Dolby Digital and straight DTS, or straight 2-CH Matrix.
  2. They're up there. But I'm fried on the Emotiva Lounge. I have my reasons, but I don't want to spill out the drama here. At any rate, I'm in no super rush to sell, I actually hooked one back up to my RB-5 heights. I'll sit on them until they have somewhere else to go.
  3. Looks like I may be in danger of keeping these. Surely someone is looking for 250 WPC in stereo...
  4. Can confirm there is at least some demand for Jim.
  5. Can always just harvest it on the black market.
  6. I'm still waiting on my free shipment of jimjimbo. Rabble rabble rabble rabble rabble Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  7. Ah yes, I missed most of you whispering sweet nothings in my ear before I fall asleep at night.... ...how did I ever get along these past 18 months?
  8. *gestures broadly to the forum* These ones are.
  9. Seriously. I come back for like three days, and you all just went from insane to opossum.
  10. Again is right...take the hint! I don't want to buy Omaha stakes from you!
  11. Expect to be reported then.
  12. So what you're saying is that Jim is a bribemaster. If so, I am deeply hurt and offended that I have yet to be offered anything for my services.
  13. You're like Switzerland, alright. Mountainous, rocky, probably full of holes, smelly cheese, and a lot of creepy sheep herders.
  14. Well, SOMEONE had to go and make a mod angry and delete the thread where I showed back up again after a couple years. I bet it was actually you.
  15. I'm not restricted by the street lights like some people here. Probably not him, but some people who were around him. I'll fite you.
  16. Do you know why we can't have nice things? This. This is why. That and you just lose them all.
  17. Iowa seems to be in a slump for buyers right now. Not a lot of stuff moving for many around these parts.
  18. Amps are now off eBay. They are either going to be local or sold through here. Pony express friendly too, just need to line up a transport if necessary. Surely someone wants these monsters (or one) for themselves.
  19. When I had Bob work on my RF-3 XO's, I had seen that thread too. The guy was not listening to anything that any of the members were saying, and instead just stopped reading when there was the slightest bit of criticism - no matter how constructive (or lack thereof). I opted to have Bob build mine. He built them on wood, which looked very nice, and seemed to work very well. I then installed the XO's in the front of the tower underneath the lower woofer. I trimmed the foam just a little bit; enough to make room for the components on the board. There were no issues. As long as you're leaving the foam around the port you shouldn't have a problem. I would imagine that the 5's should respond well to an XO update. My 3's did, to my ears anyway. I also swapped out the tweeter diaphragms, but I'm not sure you'd want/need to do this in the 5's.
  20. Haha. Not a starving student anymore. Just trying to pay debt off and save on the interest. That responsibility thing that others in my generation seem to be bad at. 😄
  21. Bump for good measure. I'm taking offers guys, but I gotta at least be a little careful. The money from this is going towards student loans - as is most stuff I am / will be selling.
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