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  1. Also make sure wiring yo speakers are correct. You could have one reversed and maybe cancelling each other out?? Doubtful... But worth a look. I still say it's the normal volume structure of tv/AVR. Depending on how it's hooked up from tv to AVR-- of your tv volume is low, you could be limiting our output? Try turning tv volume up and see if AVR output increases???
  2. Without knowing your receiver and all equipment and how hooked up- that may be totally normal.
  3. Auto calibration will work with any amount of speakers theoretically. It's just measiring distances and setting +/- dB to equalize all speaker outputs...in a nutshell. Check your wiring. Make sure everything is properly connected & clamped down where applicable. Also- what do you mean by really turning it up? My garbage heap cheap AVR ($200) has a range of 0-100.. 1 is audible. 10is reading a book level at 10 feet 20is movie at midnight with wife and kids sleeping 30 is music / movie during the day with others home 40is music / movie at night for the real experience (I usually listen at 42 music, 48 movies) 50 makes the wife get pissy 60 hurts 70 really hurts 80 haven't been here 90 see above 100 see above So your -- turning way up may be normal? If I was at 0 and dialed up to 48 without you having any concept of scale you may go "whoa bro, don't go so loud!" Whereas other avr's the dB scale is a bit easier to work with. 0db being reference. -db's below that +db's above reference levels
  4. Rear surrounds are MOSTLY ambience... And sometimes there is important data from those speakers. A distant voice behind you, or something important to the storyline. Usually though- they seem to be mostly ambient surround 'effects' Like collisions, booms, rustling noises, wind, etc.. I wouldn't get OVERLY worked up on precision and industry standards on the rears. Work with your room. THX is a perfect world. Our rooms are not. Start with them pointed straight ahead... And if the speakers are easily adjustable - start to slowly aim them differently and see what YOU prefer. My guess is if you mount them outboard of the wall sconces... And equal height.. My guess says you'll angle the speakers inwards towards the listening position 20-25* And probably have a slight downwards tilt.
  5. If you're set on not moving the fly fishing secretary style desk- you can mount your surround speakers above the top of cabinet on wall--- and do your opposing surround speaker exactly same height and and distances. Another option is to use them as rear surrounds instead of side sureounds. In this instance- mount them to the rear wall either inboard our outboard of your wall sconces. Probably outboard.... And I would guess about the same height as those sconces.
  6. Oh wow. Yes those pictures give a better scale. To me at least. Btw- my recommendation of moving the desk to under the window is I think it will help make the room feel less cluttered and I think it'll balance the room better. For surrounds. Depends on the type of speaker I believe as to whether you tilt or run parallel. My gut says they should run parallel to the floor which should give a more immersive sound because you won't be able to pinpoint the source as easy.
  7. Very true. Didn't take children into account. Well, we've solved all the worlds problems now. Next!
  8. Welcome. My bearings are a little off in your room I think.... But when your love seat arrives I think it'll go to the right of the desk/table as you're sitting at the desk/table. 1) I would rotate your desk 90* to the left and out under the big window. That then gives you room in that corner for your rear surround placement on the wall a foot or so above seated ear height. as well as more side-to-side space for the love seat. 2) Your center channel needs to be flush with the end of the cabinet it's sitting on. Otherwise some of your sound is being reflected all over when it smacks that surface.. Instead of firing towards you. 3) clear out the stuffs on the walls to the right of both pictures by about 12" each side. Then pick out some heavy curtains to hang & flank/frame the windows. One- you can now block out light better than pull down blinds, and two- they will help absorb some reflections. (The higher you mount them on the wall- they'll look more like columns and they have the tendency to make your room feel bigger/taller) 4) download the app called Houzz for some small room inspiration. 5) best management for wires? In wall. Second best, behind/under baseboard floor trim. Third best, tucked away nicely. When in doubt, ask the women in the house how it looks. Wife approval factor or Wife acceptance factor, WAF, will help you with this one! 6) a picture from the entrance to the room? Maybe farther back so we can get a perspective on the whole room? I'm having a hard time figuring out which wall is which amd where you're placing speakers and couch. And where is the fly fishing desk?? Is that the one with the computer on it?
  9. I would stop working the daily grind job... Pay off house, buy a nicer car.... But not a fleet of ferrari's... Just a pair of nice cars for me and the Mrs. Then... I would use the money to open a not-for-profit school that strives to actually educate. Bring back shop classes, art, band, cooking, and your normal sciences , math , and English.
  10. Question: Your center channel seems quite low, with a good 30-45degree angle. Does that alter sound at all with side to side panning? Also, do you notice the center channel reflects off of the ceiling ?? I ask because I'll be doing a rather low center channel with an 11* angle (according to my poor math skills for listening distance) Just curious if you notice any artifacts from that setup?
  11. Get another set of 7ii's.... Get a couple xpa2's And an xpa3 or 5 Boom. Done. Killer setup. Keep your 52ii's for side duty... 7ii's in the rear. Hey wait a minute.... That sounds like my setup. To stay within your 1400 budget... Get a pair of rf82ii's second hand & an xpa2 for your mains, with your Marantz 7055 should be more than killer for the: side 52ii's, rear 82ii's, and center 64ii
  12. I agree with twisted crank... My theaters appearance is high on my list... I want the speakers to be big, beautiful and make you go... Damn. When you first walk in. Hence my rear 7ii's. However, I do not like the look of a tower for the center... I like the look of my 64ii. I love the copper all over the room & the room was designed and colored to match my speakers. The Khorn is a power player for any room and budget I suspect... I just don't like the looks of it. So it will NEVER be in my home. My father in law however is a heritage nut. That's actually how I got started on this path... He loaned me some Heresy speakers for an apartment & I got the bug! Instead of heritage... I will someday move into the palladium realm... But that's far down the road -- as I have to finish my theater & get these 7ii's some power!! And I'd like the palladium for a dedicated 2 channel room. I'm right there with you on the 7ii choices... I think you made the right decision with getting Amps. Make the 7ii's sing! And if you choose to get something else later on... The amplifiers will stay put and power whatever you buy. Be it heritage or palladium
  13. Welcome... What about getting a nice 2 channel amp and using for front L&R. Then your 7025 for the center and rears. I dunno how much extra tingles you'll feel from the 52 --> 62 upgrade Although.... Go bigger has always served me well.
  14. Google up the term "herd immunity". This is basic epidemiology, with gobs of supporting evidence in it's favor, as opposed to the uninformed (or worse, ideological) anti-vaccination fear campaign. Public health via vaccinations is NOT a conspiracy. Your belief that vaccines do more harm than good is wrong (demonstrably, wildly wrong), but it serves as a perfect example of providing false witness and spreading dangerous lies. If you have any peer reviewed research supporting your claim that vaccines do more harm than good, please present it, or stfu and stop carrying water for The Stupid. Just wondering if your kids got the common bug Polio? What about measles mumps and rubella? How'd they fare with diphtheria? My wife and I just had a child... And I'm already nervous about him going to school in a few years because of stupid f#%¥ parents that don't vaccinate. How do you think we get rid of these "common bugs."?
  15. Watch the Frontline episode on Vaccines.
  16. Ugh??? Why does it rotate and 90* turn pics randomly... Oh well. I only use my phone for this forum... So I'm not attempting to fix. You'll just have to turn your monitor Lol.
  17. Last 7 sheets of drywall going up.... Will mud/tape on Sunday & hope to have paint rolled on in another week. The door on the rear wall (left side of pic) is TOTALLY temporary. I'll be doing communicating doors. (Like in a hotel room) Next up: Rear riser!
  18. Absolutely love the Festool. It's like an electric turkey knife cutting through butter!
  19. I'm about </= 1.5 hours from you. I'm just north of Rockford. But mine won't be ready for a year in guessing... Don't know how urgent your needs are. My Klipsch dealer has a 15 seat theater in their showroom that's Atmos. Also in Rockford.
  20. I don't think that's a fair analogy.. You're saying hot rodding a 3cyl Metro is equivalent to tuning a Ferrari. Disclaimer: I have only ever heard their sound socks & Wave systems or whatever those alarm clock do-dads are called.
  21. Does listening to Bose while refurbishing Klipsch motivate you to hurry the hell up?? Bose sounds decent at best. It just doesn't move you.. It doesn't evoke awe. It's great for a cocktail party in a tiny kitchen apartment.
  22. Do they still sell Bose in the Fisher Price aisle ?
  23. Darn... Tell your wife they just won't sell.. Guess you gotta keep them.
  24. Contacted acoustical solutions & presented them with competitors quotes. I think I posted his response with "ours is better cuz it is" kind of thing... But I got the quote... Much much better than MSRP. With the new cost of commercial panels I'll be going with them. It just makes sense... A good discount, perfect panels, and the fabric color I so desperately wanted.
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