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  1. KlipschFish

    What I Got Today!

    I have 2 ^^ along with my RSW-15. It does fill it out well.
  2. That would be terrible! Fortune cookies are the only compliments I get anymore.
  3. KlipschFish

    What I Got Today!

    96.7% AFUE. Not sexy but it will come in handy.
  4. I stream a lot when I'm not spinning, but it's from my Macbook pro to Denon via Airplay. Almost all files have been converted (if not DL'd) in lossless format. I have some redundacies from my vinyl because I like to hit it and let it play for hours sometimes. Usually if I don't have time to sit and listen. I do not see anyone else here talking about using Airplay. I am astounded how good it sounds on my system. If you already have days worth of files on your pc, this is an option. I have delved into a little Quobuz. They had a short time free DL of some music that sounds fantastic.
  5. Fantastic thunderstorms west of the Cascades today in Or and Wa states. We don't get many big boomers. One almost knocked a RS-7 off my wall. Steady, early morning rain has turned to showers before it (supposedly) ramps up again. Almost 20 degrees colder than the last 2 days.
  6. KlipschFish

    Food Porn

    Those people on "Naked and Afraid" would love a grub like that.
  7. Wishbone Ash was in Seattle the last 2 years at the Triple Door. The original two guitar hack attack. Still great. I listen to their live album often.
  8. Finished watching the Discovery Channel program from this book. Endlessly fascinating and very well done production. I am now reading "Don't know Much About The Civil War". I found out there's a lot I don't know about the Civil War.
  9. I had my '97 truck in the shop overnight for some repairs about 2 years ago. I was given a loaner. Talk about an ol' boomer. It was already nightime and I had NO idea how to turn the lights on... so I could see how the rest of the car worked. Let alone start the dang thing and drive home! It literally took about 5-6 minutes to push the right buttons. Of coursed I was too embarrased to ask for help.
  10. These people mostly farm email addresses and phone numbers. Someone posted the new ALK La Scalas (or were they KH's?) here a few months ago at less than $1000.00. I replied to what I thought he was doing, as these were brand new models that will (most likely) never sell for that amount.... ever. I accused him of farming phone numbers. The post was deleted that day. Edit: I remember now they were La Scala AL5.
  11. Red: Everybody's innocent in here. Andy Dufresne: What about you? Red: Only guilty man in Shawshank.
  12. That had been a 'bucket list' thing for me. To see and hear and feel the shuttle take off. Sadly I missed them.
  13. The extended radar shows the last big one clearing right around or shortly after launch time. Fingers crossed and a prayer for this first time.
  14. I'm pretty sure I would never say that!
  15. KlipschFish

    Car Thread

    Worst car ever?
  16. That Kansas album art is spectacular.
  17. KlipschFish


    An early adopter. Imagine if you thought how to, somehow, make money off it! You could afford my new speakers.
  18. Loved the early Elton. "11/17/70" an all time live recording, imho
  19. There is a ton really good stuff here! Thanks to all who've posted and spared me the time looking to discover something new.
  20. They're almost the state flower here! I'm amazed how deep the root grows.
  21. KlipschFish


    ^^^^ Where do these people come from? I'm glad there were no cell phones around when I did that stuff.
  22. It's just the opposite here in Wa state. As soon as it hits 55 and sunny, the shorts and flip flops are out. In Ca I froze at 60 degrees. Here I revel in 60 degrees. Funny that way.
  23. I remember one day in SoCal when it was 59 degrees. I remember it because I was wearing my North Face down backpacking jacket! Wimpy below 60 degrees. That day a friend of a friend was visiting from Northern Cal (Blue Lake) and had shorts and a t shirt. Of course he gave me hell. You get acclimated and that's that.
  24. Lawn mowing sunbreaks in between showers again. The grass grows amazingly fast right now in the PNW. Hard to keep up.
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