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  1. What are you trying to accomplish with bi-amping your RF-7's? My $0.02 would be that, before you invested in another amp or a cross-over, you experimented with your listening room to see if you can identify shortcomings that are impacting your experience with music reproduction from your system. You could certainly try bi-amping, but not only will you need to find the sweet spot on the crossover that gives you the best results, but you'll have some challenges with gain-matching a SS amp and a tube amp. I'd try looking for a simple solution first.
  2. Yes, I'm starting to think my leg is being pulled... ...and so far I've fallen for it.
  3. I may be one of the contributors to the adulterant idiocy, so I resemble that remark! By the way, I'm pretty sure that the word "adulterant" is not used in the correct context here.
  4. Back to the initial question. At what point does pursuit of sonic perfection intersect with, and then overshadow, enjoyment of the music? At what point does experiencing sonic imperfection, either real or imagined, lead to obsessive - compulsive behavior (complete with the need to classify anyone who might not share your perspectives and goals as "zombie-idiots" or "audio-idiots")? Also, if there is no "need to be impressive", why put it all out there on the web for the world to see?
  5. My RF-7's and classical are a great combo. I don't have a huge collection of classical (mostly classic rock in my collection!), but what I do have is very easy to listen to on the RF-7's.
  6. That same ad is posted on the Detroit Craiglist. Scam alert.
  7. Interesting idea, and a nice, inexpensive repair. I like! Thanks for this suggestion!
  8. I didn't inquire about replacement grills. My thought was that the speakers are now out of warranty, so it would cost. Couple that with the fact(?) that the replacement grills, having the same design, will ultimately suffer the same failure.
  9. I know much as been written about the grills. Being kind, the "floating grills" may have been a great idea, but flawed execution kills them. The plastic pins that attach the grills to my RB-5's have all completely broken off now (having little ones in the house is no help!). This is not a post to necessarily gripe further about the grills. However, I was wondering if anyone had conjured up a practical solution for a "home - based fix" to get the grills to reattach to the speakers. I've tried gluing the pins back in place, but that has proven to be a temporary solution. I've also tried velcro, but there isn't enough surface area on the grills to give the velco a good place to stick, and keep the the grills "floating". I'd welcome any thoughts or suggestions. And no smart a$$ comments from the Heritage bunch about selling the RB-5's and getting Heresies or the like! []
  10. Well, right now I'd say that you're holding a huge hammer if he's going to try to screw you. You've got his address and contact info. You purchased two USPS money orders and sent them through the mail in response to his invitation to purchase a product. I'm no attorney, but if he does try to screw you, then you can report it to the authorities as a case of mail fraud, which is a federal felony.
  11. I know this was a well-intentioned comment, but let me insert a word of caution here. [][]
  12. Tell us about your listening room: shape/dimensions, floor, wall treatments, furniture, etc. Something is likely going on in the listening room that is contributing to the "dead spot".
  13. That particular one is missing optical in. But thanks for the suggestion. I take it you took a mostly separate route? It does not have any internal DAC's, so there is not need for it to have optical in. The receiver would rely on the decoders that are built into your CD/DVD player.
  14. The little Trends jumped up another notch today. I plugged it into a line conditioner, as I've had some issues with some grunge on the electrical line. Interesting results: more focused and smooth.
  15. Sitting behind me right now (I'm in my office) playing great music is the Marantz 2220B, hooked to a pair of Klipsch KG 2.5's, and a NAD 5220 CD player. The sound is absolutely great for such a modest system. I'd have no reservations about hooking the 2220B to the 5.2's. The Marantz has output that belies it's low output specs, and the 5.2's are efficient enough to get the most out of the Marantz, provided you're not looking for you don't need to be super-aggressive with the volume knob. The KG-4's are 4 ohm. I'd feel more comfortable if someone else chimed in with their thoughts about powering KG-4's with a 20 wpc vintage receiver.
  16. Hell, if I had the $$$ I'd buy them all now and you could donate the proceeds. That has the makings of a very nice little system.
  17. You couldn't get a better, nice looking speaker for that price. Great deal for someone!
  18. Currently using the stock mat on my Pioneer PL-600, which is nearly 1/4 inch thick rubber. Same with the SL1210. I've tried the shelf liner before, and didn't notice much, if any, difference. Be careful not to leave the records on the platter too long with the shelf mat, as it leaves a funky residue on the record.
  19. OK, I'm sounding like a bit of a prude, but what's up with the advisory for "explicit lyrics"?
  20. That's actually a pretty decent deal. Here's an even better deal, for anyone in the Detroit area: Detroit Craigslist
  21. Well, the good news is that RF-7's can get sufficiently loud without a lot of wattage. If your budget is $2000, forum member NOSValves makes and markets an amp her refers to a his "VRD's". I've had my RF-7's hooked up to VRD's before, and the sound was absolutely sublime.
  22. I've got a Carver amp, the model number escapes me right now. Its about 60 WPC. I could let it go for $100. PM me if you're interested.
  23. I'll double your money back and give you $50 for them right now, sight unseen! [6]
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