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  1. Ive had my 300b now for 6 months or so, only 50 hr on them. If i believe what i read online, they arent broke in yet. I hope not, since perhaps i had expected..more. Expectations, my fault. Maybe its jist the way the 300b is. My only other experience is JJ, GL, and Emission Labs XLS I bought the XLS when i got tired of waiting for the WE production to start back up. 2 weeks later...yea. As a result, both the WE and EML have too few hours for me to really know. Ive stuck some 45 mono blocks in there for a while, then went to the Krell, so just need to leave well enough alone for a while till things settle.
  2. I did try contact through facebook. Maybe check the "message request" folder. I will shooot a pm here also. Thank you, Charles
  3. Interesting. Then original? Script is identical. These are black plastic, front and back are white.
  4. Picked up a pair of 1959 ish Khorns, and this emblem was stuck behind the grill between the grill and the frame. Never seen it before, wondeing if it was authentic. Did upload picture
  5. I run a 2" driver in mine but did not have to modify the cabinets.
  6. I sold a pair a couple years ago, not thinking i would need them. Oops.
  7. Need a set a Belle mids, metal. Think they are the k500, feel free to set me straight if i am wrong. I live in Washington State.
  8. Would they do that simply knowing its a sore subject for many who have been around a while?
  9. I dont care about JBL. I care about the Heritage line of Klipsch. I had no idea RF7lll and New Heritage displayed a "Made in USA" badge. Since it has to have a certain percentage of American made parts to claim this, its good to know that this post is not misleading. I must have misinterpreted the above.
  10. To quote the Klipsch web site "designed and assembled in the USA" There are too many non USA parts to state "Made in USA" Change in parameters? Semantics? Splitting hairs? To each their own. Its too sore of a subject for many that they (Klipsch)cant in fact claim MADE IN USA.
  11. I dont agree that they are "Easy to sand back to raw birch" The only saving grace it restoring back to birch would be if they did a crappy job. Even then, its no "easy sanding" on that front edge or any other deeper poor if you value the thickness of the birch layer. So, i chemical strip first. I also could care less who is the orig owner or not. Its stated so much, as though it matters. Some owners treat gear like crap. For me, the price would be to high unless i wanted black, and felt like repainting. Which, if i needed a pair...may happen. Cant think of too many speakers i would rather have at 550.00 price point. But, they are not for everyone, and not for everyone's chosen source material. My 2 cents.
  12. Good evening group, I Picked up a pair of top hats, not sure how they got to be alone. While i have the Belle, and have had Khorn and Lascala in the past, the Belle (modified 2" mid horn) and Cornwall are my current. I see a few sets of numbers on these, one set for the horns, and i think one the top of the lable may be a serial for the system not sure. Ive browsed the serial number data but wanted someone to state the likely year for me as well, as im a bit confused. Tops are matched walnut, and they do have the spacer on the bottoms of them. K55 v mids. Any help in identifying the era appreciated to help confirm my findings. As well as any idea what i might do with these without a bass bin. 1. I wont be making one 2. Ive had the Khorn and loved it, but its gone and i dont want another set. So im looking for suggestions on how to implement these WITHOUT using the stock bins. Thank you all for your time,
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