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  1. I use this and love it. $1499 and built if not like a tank, maybe like an APC.
  2. If you like simple and easy, EZ CD Audio Converter is...simple and easy. I like it.
  3. I was surprised at the second price increase. Maybe it's needed to stay in the black, maybe it's price gouging; I don't know. I bought CW IV's last summer and sold them this Spring. I paid $4800 for them as B-stock. I guess I shoulda held on to them a little longer! No wonder I'm poor. I've owned all the original Heritage models over the years. It's very doubtful I'll ever own any more. Too rich for my retired blood.
  4. I wonder what it actually costs to build a pair of Jubilees in material and labor. I would guess less than 5K. Maybe considerably less.
  5. I rarely hear what I would even call remotely acceptable sound from Youtube videos of loudspeakers. Maybe the best I've heard is from Ron of New Record Day, when he has used the Neuman dummy head. Then you have to listen with headphones. I guess it is a binaural recording but not absolutely sure. Most speaker recordings are pretty much worthless, IMO. As for the actual Jubilee vs K-horn aspect, I've never heard Jubes, so I can't really comment. I did see the PHT video a few nights ago. I've still never heard Jubes. ...but I do enjoy the videos they make. I think I've seen them all.
  6. Good story, well-written! Thanks for sharing your experience...and enjoy your Klipsch speakers!
  7. Good to hear klipsch is on it. I'll be glad when they get to me and my baggy cornwall grilles. I've tried spritzing with water and then using a hair dryer to shrink the fabric. I think it helped but the problem still persists. I haven't bought 50 pairs of klipsch but I've bought more than my share (cornwalls in '85, k-horns in '98, a single belle around 2000 sometime, a pair of La Scala II's in '07, a pair of RF-82's in about...2016 or '17 and cornwall IV's in 2020. All bought new. So yeah, I would appreciate klipsch helping me out with this. Otherwise I'll sell them and get a pair of JBL HDI-3800's...well, maybe. 😱
  8. Took at least five minutes!😁 Just wanted to see how they compare; to see what a 6k pr of speakers got me over a 2k pair (at list) besides some nice cherry veneer.
  9. Life-like levels is where the rubber meets the road, that’s for sure. And that’s where Heritage speakers really come into their own. Top end was much better with the Klipsch too. I can see why there some who might consider Cornwallis somewhat bass shy relatively speaking. But I don’t hear them that way. They’re just really clean and well balanced. All that said, my Studio 590’s aren’t going anywhere either. They’re one heck of a value at 1k per pair.
  10. It's an unfair comparison, for sure, but I wanted to do a little side-by-side just, out of curiosity and for fun (yes, I'm a weirdo). Results are as follow: Cornwalls are rated 102 dB sensitivity and JBLs are rated 92 but I only measured about 6 dB difference (in favor of Klipsch). The JBL's were about two feet closer to the mic so subtract a dB or two from the JBL's number maybe? That leaves the corns about 7-8dB more sensitive. Regardless of readings, the difference was quite obvious to my ears. In the JBL's favor, they are rated 6 Ohms, so that will pull a bit more power out of your amp. Spectrum analyzer showed amazingly similar looking in-room frequency response for the two speaker pairs but they didn't sound similar at all with music. Maybe the room was having it's way with the speakers? Actually, both graphs looked pretty darned good....almost too good...and too similar ro each other. Maybe Dougy screwed up but I don't think so...unless what I thought was the klipsch graph was actually a recording of the jbl graph. Hmm. [I just got an i-phone (first smart phone) and just put the spectrum analyzer app on about a minute before testing, so...test results may be considered suspect.] The only musical selection I listened to was Fleetwood Mac's "Monday Morning" from their 1975 self-titled album. The JBL's sounded awesome cranked up to the 95-100dB peak level. Bass was like a jackhammer but there was an obvious coloration going on; a chestiness, or thickness in the upper bass / lower mids, but still...wow! Then it was the cornwalls turn. Hoo-boy, the sound pinned my ears back! I had to reach for the remote and bring the volume down a bit. But my oh my were they clean! Much more neutral than the jbl's and much cleaner. Bass was powerful, clean and articulate. No jackhammer effect, but full and solid. There's something about dual 8's or dual 10's IMO. They can really punch you in the chest. My old RF-82 II's had that quality, too. No point going on with the listening. As far as I'm concerned, it's a first-round knock-out...as it should be considering the price difference. End of comparo. Guess I won't be selling the C4's anytime soon. Not much of a test, I know, but what do you expect for nuthin?😄
  11. My grilles (cornwall IV's) finally had to be taken off permanently as I could not stand the saggy, funky appearance any longer. I'm not crazy about grille-less either. I would not have bought the speakers if I had seen them first. That's a down-side of buying sight-unseen over the internet. Mine were B-stock but the dealer said the only flaw was scuffs on the outer box. I'm starting to think that maybe the grilles were the real reason for the B-stock designation. Maybe he didn't know either.
  12. Half-time show was weird and lame simultaneously. The game itself was just lame. Officiating sucked (in favor of Tom Terrific, of course). ...just the humble opinion of this old Cardiac Cards fan.
  13. Those look nice but seem a bit pricey. I guess not bad, though if it includes shipping? I would think that considering the height of Choruses though, that the angle might be enough to diminish the top end a bit. If you can determine how far off the tweeter axis you can be before that happens, then you could determine if the stands would work for you or not. All that said, I really do think that generally speaking, cornwall's. forte's...all the shorter floorstanders, often can benefit from a little tilt-back. It seems to open up the sound a little; add a little air, if you know what I mean. Probably reduces floor reflection a bit, too. I'd just try tilting your Choruses back a bit before buying anything, just to see if you like the effect.
  14. It depends on the speaker. Some are ugly without grilles and some have ugly grilles. My cornwalls are kind of in the middle. I'm not really happy with the grilles but they look unfinished without them. A bit of a lose/lose. I'm trying to like the grilles but I'm also considering alternatives. Maybe remove grilles and put a metal mesh grille over the woofers, or try to build or buy new grilles, maybe with the old style black cloth.
  15. I bought a Denon DCD-1600NE and absolutely love it. It's a little over $1K, but well worth it, in my opinion. It does CD, CD-R, CD-RW, SACD and DVD-R/RW's encoded with DSD. It is solid and quiet and sounds great!
  16. I asked a question on 1/24/01. I've heard nary a peep. (That's Ozarkian for "I've not received a reply"). 😁
  17. Oh and by the way, I changed from a Parasound 2250 v.2 / Parasound 200 Pre pair, to a Denon PMA-1600NE integrated; down from 275W to 70 (8 Ohms). 70W seems to be more than enough, so far. I haven't got the volume control past 9 o'clock yet, and that was Music From Big Pink cranked about as much as I ever would. As far as SQ, my tin ears tell me the Denon definitely did not sound worse and quite possibly sounded better than the Parasound duo. I haven't got a handle on it's "sound" just yet, but it seems very dynamic and super clean with very powerful bass. Of course, I'm cheating in that department with the use of two powered subs, although I roll them off above 40Hz.
  18. If somebody figures out what color they are, let me know, because I can't tell. It seems to depend on the room lighting and the angular relationships of observer to speaker and light source. Sometimes they look silver, sometimes gold, sometimes they appear to sag, sometimes they look like somebody just threw water on them...crazy. Or maybe I'm crazy. Makes me long for good old, basic black.
  19. I had lots of suggestions to move the cornwalls further apart; to put the subs inboard, so being the slave to the mob that I apparently am, here ya go: today's version of hi-fi heaven at my house (or at least as close as I can get). I do think I prefer this to previous. It sounds w - i - d - e - r, man. 😵
  20. Cornwall's, oak oil w/ cane grilles, 2-channel (sold) Klipschorn's, oak oil w/ black grilles, front L & R (sold) Belle Klipsch (single), oak lacquer w/ black grille, center speaker w/ k-horns (sold) Heresy II's, oak oil w/ black grilles, rear surround speakers w/ k-horns/belle in front (sold) La Scala II's, walnut lacquer, black grilles, 2-channel (sold) Pro Media GMX A-2.1's, silver, desktop (only the sub survives, and is used with Vizio soundbase in wife's living room a/v rig) Pro Media Ultra 2.0's, silver w/ silver grilles, desktop, (volume control went bad, replaced w/ Bose Companion 2's) RF-82's, black vinyl w/ black grilles, 2-channel (sold) Cornwall IV's, cherry with funky silver/black grilles, 2-channel (current)
  21. If you want simple (no sub?) and considering size of room, I would recommend Heresy IV's or Cornwall IV's at most. I really feel Heresy IV's would be best option in light of room size.
  22. I never met Bob, but I certainly perused his website a lot and have appreciated his contributions to the the on-line community of audiophiles. Condolences to his friends and family.😢
  23. I thought his review was a bit schizoid. He lists all these areas in which he felt the speakers were not so great, but then goes on to say how he loves them. I think that would leave a lot of his viewers confused, to say the least. Does high sensitivity, controlled directivity and low distortion make up for a multitude of loudspeaker weaknesses? ...Maybe it does!
  24. Thanks for all the advice! I think I'll definitely do flac this time.
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