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  1. RIP Dusty...I was always a fan
  2. Davis

    Paging Ceptorman

    I last txt with him on May 22 PM sent
  3. I have been interested in the KPT 904 for awhile and I can not wait to hear these.
  4. Davis

    Car Thread

    I saw the trailer and thought big deal he jumps a boat. Was I ever wrong. It is just after that, it all goes Wild.
  5. I was outside at 3AM this morning but unfortunately did not see any type of Northern Lights
  6. I stayed away from Traeger due to the temperature fluctuation claims. I got a great Black Friday deal 2 years ago on a Green Mountain pellet grille. It is excellent maintaining low and slow temperatures and can put out a constant up to 500 degrees for grilling. Also do not have the soot problem. After 2 years I took it all apart and didnt find enough soot to worry about.
  7. My Crossroads 2019 Blu-Ray has just arrived and is playing now.
  8. Yes Grissom Air Reserve Base is still open. The A10's are now in Terre Haute but fly to Grissom often, the KC-135 Stratotankers flown by the 434th Air Refueling Wing call Grissom home. The Air Museum at Grissom host on of my favorite car shows, "The Warbird Cruise-In". The show cars are parked under the wings of the aircraft with the A10's visiting and flying low and slow (pilot clearly visible through the canopy) overhead enjoying the view of the vehicles. Seemingly in appreciation of us as much as we are of them. The bases namesake: Lt. Col. Virgil Grissom was a native Hoosier and one of America's original seven astronauts. He was born on April 3, 1926, in Mitchell, Ind. After graduating from high school, he joined the Army Air Corps in 1944. After completing his initial military service, he enrolled at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Ind. He graduated in 1950 with a degree in mechanical engineering and reenlisted in the Air Force. He received his commission as a second lieutenant in 1951 and upon completion of pilot training, was sent to Korea where he flew 100 combat missions and won the Distinguished Flying Cross and the Air Medal. Subsequent assignments included duty as an instructor and test pilot at Edwards Air Force Base, Calif. In 1959, Colonel Grissom was chosen for America's space program and became one of the original seven astronauts. The exploits of Colonel Grissom and his fellow astronauts were chronicled in the book and movie, "The Right Stuff." He flew the second U.S. manned spacecraft, the Liberty Bell, on July 22, 1961. Two years later he teamed with Navy Commander John Young to fly America's first three orbit missions in the Gemini 3 space capsule. During that flight, he became the first man to maneuver a vehicle in space. Colonel Grissom was to have the honor of being the first flight commander for the Apollo space program. It was the Apollo program that eventually landed a man on the moon. However, he died January 27, 1967, at Cape Kennedy, Fla., along with two fellow astronauts when they were trapped in their burning Apollo spacecraft. It was engulfed in a flash fire as they were testing the craft on its launching pad. On May 12, 1968, Bunker Hill AFB was renamed in his honor. When the base became a reserve facility in 1994, the name was changed to Grissom Air Reserve Base. The base was rededicated in his honor on Sept. 30, 2011, during a special ceremony held in the newly named Gus Grissom Hall. A special plaque was also installed on the base parade grounds to commemorate the day.
  9. Davis

    Fresh start

    Welcome to Indiana Ft Wayne is a nice place, close to alot of nice lakes. The Embassy Theater is a favorite with great touring acts. Nice new minor league baseball park in a revitalizing downtown. Looks like you all had snow flurries yesterday but coming from Chicago the weather should not be an issue. I am 1.5 hours south, when you get better situated we will have to get together.
  10. If you are going to listen utilizing the surround codecs then the center position is extremely important where as the rears are background fill, directional sounds etc to enhance the movie. For instance during NFL games the rears are people clapping/yelling and the announcers are only in the front center. Blu-Ray concert vids utilizing DTS-HD Master Audio are very underwhelming to me. I do not have any experience with any of the 5 channel DVD-A. The Denon has a 5 channel mode which will run full content to all speakers, this is the mode I listen to concert vids in, in this mode the rears are more important and the front center less so. The Hersey was intended to be a center for the K-Horns but more as fill in a big room not to carry major content as in surround duty. I feel my single Heresy is not quite up to the task in my setup. So depending on your listening preference of how important the rear content is will answer your question for you. Also the sound is only as good as the original mix and center speaker volume levels seem to be all over the place between different movies.
  11. I can confirm that 131.1 MPH is an accurate spec Based on the speedo needle wallowing between 127 to 135MPH
  12. With the financial situation at Circuit of the Americas and rumors of Roger Penske in talks with F1 we can cross our fingers here in Indy. Also a 24 hour endurance sports car race is in the mix as well.
  13. The seat was on the bike when I purchased it so I don't know anything about it. We called that style a "King and Queen" seat. I only lost one passenger off that seat. A friend of mine was riding on the back and he thought we had just gathered the attention of the local police and we had to stop at a stop light so I was motivated to get moving ASAP. When the light turned green i was quickly releasing the clutch and the bike must have been sitting in some oil or something and the rear end went sideways and my friend flew off. I looked back and he was in a sitting position on the pavement in the middle of the road unhurt.
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