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  1. Thanks to this nice little Ticket Master scam What is Dynamic Pricing? Dynamic Pricing is when an event has tickets that are “market-priced,” meaning the ticket price and fees can change based on demand. Airlines and hotels also utilize dynamic pricing depending on busy travel seasons. You may notice ticket prices going down as the event date nears, because less people are buying tickets. On the other hand, popular rival sports games or an anticipated concert tour might drive ticket prices sky high. How Does Dynamic Pricing Work? Dynamic pricing can affect ticket prices in real-time, sometimes in a matter of minutes. It works as a strategy to boost revenue. For example, ticket prices for a sports team can fluctuate depending on holidays, the team’s record, player injuries, even the day of the week or weather forecast.
  2. I would not have been able to pass that either. Looks like a trip to the co-op is in order.
  3. Davis

    On line dating

    I will not go into a Walmart. Period.
  4. Davis

    On line dating

    I have thrown my hat into the online dating scene.
  5. I miss the old Emge Meats in Anderson, Indiana. The plant was just down the street from my grandparents house. The biggest snapping turtles I have ever seen lived in the White River directly behind the plant.
  6. I dunno, the one recent widow who bought herself a nice pair of fake breast with the insurance money did not look like a little old lady. Unfortunately she disliked me then and even more today it seemed 😉 I don't discriminate, I liked them both ways.
  7. The only H.S. class reunion I went to was my 30th. Seeing how bad my fellow classmates have let themselves go made me feel great about myself.
  8. Your gonna have to give me a little bit more notice
  9. I have only heard of Nathans from the Coney Island hot dog eating contest, I do not believe I have tried one. I agree that sausage is better but sometimes a good ole dog just hits the spot.
  10. I was very impressed by this young man.
  11. That's what they all say!
  12. Ask @jimjimboabout the 375hp hot rod he rented. He could not keep his foot out of it. I had to keep screamin for him to slow down. 😉 One young lady was just dying to go for a ride.
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