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  1. CINCINNATI -- No one, ever, in the history of Major League Baseball, has reached a double-digit home run total faster than Reds rookie sensation Aristides Aquino. Aquino clobbered an Adam Wainwright cutter, launching it to left field for his 10th homer in 16 career big league games -- including 15 games played in 2019.
  2. that it is American Sign Language (ASL) slang for I love you. It is a combination of the signing of "I", "L" and the "U" of the alphabet. Even though the "U" is the first and middle finger upright held together.
  3. That BS button is entirely to small for the statement it references.
  4. I have not done much component level electronics except for fun in a long time. While attending RETS I was working for a Railroad/Transit signal company as a draftsman so I moved into design from there. DC relay logic track circuits and grade crossing control circuits mainly. Then to an Architectural/Engineering firm where it was everything from 480 volt 3 phase to low voltage sound, fire, data networks and everything in between required for building design.
  5. Fun Fact, I attended the same school (RETS) in Louisville, KY and my best friend and another good friend attended RETS in Grand Rapids
  6. What was the name of the Tech School? Was it Radio, Electronics and Telephone School?
  7. the Packard automotive plant in Detroit. 3.5 mil square foot of trussed steerl reinforced concrete is still actually quite structally sound.
  8. Aquino has now became the fastest player ever to hit nine career home runs, requiring only 14 games. The record had belonged to the Rockies' Trevor Story, who had eight homers in his first 14 career games in 2016.
  9. Since being called up from AAA Louisville after the trade of Puig to try and earn the right field position he has hit 8hr in 11 games this season.. Also he was recorded at 104.1MPH on a throw from right field to second base for a put out. This video shows the first 7 home runs. Technically his career is 8 home runs for 12 games as he made an appearance in a game last season. This also includes 3 home runs in 3 consecutive innings in the same game.
  10. So when I stagger off to bed and forget to turn the amp off it is a good thing! I knew it, I just knew it.
  11. Davis

    NFL 2019

    As a kid the Baltimore Colts were my favorite team with Johnny Unitas. Who would have ever thought they would move to Indy (in the middle of the night).
  12. Davis

    NFL 2019

    Calf strain so they say
  13. Davis

    NFL 2019

    We fell for that one last year. You cant believe a word of it. We got Jacoby. ha ha.
  14. Davis

    NFL 2019

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