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  1. Youtube introduced me to these talented musicians.
  2. A band I wouldn't have given the time of day because I didn't care for there name, but I watched them on Youtube and learned of their involvement with our troops, our veterans and donating the proceeds of one of their vids to the Gary Sinise Foundation for first responders.
  3. The Angels Envy Rum Cask finish is rye.' The ruby port wine cask is not.
  4. I toured the Angels Envy facility last year and enjoyed the samplings. Definitely confirmed I am not a big rye fan. I want to experience more of the 17% weated bourbons. Also visited Rabbit Hole and Old Forrester in the same day on a nice walking tour.
  5. I unsuccessfully tried to procure a bottle of Eagle Rare for News Year Eve. Instead a more commodity available Angels Envy Port Finish had to fill in.
  6. Thats funny my drive was still snow covered this morning
  7. I didn't even see that is was framed. Looked like it was just taped to the wall in the news story showing the guy eating it, who was a method actor.
  8. Davis

    NFL 2019

    It was nice to hear the New England fans booing their team off the field. 🤣 Sums it all up right there for me!
  9. I have owned my Forte 2's for 12 years now and even though I no longer listen to them daily I still appreciate the mid range of that speaker as its strong suit especially when it comes to vocals.
  10. I remember that day well. It was all over the Indianapolis news. As a 17 year old trying to convince my parents that is was safe to go to concerts was a challenge when they had no idea what really went on. Yes the same exact scenarios happened at Market Square Arena and I remember being squished on more than one occasion because they just wouldn't open the doors.
  11. Davis

    Tug of War

    The Tesla truck used in the tug of war was all wheel drive vs, the Ford which was rear wheel drive and also the Ford had the 2.7 ecoboost engine and not the optional more powerful one.
  12. Roller lifters was a big step to allow higher lift with faster ramp up.
  13. The first engine I rebuilt was a "DZ" 302 for a friends Z/28. The small block Chevy has had so much engineering and generations it is quite remarkable how efficient in making power and great at fuel consumption it is. I always liked how someone would tell me how the 350 Buick, 350 Pontiac and 350 Oldsmobile was the same engine in 1970. Each division had there own.
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