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  1. NCAA basketball 2017-2018

    Interesting question. Coach Wooden was one of the most honest men you will find.
  2. What I Got Today!

    It was great to have @jimjimbo visit my house today. It is always nice to visit with him. It was sad to see the HIP's go back home with him but a deal is a deal. Jim left a lil something behind, well not so little actually. I can not be more impressed with the Belles. The condition of them is incredible. They sound much better than I ever dreamed and blend seamlessly with my K-Horns. I even skipped a party Saturday night so I could stay home and give them a proper listen. It was a long wait, almost 3 weeks to be exact before we could arrange getting them down to my place, I didn't go crazy during that period as I was very busy and traveling some of it, but it was getting more difficult by the day. I was very anxious that cold Saturday morning when he arrived in his familiar vehicle, the same one he drove when we first met in a Walmart parking lot when I obtained the HIP's. I was so excited I forgot to take any pics while he was here. Thank you so much Jim, you have made a long search come to fruition.
  3. What I Got Today!

    Those look great together, your riser for the HIP's is a bit more attractive than my method. Glad we could reunite the HIP's with its other siblings. I did enjoy my time together with them and totally love how unique they are.
  4. Wireless home security system

    I went with one of their refurbished kits and saved quite a bit.
  5. Wireless home security system

    I installed a SimpliSafe wireless security system in my mothers house. Easy to install and operate with decent monitoring fees that you don't have to subscribe to if you do not need. This is a security system, what you are describing sounds more like a home automation system.
  6. Now I am not sure if I mispronounced his name or not. Being stag I didn't have anyone to correct me.
  7. FS - Modified Belles - Massachusetts

    I rarely see Belles in oiled oak and they are gorgeous.
  8. WTS Forte II with Crites Upgrades-Cinci

    That is funny, I went home and did the same thing. She tested mine as well.
  9. NFL 2017

    No, he just said it to fast
  10. NFL 2017

    i didn't hear that one. That is really a funny subtle joke. I think I am going to watch the entire ceremony online. There were quite a few funny jokes.
  11. NFL 2017

    Packers v Cowboys was a good game to watch.
  12. SOLD Walnut Belles for sale - SOLD

    PM sent
  13. NFL 2017

    When Letterman threw out a little football trivia, that Eli and Peyton had the same amount of wins this season was awesome. Then he said sorry I was told it was a roast.
  14. NFL 2017

    In the booth Romo is very good at calling the play before it is ran. Of course he has a lot of practice watching football from the sidelines and listening to calls being made. He knows the game, he just could not play the game.
  15. NFL 2017

    Exactly, I forgot about that thing and I do not miss it.