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  1. Nicky carried The flag of the United States of America proudly in his victories.
  2. I just heard of his accident today when I saw the death notice. The Kentucky Kid RIP
  3. I did not hear this on the news this morning. West 16th Street is not the best part, nor the worst part of Indy. At 9:40 pm it has only been dark for 30 minutes or so. Everyone needs to be aware of your surroundings I was in South Chicago using the restroom at a Popeye's Chicken last week, the door would not lock and the restroom was isolated from the dining area by a corridor. I was well aware that I had not made a very good decision, Luckily there were no problems.
  4. I agree, We walked the 5 blocks from the hotel to Wrigley through the Boystown neighborhhod and went to Casey Morans right after the game. I am very old school, I didn't want them to put lights up at Wrigley, but I understand. I have been a Reds fan since 1970. Indy used to be the AAA farm club for the Reds when I was a kid.
  5. Bottom of the first Cubs v Reds. A grand slam by Javier Baez , I am a Reds fan but I can still appreciate watching a great team even though they beat us up pretty good (9 to 5) and swept the series. It was 81 degrees with 22MPH sustained winds blowing straight out center field. A great day at the ballpark in a cool city.
  6. I have not seen that show but I do like Ray, I will look for it. This vid does a better job showcasing the event.
  7. Come June 7-11 or June 14-18 to Indy for the SVRA Vintage racing. There will be a couple of those screaming F1 cars there. Plus, when is the last time you heard an Offy or the Turbine. late 1960's SCCA Trans Am cars and a whole bunch of everything. There are so many cars at this event they had to break it up into two separate events. https://svra.com/events/2017-open-wheel-world-challenge/ https://svra.com/events/2017-brickyard-vintage-racing-invitational/
  8. Come back some time in the summer and I will give you and Christy the tour of the city.
  9. Rats, I can not get off work tomorrow, I always go at least to fast Friday, but I am going to Chicago Thursday to see the Reds v. Cubs and not sure when I will be back Friday. Happy hour is not quite the same since Daylight Saving Time. They need to shutdown the track at 7pm now. Do not forget the Mecum auction is in town. Indy is a busy place right now. Plus a bunch of great concerts this entire month of May as well
  10. with a credit card because you dont have an ice scraper
  11. I was just getting ready to order his Live from Amsterdam with Beth Hart Bluray for this weekend fun but I would rather have this acoustical show instead. Just noticed Carnegie Hall is a preorder. June 23rd. Looks like I will get them both.
  12. Newgarden. Not going as of now, but I am open. The GP is televised live so at least I will be watching it. I might prefer going tomorrow better. I heard about the Plainfield meet and greet this morning, to far from my house to go to but Simon Pagenaud is a lot of fun to talk with.
  13. Weather looks great for tomorrow practice, qualifications, support races and great for the Indy GP Sat. We deserve it after all the rain we have had.
  14. No winners here.
  15. I watched him live on YouTube Indycar channel. This is great for the speedway.