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  1. We have this year covered for bucket list activities. Lets do the Masters next year.
  2. Davis

    What I Got Today!

    Oh Yea, I can not wait to see this event. Awesome seats. Two nights with a great friend.
  3. Commonly caused by carrying way to heavy of a cooler to the speedway every day in May for years. Let me know if you need a helping hand next month. Get well soon.
  4. So will we be under the same policy as long as we are wearing eye protection?
  5. With a 9:20pm start time I will not be watching.
  6. Here we go again...Kid from Indiana starting for the Sparties...Big Ten Foes...Head Coach For Texas Tech was the assistant to Bob Knight at Tx Tech... Go Sparties
  7. I am for the team that starts a kid from Indiana...Virginia.
  8. Davis

    What I Got Today!

    Court side Pacer tickets. Puts the game into perspective about how hard these guys are playingying.
  9. Those are the same carpenter bee traps I build. They work well.
  10. Jim that is excellent news. Great work.
  11. Dynamic Volume- Off Dynamic EQ- On
  12. Davis

    It’s the Pits

    @Ceptormanyes I was and yes it was a big event. I have always liked Willy and he has always taken a moment to speak with me. I enjoy the fact he is at Indy for the SVRA event. It was in a Buick that Willy made his first Indy 500. I was at the speedway every day as I am a Bronze badge holder.
  13. Davis

    It’s the Pits

    I was weeping as well. I had tears running down my cheeks as this man is my hero. It was an impromptu decision that A.J. made because his other car driven by Robby Gordon had just crashed and A.J. believed he needed to be a full time owner to mentor his driver. We always sat under the first "I" in Indianapolis on the old tower and the interview took place on pit lane directly below me. Ironically right after Robbies crash there was a woman standing in the aisle right next to me (as we were on the top row) who was physically shaken. She asked me if she could sit down and said she was Robby Gordons mom. This was back in the day where Pole day drew 250,00 people and every seat was filled.
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