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  1. I have owned my Forte 2's for 12 years now and even though I no longer listen to them daily I still appreciate the mid range of that speaker as its strong suit especially when it comes to vocals.
  2. I remember that day well. It was all over the Indianapolis news. As a 17 year old trying to convince my parents that is was safe to go to concerts was a challenge when they had no idea what really went on. Yes the same exact scenarios happened at Market Square Arena and I remember being squished on more than one occasion because they just wouldn't open the doors.
  3. Davis

    Tug of War

    The Tesla truck used in the tug of war was all wheel drive vs, the Ford which was rear wheel drive and also the Ford had the 2.7 ecoboost engine and not the optional more powerful one.
  4. Roller lifters was a big step to allow higher lift with faster ramp up.
  5. The first engine I rebuilt was a "DZ" 302 for a friends Z/28. The small block Chevy has had so much engineering and generations it is quite remarkable how efficient in making power and great at fuel consumption it is. I always liked how someone would tell me how the 350 Buick, 350 Pontiac and 350 Oldsmobile was the same engine in 1970. Each division had there own.
  6. luckily 57 yo and I take zero
  7. Now you mention it. Did not even think about that, I would have liked to seen the lake 😁
  8. This was my first time seeing Bonamassa live and he was magnificent. I have watched many many hours of his BluRays so I knew what to expect and he totally delivered. The Morris is exactly the kind of small 2000 seat theater I enjoy and it is a work of art inside. Excellent seats made this one to remember. MY most sincere thanks to JIm @jimjimbo for gifting me this awesome 10th row seat, his generosity and friendship is second to none. JIm invited me to his home to listen to his much more than modest systems and they sound awesome, The way he has them set up is quite intriguing and fum to A/B all the possibilities. Good Bourbon made the visit even more rewarding. I met Jim's lovely wife and we all had tasty Latin tacos before the show. Plus I was even sent home with a lovely gift bag of Bloody Mary mixer and a small batch bourbon from Seattle. Thank you again my great friend.
  9. Davis

    Klipsch Console

    Looks like this already been posted and I did not notice. Sorry for the duplication.
  10. Davis

    Klipsch Console

  11. Rodger stated in the press conference that he wants the facility to be the entertainment center of Indiana. Plus there is a Moto America motorcycle race and a IMSA race already on the schedule for 2020. I wonder if lights will be installed now?
  12. Davis

    World Series?

    The behind the plate umpires for the most (entire series) part has been all over the place. Even though I think they need to keep it as a human in the future and not computer generated. I didn't see any actual interference, seems he was back in the base path as he reached the bag so I would have given it a no call. The runner may of strayed off the white line but he seemed to stay off the grass.
  13. Thanks to this nice little Ticket Master scam What is Dynamic Pricing? Dynamic Pricing is when an event has tickets that are “market-priced,” meaning the ticket price and fees can change based on demand. Airlines and hotels also utilize dynamic pricing depending on busy travel seasons. You may notice ticket prices going down as the event date nears, because less people are buying tickets. On the other hand, popular rival sports games or an anticipated concert tour might drive ticket prices sky high. How Does Dynamic Pricing Work? Dynamic pricing can affect ticket prices in real-time, sometimes in a matter of minutes. It works as a strategy to boost revenue. For example, ticket prices for a sports team can fluctuate depending on holidays, the team’s record, player injuries, even the day of the week or weather forecast.
  14. Davis

    What I Got Today!

    Asking the same?
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