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  1. Davis

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    I watched the first episode just because Katy Sagal was in it with the mind set I probably would not like it. Boy was I wrong, I was hooked instantly. One of the season ending episodes was just spectacular. I binged watched after the series was finished but thought what that would have been like wondering what was to come, then having to wait until the next season. I am looking forward to the spinoff Mayans MC
  2. No, it will automatically reset and immediately come back on after a thermal shutdown. If a bare wire touches something then a direct short will occur and either blow a fuse or trip a internal circuit breaker which may or may not reset depending on type. I had this same problem with one of my older Denon AVR and it was a speaker. Start with a single pair of speakers and substitute and then add the other pairs in a sequence to eliminate that factor.
  3. The amp still plays at the loudest volume levels he typically listens at? But now shuts down on thermal overload at lesser levels and still plays at max? A damaged speaker component or crossover will change the impedance to the amp and cause it to be driven into thermal overload.
  4. Davis

    Old School Beast Returns

    I just spent 3 days in KY riding my "old" 2006 FJR1300. The old girl rode just like she was a new one.
  5. Davis

    What I Got Today!

    The new car windows seem fine holding up 4 big mugs of rootbeer. 😀
  6. Davis

    What I Got Today!

    No The one I remember was Blackford County Drive in near Muncie.
  7. Davis

    What I Got Today!

    There are 6 drive in theatres in Indiana The Increibles2 and Avengers here http://www.melsdrive-intheatre.com/ and The Increibles2 and Bookclub here http://www.theskylinedrivein.com/ 4 screens at this one http://www.triwaydrivein.com/movies.htm http://www.49erdrivein.com/ https://www.cinema67.com/index.php http://www.tibbsdriveintheatre.com/
  8. Davis

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    The summer solstice is one of my fav days of the year.
  9. Davis

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    National Aviation Day for me 😎
  10. Davis

    Poisened (?) dog question...

    Pyrethroids are one of the oldest classes of organic insecticides known. They work by quickly paralyzing the nervous systems of insects, producing a quick "knockdown" effect on insect pest populations Permethrin acts as a stomach poison when it is ingested by insects or as a contact poison through direct contact with target pests Pyrethroids act by interfering with the transmission of nerve impulses along the neurons http://pmep.cce.cornell.edu/profiles/extoxnet/metiram-propoxur/permethrin-ext.html
  11. Davis

    Poisened (?) dog question...

    I use permethrin to kill carpernter bees. it does an excellent job and takes very little. Permethrin is also used for spraying livestock and for topical use on dogs for flees and ticks. There were no side effects listed for ingestion only for topical use. I hope she is all right and you find the cause.
  12. Davis

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    I checked out this ole girl last Saturday. Sure wish I could justify the $450 to take a ride someday. Also another local airport was hosting Fields of Honor. 800 flags were displayed.
  13. Davis

    Scott Yocum, "PappyIII", is desceased.

    Thank you for posting the pic. That really helped in making the connection. RIP Scott
  14. Davis

    NBA Playoffs

    Last year I was rooting for the Cavs over G.S. I guess it was more because East v. West and the fact I was tired of hearing about how great G.S. is. But how a year can change things. Considering the Pacers were not even supposed to win 40 games this season and were a goal tend call away from eliminating the Cavs in round 1 along with the demeanor of Cleveland it looks like I am on the G.S. side this year. All things aside it is looking like an entertaining final round.
  15. Davis

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    It is tough to let a project go, especially with all the parts collected for such. But if it is not in the cards for you to complete it then you are making a wise decision. I congratulate you on not being "that guy" who just hoards it, but selling it to someone who hopefully will finish the project. Sometimes that still doesn't make it it any easier to sell.