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  1. Great Series so far. Looking forward to tonight's game. Its fun to watch when you really don't care who wins or loose as long as its close.
  2. Davis


    I have bought items from the Amazon warehouse that were listed as open box and the item was as new condition as well as other items that had an accurate listing with anything that was missing all at a substantial saving. I always go into such an endeavor knowing the possibility could be reversed as well.
  3. The Michigan starting pitcher was on his game last night. Nice story with the Michigan coach and his position on the expense of travel teams and and how it keeps some kids from being successful and how they recruit differently.
  4. I watched Thurs, Sat and Sun. I have driven the 17 mile drive. The place is absolutely stunning. I did not realize the lone Cyprus had been damaged in a storm. Agreed Joe Buck gets old real quick, When they had Jim Nance in the booth for a visit I was hoping he would just stay. Jim is the voice of golf in my head.
  5. Not sure about Bob Seger but she did sing back up for Bette Midler
  6. you are not going to the greatest concert of all time by yourself. Even if its like the old golf joke. "hit the ball drag Davis...hit the ball drag Davis"
  7. Everything is ok, there is some tree and minor structure damage very near me. I was on the front deck watching the sky during this event. It was very volatile and you could just tell this was going to get ugly. If your place is in a potential path of tornados get a weather radio, I can not stress that enough. I can not hear a tornado siren at my house but my phone and the TV (while we had power) gave us the early warnings that saved lives. @Ceptorman thank you for thinking of me.
  8. My little town was tore up pretty good. EF2, 130MPH, 6 miles long and 100 yards wide. Thanks to all the early warning devices and Madison County EMS all lives were saved. Only one minor injury. Returning home in the daylight revealed some 40 foot tall plus trees down very near me from the residual spin off winds. If you were in the direct path of this one you received major damage. Unfortuatnaley downtown Pendleton was right in the path. I have a 60 foot cottonwood and several 30 foot white pine trees in my back yard that I keep an eye on in severe weather. My house has taken a direct hit from a tornado in the past so hopefully we have protective weather karma going for us.
  9. A hot wire goes to the first 3-way switch, then two traveler wires leave the first switch and go directly to the second 3-way switch. leaving the second switch is the switched hot which goes to the light fixtures. The neutral and ground does not have to pass thru the switch but it may be in the same bundle of wiring. If you touched a hot and the neutral wire together it is usually a decent sized spark and the circuit breaker/fuse should have opened. Is this wiring in romex or individual wires in conduit? The two traveler wires should be marked in some fashion especially if it is romex as the same wire colors are used.
  10. @DizRotus Speedway enlistment ceremony https://www.wthr.com/article/ims-holds-enlistment-ceremony
  11. @DizRotus Mario gives blind combat veteran a ride https://www.bigcountryhomepage.com/shared-sports/big-race-indy/blind-combat-veteran-gets-high-speed-ims-ride-from-mario-andretti_/2017406213
  12. Davis

    Niki Lauda RIP

    RIP....heck of a driver who went through a lot in his career. Thanks for the reminder, I had forgotten about this movie have yet to see it.
  13. A few old Indy and F1 cars show up for the SVRA event at Indy.
  14. There is always a turbine car at the SVRA event at the speedway. This year the SVRA is at Indy the first week of August. I have yet to get to see the Harvey Aluminum special in person. It is at the museum but they have so many cars there they rotate them from the basement storage up to the museum and nobody is allowed in the basement. I will see if I can find out the schedule as when it will make its next appearance.
  15. Always is interesting watching the team members move the race cars around in the garage area with so many people not paying attention. The team members do their best and do a great job of exercising pateince even when they need to hurry. If you hear a horn blast behind you, heed the warning
  16. Nothing like having a couple spare engines laying around
  17. I saw that this morning. I hate hearing this. I don't think he was on his way home from the Wild Cherry strip club this time like last. He just spoke to a group of school kids about alcohol and his problems with it. I wish he could get the help he needs. At one time I was a big fan of his, when he was married to Shelly and he seemed to be having fun in life. Then a few years later I saw him in the garage interacting with some fans and he was a huge jerk. Also used to always enjoy talking with his mom Wanda during the month of May
  18. The speedway's support and recognition of our military and its veterans is always impressive. Last week end there was a large enlistment ceremony and a deployment ceremony as well.
  19. I enjoy that is just doesn't sit in the museum waiting for race day.
  20. Did Mecum on Thursday and the speedway on Friday. The SVRA event is in August this year so you have more time to heal.
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