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  1. Davis

    Mona Lisa Vito’s expert testimony

    I would rather have chicken and waffles
  2. You all can use my house as a drop off/pick up location if you need one.
  3. Davis

    LED floodlight

    I don't design the actual light fixture but the application of the light fixture in a given space or area. What you were doing is an electrician work.
  4. Davis

    LED floodlight

    If anyone ever needs any assistance.. I design and specify LED interior and exterior lighting.
  5. Davis

    Winter Storm Harper

    On my last front wheel drive car i put on four Continental Extreme Winter Contact tires. It is amazing what dedicated winter tires can do.
  6. Davis

    Mona Lisa Vito’s expert testimony

    I got me a dollar right here.
  7. Davis

    Winter Storm Harper

    Here the attendees get upset if they open the stadium roof and it is 50 degrees outside. Lucas Oil Field has had the roof open for 25 out of 82 games in the 10 year span. That was money well spent, especially since it also causes some really nasty shadows on the playing field. The large opening window at the end facing downtown is a nice feature though.
  8. Davis

    Cables, Coffee, and Cocktails

    I think you want a dehumidifier. Your HVAC will control the humidity but it must run for longer periods of time like in the summer months.
  9. Davis

    Winter Storm Harper

    The thing I noticed around Indy is our storms track on a 7 day cycle. Since last Sat brought 8 inches to my house and the predictions being what they are I think it is going to happen and ruin the Super Blood Wolf Moon Sunday in the process.
  10. Davis

    Winter Storm Harper

    I hope the AFC Championship game is played in the middle of a 2 foot blizzard, for my at home viewing pleasure of course.
  11. Davis

    Mona Lisa Vito’s expert testimony

    At Christmas for the last 3 years my Mom has asked me, "do you have the Halmark Channel"? I give the Same answer every time "I dont know"
  12. Davis

    Mona Lisa Vito’s expert testimony

    "Up In Smoke", I can watch it anytime, anywhere. "Clear And Present Danger" for the tension and the reality of it. "Float the Buoy"
  13. Davis

    Some laptops for sale soon...various models

    Put me in line for the Toshiba Satellite L75D-A7283 if Jim is stepping aside unless some of the Asus guys in front of me are interested. If not put me in line for the Dells when they come up.
  14. Davis

    Let's Go Colts!

    Go Chiefs Go Saints
  15. Davis

    Let's Go Colts!

    This goes to show the importance of the General Manager. The Colts went from the worst to one of the best and last years draft proves it.