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  1. If you say Illinois ....there is a sweet deal on the RF-7 IIIs for $2000 including the center.
  2. Rule of thump is the front 3 speakers should match. The quintet speakers would be over powered by two big tower speakers. They may work for the short term, but long term plan on getting the proper center. See pictures below of the complete reference vs reference premiere series....notice the difference between the matching center and rears in both series. Having a Rp 450 center in your room will be much better than the small center in the reference series.
  3. Go with the reference premiere line, a 40 x 10 room is not small. The biggest difference is the matching components to the towers are small. For example look at the center and surrounds compared to RP line. Your better off getting the RP260s or RP280s because they have a nice big matching center. Talk to @MetropolisLakeOutfitters He can get you a good deal.
  4. Where is that? I only saw new ones on eBay but they were 395 each?
  5. Short answer yes.... long answer yes....with more detail 😀 The dual 10” woofers have much more bass. The speaker image is larger and fills the room better. Music sounds great, it’s amazing hearing the drums bounce from one speaker to next. Make sure you have enough room to move them away from walls for best sound.
  6. Googling Nad receivers all day today lol. Nice reviews on them.
  7. I I had that Panasonic until I switched to the Samsung UBD8500. It’s much faster and has internet abilities. I can bitstream hd sound to my receive. So far I’m happy with it. Only bad part is the remote ....too small to use. I use my Onkyo remote so it is not a problem. Fast forward takes some time to get used to. My Panasonic was making strange noises and the Samsung is so much faster and worth the upgrade.
  8. This! Experiment with placement and move them away from side walls.
  9. Picture of the RF-7 III on the assembly line....
  10. I like this one.....the gun shots are amazing in the movie 🍿
  11. Found this while reading this thread and thought I would share....
  12. Do you want to replace your RF-82s? If so, maybe get a new center to match what you expect your new front speakers to be. For example, maybe get a RC-64 II if you plan on getting the RF-7 IIs to match in the future.
  13. eBay....but they are expensive... https://m.ebay.com/itm/Klipsch-RS-62-II-Surround-Speakers-Black-Single/302404077375?epid=99319536&hash=item4668b0073f:g:-IcAAOSw2WBZg4yp
  14. Yes I saved money by not getting the IIIs. I can use towards a new Marantz receiver! The IIIs in Black looks sharp though.
  15. Thought I would share some new photos.... I feel like I’m in the IMAX with these speakers!
  16. That’s the main reason I upgraded from my Best Buy Synergy....the dialog from the center was unclear. Once I upgraded the center, I just kept going and upgraded everting to the reference series. I would see if you could demo a RC-62 since they are different series to see how well they play together. Noting is saying you can’t get an RC-62 with your towers, I just wanted to let you know they are different series within the Klipsch line.
  17. Yes that is how you get hooked on Klipsch. Best Buy has a sale and you love them....then eventually you you want to upgrade to highest model Below is the matching center for your towers. The only thing I don’t like about the Best Buy model Klipsch is the matching series (like the center) is a bit small and only one option. But if you look at the reference line, they have more choices and can upgrade to a bigger model if want and are in the same series. The RC-62 is a great center channel and would be better than the matching one...but I don’t know how well it will match the R-28f towers. I know I had the RC-62 II and the Synergy F3 speakes ( the model before your r-28f) and didn’t like the miss match and eventually got the matching RF-82 II towers.
  18. The R-28f and the RC-62 are from different series. You may hear a difference. One is Best Buy exclusive and the other is a reference line. I noticed a difference going from the old Best Buy synergy line to the reference line.
  19. I see this happening on the Klipsch RF-7 IIs and all of them were shut down.
  20. Yes, you snooze you get RF-7 IIs lol
  21. I noticed two things: 1. Bigger sound, filled the room so much better. 2. Bigger, better bass due to the two 10” woofers. They just fit the room so much better. I have vaulted ceilings and a decent size living room. Plus I don’t have the feeling of ear piercing highs like I did with the 82s. I listen in pure audio mode (no sub) and stereo (with sub) to music and it keeps up with the bass on their own without sub. The drums in money for nothin really hit hard between the speakes (maybe that’s called better imaging ). The color and wood cabinet are real nice also.
  22. Frys had a promo code that reduced the price of the RF-82 IIs to $450 free shipping and the RC-62 II for $200 free shipping. So in total I bought all 3 for $650. Heck of a deal but upgraded to the Rf-7 IIs. I was trying to get the deal you got but took too long to decide/convince the wife. Now I have the RF-7 IIs and happy with them over the RF-82 IIs.
  23. To give you an idea, I recently sold 2 RF-82 IIs and an RC-62 II center for $700 in Florida. Bought them 6 months prior brand new from Frys for $650. I took nice close up picture showing their condition. Got an offer to buy an hour after I listed it
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