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  1. 9 minutes ago, Speed said:

    Now I need one to place between my Jubilee's...


    I've had a 1502 for a couple of months now and you are correct it does work great with Jubilees. Mine are set to crossover at 50Hz and am using an amp similar to the one @dtel uses although I have the Xilica controller. Its hard for me to explain what the 1502 does but it is clean and accurate and timbre is right, on top of that it just keeps going as long as the power is clean. I was listening to the Wishbone Ash Argus album and the bass is so right I had to switch from playing air guitar to air bass.


    I highly recommend the 1502 and is perfect fit for Jubilees.

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  2. Good Evening. Thought I would chime in with an album I had not heard in many years. My brother played this quite a bit when I was a teenager and I had forgotten how good it was.


    Artist Wishbone Ash

    Album Argus



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  3. 34 minutes ago, sabeous said:

    I upgraded my Epic system to the RF-7iii system and thought I would share a few photos.

    The RF-7 III do sound great, very nice upgrade. I like the seating as well. What projector are you using?

  4. @Ragsdale4 first welcome to the forum. I believe you have the Chorus II's since the Chorus I's had ports instead of the passive radiators. I bought my Chorus II's in 1991 and they are great speakers. The front grill is held on by magnets to make removing the cover easy. I use a butter knife or other smooth thin object to slide in between the grill and the speaker edge to pop the grill out far enough to get a grip on it and then pull it away from the speaker - I take the grill off every time I listen to them, which is often.

  5. 16 hours ago, Marvel said:

    Is that listed on the web site or is it a special order?


    I am not sure how many were made. If you are interested contact Cory at @MetropolisLakeOutfitters as he was the one I got mine from and I do recommend him - no affiliation. except as a customer and I met him at several Klipsch Pilgrimages.


    I have had two days with it now and will say it is amazing. I was having bass issues with my Jubilees and this more than cured it. My wife commented on how much of the lower octave was missing when we muted the 1502 - clearly hearing the lower notes of a stand-up bass with the proper tone and the kick drum now kicks. The 1502's affect is clean notes at low volumes and jaw dropping power when given 1000+ watts to work with. Sort of a "Tim the Tool Man" approach.

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  6. 9 hours ago, dtel said:

    Chief Bonehead really did a great job designing it, I don't rattle the house very often, which it will do for sure.  But it has a really nice sound when playing like we normally listen, at low or moderate volumes, great tone, like with a upright bass, every different sound is noticeable, very musical. IMO

    I really agree, no booming mud but clean bass with every note well defined. Once the gain was close I was playing some Dream Theater and when a song started the bass startled me. I have made it to the proper levels now after beating my eardrums for a couple of hours for fun. Grand Funk Railroad sounds especially nice. Its a relearning thing due to the old direct radiator subs that I turned up too high trying to find the correct tone that was never there.


    3 hours ago, Tarheel said:

    Bet you're all smiles!

    I still have my smile going and thankfully high WAF, she did help me bring it into the house. She’s a keeper.

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  7. Received another speaker from Klipsch today, a 1502, that I needed to complete my Jubilees.



    I had already started to open it before I remembered to take some pictures. The shipper R&L Trucking was awesome and put it in my carport.




    After the packaging was removed and I walked around it and that smile formed which has not gone away yet.




    The music room remains a mess but most of it is back together.


    I have reconfigured the Xilica as per @Chief bonehead and am working on gain structure. My first impression is Wow there is music in that bottom octave and it is good. Some of the bass is very nuanced and some is punchy fast while being very clean and having correct tone. I'm using a Crown amp rated at 1500 watts at 4 Ohms bridged.


    I agree with @dtel that the china cabinet needs to be watched as I have already been reprimanded by my wife. Works like that vibrating football game we had as kids. The first music played was Gotthard's Domino Effect CD. I want to thank @MetropolisLakeOutfitters for putting up with me asking for one of these every couple of weeks and then actually getting one for me. I recommend them highly.

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  8. Thought I would throw in another angle as I use an all solid state system and an all vacuum tube system. Both have their advantages and disadvantages so why choose, enjoy both.


    My tube setup was not purchased for linear performance but for having that magic in the mid's and treble. I enjoyed the pre-purchase research and dealt with people that would work with me if I had any issues with my choice. My solid state system sounded good with Chorus II's but the soundstage did not seem big enough especially when compared with the tubes. A different set of speakers really helped the solid state system though. I listen to them about equally. 


    I have not tried any of the Chinese tube equipment so can't offer any feedback. My experience is more with the vintage American equipment from the 50's and 60's which when properly maintained sounds wonderful. There are great tube resources here on the forum and Tube Fanatic - Maynard above is one of them. 


  9. On ‎4‎/‎28‎/‎2018 at 8:22 AM, DizRotus said:

    Bump for @Ole Dollar


    I thought I would follow up now that I have made two batches and treated some albums.

    First we collected all the chemicals and labware needed to make this fun for my daughter and me to do some science.


    Second we pre-measured the ingredients.



    Then we cooked the distilled water and Elvanol / PVA for 35 minutes




    Once it was clear like Karo we added the other ingredients and let it cool




    Once cool we put it in push to close bottles and tried it out. So far we have cleaned 17 albums with some of them being ready for the garbage when we started. While I can't say the Goo as a miracle it is nothing short of amazing. All cleaned albums have be promoted back to being played on the good turntable. One of the albums I treated was from when I was 13 and not well kept, it is once again playable! I am really glad I did not throw my "unplayable" albums away.


    I can't wait to try it out on more albums as the results really are amazing, ELO is next - thanks @DizRotus !!!

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  10. On 5/9/2018 at 6:40 PM, Coytee said:

    Also, chalk another one up to the un-heards!!!


    While I did hear the Jubilee's at the 2017 Pilgrimage I was not impressed and admit was a little disappointed. I heard them during the day and early evening in the clubhouse before the Jub's and the 1502 were dialed in later that night. I went ahead and purchased them anyway because of all the positive feedback here on the forum. I have not been disappointed since @Chris A

    helped me dial them in. They went from flat and sterile sounding to OMG. I will also credit @Coytee with giving me a lot of good advice as I was getting started.


    I do really like the way you have partially hidden the size of the sub by recessing into a pocket like that - nice touch. I know you are going to love them for many years to come.

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  11. I am interested as well and have read about this in previous posts. At this point I am not sure where to start as I do have some vinyl that needs something done.


    I can't bring myself to get rid of a single album and have an artist friend after them as he forms them into bowls and other artwork. Every time a see one of those bowls I wonder if the album could have been saved - kind of hurts deep inside. :(


    Is here a way to get a sample? Can you point me to the recipe as I am ready to look into this.

  12. 4 hours ago, dtel's wife said:

    I'm still going to need some assistance in Hope/Bodcaw and will be posting to find out who is getting in when. 


    I should arrive sometime around 5 or 6 on Wednesday - I will be upset if not asked to help. :)


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