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  1. 1 minute ago, Fido said:

    I have not rolled tubes yet but getting the itch to drop in some GOLD LION KT77 / EL34 - but I need 8 of them - OUCH!!!!!!

    I’m friends with a McIntosh dealer in Knoxville TN and went down the vintage path. Have a pair of MC30’s and an MC240 and then tube rolled, amazing the differences that can be had. Found the vintage 50’s and 60’s tubes from Telefunken, Mullard, Amperex, and RCA are just amazing especially in detail and soundstage. Enjoy the rolling!

  2. After my previous post I’m almost afraid to bring this up but again a great combo. I purchased a Tube Cube 7 amp from Tube Depot and hooked it up to a pair of Heresy’s with a KSW15 they sounded okay. Then I installed NOS Mullard EL 84’s and 12AX7 and magic again at 3.5 watts a channel. Detail and 3D sound stage again plus my wife really liked the combo. I use my iPad and iFi DAC to drive it. Other than the tubes are worth more than that amp it is another great combo for far less money.

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  3. My favorite tube preamp is a McIntosh MX110z and is connected to a McIntosh MC240 connected to Chorus II’s. Also I have a pair of McIntosh MC30’s connected to my Jubilee 402 horns. Realism, detail, and 3D sound stage are awesome after some tube rolling. Wife has described the listening experience as religious and I agree with that, just magical - not overstated. Using all NOS tubes in equipment that has recent maintenance.

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  4. Visited McIntosh Audio, Tom Manley, a week ago to pick up my new amp. Terry Dewick had gone through it months ago but I had to wait until the "Safer at Home" order was relaxed. Filled the Pre-amp section with NOS Mullards and left in the RCA outputs. Hooked it up to my MX110 and Chorus II's, after hearing it wife said purchase approved! Made a huge difference in bass over the MC30's. Also picked up an MPI 4 and am learning to use it.


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  5. On 5/14/2020 at 8:34 PM, Panelhead said:

    I listen below 100 dB, usually 10dB below, this does not require a sub the size of a deep freezer to fill in the bottom.


    I think the 1502 really shines at low volumes as well as when cranked up. I told Roy that when purchasing Jubilees the 1502 should just be part of the package. What a difference it makes with the proper tone that is Db independent.

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  6. Thank you Chad and Travis. I know it was not an easy decision and I think the correct one was made. I will miss seeing all of my Klipsch friends and catching up on our audio endeavors. The company I work for is doing the same and my attendance was looking doubtful anyway. I look forward to helping with the 2021 events!

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  7. After leaving the M40's with bad ear cushions in the closet for two years I was searching NewEgg for a new set of in ear headphones and up popped a replacement M40 ear cushion from somewhere in China. I ordered a pair in the hope that I would be able to listen to my favorite headphones again. It took almost two weeks to arrive and while they don't have the ring that locks them onto the headphones they do slip fit over the drivers. So now my M40's are back in service, had forgotten how much I really liked them. So far the cushions have stayed on but as they are new I can't comment on longevity. Really glad I did not throw them away as my wife tried to many times, I can't part with anything Klipsch.

    M40 New Ear Cushions.jpg

  8. Emmett:


    Welcome to the forum. When I tried to buy the ProMedia 4.1 they had just sold out so Klipsch offered and I bought what they called the "4.2" system. It is two 2.1 systems with a new label.


    I still use them but as two separate systems with one of them having an issue somewhat like you describe - I found that both sub drivers had the foam on the driver rims that was deteriorated so bad the driver was flopping around on the voice coil. Problem was solved with new parts from Klipsch service department.


    If you end up scrapping the 4.1 system you can use a pair of 2.1's - have better bass but you do need a place to put the second sub-woofer. Good Luck!

  9. Saw them warm up for Kiss in the early 70's and with 2112 became a hardcore fan. I'm lucky I guess in that I saw them 20+ times.


    For one concert the warm up band did not show up so Geddy came out and apologized and then asked if it would be okay if RUSH played both sets - 3.5 hours of music, they did have a break in the middle for 20 minutes. Professionals in every sense, I feel a personal loss with this. The most amazing talented band I ever saw, Heaven is an even better place now.

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  10. 9 minutes ago, Speed said:

    Now I need one to place between my Jubilee's...


    I've had a 1502 for a couple of months now and you are correct it does work great with Jubilees. Mine are set to crossover at 50Hz and am using an amp similar to the one @dtel uses although I have the Xilica controller. Its hard for me to explain what the 1502 does but it is clean and accurate and timbre is right, on top of that it just keeps going as long as the power is clean. I was listening to the Wishbone Ash Argus album and the bass is so right I had to switch from playing air guitar to air bass.


    I highly recommend the 1502 and is perfect fit for Jubilees.

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  11. Good Evening. Thought I would chime in with an album I had not heard in many years. My brother played this quite a bit when I was a teenager and I had forgotten how good it was.


    Artist Wishbone Ash

    Album Argus



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  12. 34 minutes ago, sabeous said:

    I upgraded my Epic system to the RF-7iii system and thought I would share a few photos.

    The RF-7 III do sound great, very nice upgrade. I like the seating as well. What projector are you using?

  13. @Ragsdale4 first welcome to the forum. I believe you have the Chorus II's since the Chorus I's had ports instead of the passive radiators. I bought my Chorus II's in 1991 and they are great speakers. The front grill is held on by magnets to make removing the cover easy. I use a butter knife or other smooth thin object to slide in between the grill and the speaker edge to pop the grill out far enough to get a grip on it and then pull it away from the speaker - I take the grill off every time I listen to them, which is often.

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