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  1. Muldoon had priorities in order. If you choose to live frugally and allow yourself one extravagance, wouldn't dis be it?
  2. Nice work. Those 'Scalas went from rec room/garage grade to furniture. And how iz de hot rod?
  3. Indeed it is dry. It could mummify ya before the buzzards knew you was available.
  4. Gonna get up near 50 degrees C. here inna valley. May have to head for the hills.....


    Me too. That would mean I'm taking the dirt bath and my kids can't agree on dispo..
  6. One might even go as far as "Neat-O Torpedo!"
  7. Say hello to Fonda and Hopper fer me.
  8. Can I get an "Amen, brothers?
  9. That view iz amaze a zing. Almost looks alive.
  10. Very nice grain pattern on the veneer. Reminds me of sedimentary geologic formations such as seen the road from Co. Spg. To Woodland Park. Or highway 9 to South Park.
  11. Muldoons were watching the ballgame. Wait til they get home from work today.
  12. Not the Baby Diaper Cakes.......
  13. You said hard on....heh......heh.......heh.
  14. Here ya go: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_ehQVVnkZx8 A video on "How It's Made"
  15. JBCODD

    What I Got Today!

    A decent sunburn. My wife got a new kayak, so we had to get it wet. Did about 10 miles on the Salt River outside Phoenix today. 110 degrees, but a breeze kept it survivable.
  16. I guess that's what happens when ya run a Ferrari with an F-350 Cummins turbo diesel.
  17. I like the way the packaging in the bottom photo looks like a Happy Face.
  18. JBCODD

    Cleaning Records

    If there are minerals in the water, some will be on the vinyl post clean. Unless, of course, you are using a vapor jet dryer, with the disc rising from the final rinse at about 1cm. Per sec and the vapor jet aimed at the meniscus on both sides. Then the Marangoni effect will leave them dry, spotless, and mineral free. Whether these deposits will have any noticeable effect on the records I cannot say. Using clean compressed air to clear any residual water from the grooves may help, but distilled water may be cheaper than canned air.
  19. JBCODD

    What I Got Today!

    My wife had a similar reaction, though hers was more related to the appearance than the sound. For years she kvetched about my "giant speakers" (Heresy's) being in the way. When resurrecting my rig, I found a set of black Forte speakers and showed a pic to her. "They're not going in my house. What do you really want?" I told her La Scala, and showed her an ad or some available locally. I told her they were "yuge" and budget busters, but she said let's go hear them. Five hours later they were playing in my front room. From Heresy being too big, to La Scala being a good fit. Boy did I get a good wife.
  20. Dis news give me da Statesboro Blues.
  21. I've been scoping there, but those Muldoons ask 85% of retail. At those prices I would rather go retail and get the warranty. I was second responder on two others in the $425 range on other audio disposal sites,but thought I would see if one were available here. Thanks for the tip, though. JBCODD
  22. PM me with price and details if you have one you want to move. Thank You.
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