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  1. Thank you. And Thanks to Peter as well. The 2.2s and 1.5s are exactly what I was looking to match this with. I will give it try with Heresy I as well, but I'm not expecting much.
  2. I just picked up a kg sw. It did not come with the plastic ports. Can you tell me the dimensions of yours, particularly the length so I buy replacement parts? Thanks.
  3. 2 years ago I bought a pair of oiled oak CW II with cane grills and they were a 9/10 for cabinet and 8/10 for grills. Price was $675 from a motivated seller. I sold them one year later after recapping and putting in Ti diaphragms in the tweeters. I received $1060. A few months later I bought CW I, black, with rough cabinets about a 4/10 and grills a 2/10 (the grill board was falling apart), but the drivers were all good. I paid $475 for that set. I have a much delayed refinishing plan. In my area, Boston, I regularly see Cornwallis listed. Prices go up to $1,500. But, they seem to actually sell in the $800-$1100 range.
  4. Thank you for the additional pictures. Yes, there clearly is a darker stripe down the center. I'll respond to your PM.
  5. Thanks for the clarification. I was trying to reconcile the title of the post with the long list of heritage components. I didn't realize that was a separate section of the post (a default footer) which is why I asked my question.
  6. Lost, I'm interested. The picture of the top seems to show that there is a darker band of walnut in the middle and it is lighter on the front and back long edges. Is that a trick of the light or the actual appearance? Thanks.
  7. Hi, can you please clarify: Are you selling all of this for one price of $900? Two pairs of La Scala, 2 pairs of Heresy, and 1 pair of Cornwalls? Plus everything else?
  8. Moray, for me, if it doesn't come out of a spray paint can it isn't going to happen. I don't have air spray equipment. I'll experiment with some textured metallic paint in black, after laying down a base coat of satin black. I'll also try multicolored textured paint instead of metallic. For the back, I'll probably use satin black. On the grill frame as well. For the base, a glossy black enamel.
  9. I got that these are two different materials. What I was asking was how to mimic the textured surface because I want the textured surface. I am appreciative of the lessons and your time.
  10. Moray, I'll be doing it myself. I'll try a few things out and compare.
  11. You're suggesting that the lacquer is the same as when you built Cornwalls with plywood, but because it is MDF it creates a textured surface?
  12. Yes. Is baffle the correct word? Where the components are screwed into. And, if the back is the same as the baffle or different. I assume the black base is not textured, but is it glossy or flat. Just looking for advice, experience, or knowledge. Such as from someone who owns one or works on them.
  13. HDBR builder, I'm not trying to be difficult with my response, but my point is I simply want paint/varnish suggestions for the motor board, base, and back that is being used today in models such as the Cornwall III, Heresy IIi, Forte III. They all look similar, to my eye, from pictures on the site. I'm not changing components, I'm not moving the woofer up, I'm not moving components to front mounting, I'm not adding a terminal cup. I have a standard Cornwall I from 1984, CBR. B-3 network. Serial 8404603. They were varnished, I believe, after they left the factory.
  14. I can post pics, but it is Cornwall III special edition that I'm trying to mimic. So, it is less about the past and more about the future.
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