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  1. WTB: Quartets, walnut -- New England

    Two days after posting this a pair of walnut Quartets went up for sale in Maine. I picked them up last Sunday. I'd say the cabinets are a 8/10, just one small chip on the speaker and a larger chip from the stand. The cabs needed some cleaning and in desperate need of oiling. I'll post pictures once the cleanup job is done. I paid $450.
  2. WTB: Quartets, walnut -- New England

    If I'm ever replacing my Cornwalls then I might give you a call.
  3. WTB: Quartets, walnut -- New England

    When I get a bigger house and have room for one pair of everything.
  4. As the title says. Does anyone have a pair they are interested in selling? I have oiled oak Forte IIs in wonderful shape that I am willing to trade.
  5. I had this powder on my '74 Heresy tweeters as well. I didn't clean it at the time. I used the speakers for about a year and then open them up to clean the tweeters and 'lo, they were clean. The speakers were previously stored in a hit bonus room in TN for about 26 years.
  6. Thank you all for the suggestions. I'll give it a go this weekend doing the following: Use turpentine to strip the oil Use a gray stain to create a weathered look I won't use the speaker bottoms for my test, instead I'll use an oiled oak KV2 I have no use for at the moment. I'll check out the fabric choices mentioned.
  7. Howdy, I am very interested in the Forte IIIs but cannot afford them at the moment. What I can afford are a pair of Forte IIs in oiled oak, which I picked up a few weeks ago. I don't mind oiled oak, but I prefer the distressed oak and white grills of the III. My question is, does anyone have thoughts on how to recreate the look of the new distressed oak speakers if the starting point is oiled oak? I have little practical experience with finishes and stains, but I'm wondering if a chemical stripper to get out any oil followed by a gray stain is all that is needed. Thoughts?
  8. You have walnut laquer (WL) speakers built in 1982 (X). They were the 113th unit built from lot 143. Each lot has 999 speakers. The lots and count of speakers is regardless of year, so yours is around the 142,085 Heresy built since they started production, not for the year.
  9. New Forte II owner

    I missed cheap Forte IIs yesterday in MA? Damn, I check compulsively, many times a day.