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  1. This may be beneficial for me to figure out. My k402 mains and k510 center are very quiet currently running on the sunfire grand cinema 5ch amp. The surround channel k510s are using the last two channels of the sunfire, but have a heavy floor noise hiss. It is both audible at the MLP with no content playing and when content is playing. Dirty background noise. The only difference I can think of is the LCR are on the xilica 4080. I’m using the base file that you set up for me. I have used rew to peq them myself since I’ve made a lot of changes to the room. Now the surrounds that have the hiss are run from the xilica 2040 which I set up from scratch. So I’m assuming I have not corrected the necessary settings to lower the noise floor. Do you have any insight on this?
  2. This is what I bought for my AT152MLP. https://www.lpgear.com/product/ATN152MLPG.html Might be worth a call to see if they can help you out.
  3. Got some more work done this weekend. Ran second surround 12ga cables in wall for biamp. Surrounds reinstalled. Crossovers setup and PEQ finished. Firmware updated in Anthem. Downloaded and ran ARC Genesis. Added new gear to rack. Cable management first rendition complete. Ic-800-t atmos speakers have arrived and rear kpt-8060h. The room has never sounded better.
  4. Kpt1802, 1502, tht, f20, danleys, lil wrecker, skhorn, Skram, etc. Pick your poison.
  5. AHall

    Atmos placement

    I have a recess under the front soffit for my projector screen. The fireplace mount allows me to have the tv at a proper height when I’m using it. Then stow away in the upward position for projector use and music listening.
  6. AHall

    Atmos placement

    Whats wrong with the tv?
  7. AHall

    Atmos placement

    My original plan was to have all heritage. Now I’ve learned the awesomeness of the pro line. I’m switching the forte 2 rears for kpt8060s. I’ve put k510s in my cornwalls. They are biamped and run active with a xilica 2040. Heresy center is biamped and active with k510 on top. Adding ic800t in ceiling speakers for atmos. Hell yea man. Can’t wait
  8. AHall

    Atmos placement

    Yes I’m using a kpt-1802-hls
  9. Everything is still available. Not currently looking for trades. Just looking to clear out some extra stuff I have laying around.
  10. As I enter the atmos world I want to do things right. With my 9ft ceilings it puts the frontal and rearward placement of my height speakers at 47-117” using the Dolby spec of 30-55°. With my couch being closer to the rear wall it places the rear atmos directly over the surround backs. My question is if I should cheat the rear height speakers a little closer to the couch to maintain some separation away from the surround backs. Would you place the front speakers at the A or B position if it were you? And would you place the rear at A or B? Gotten strong opinions toward both locations.
  11. Thanks for the help. I’ve made an order, so I’ll try to find a good spot for them.
  12. Sold. Thanks for the quick response!
  13. Excellent sounding amp. In fantastic shape. Only selling because I needed to upgrade to a 5ch amp. $650 plus ride
  14. I have found actives to be so much better that I really have no reason for passives anymore. So many limitations for similar money.
  15. I’m going to start with 600hz. That has been working very good with k510/heresy. I’d like to inch my way down toward 500hz though. I might find some extra clarity if the driver and horns can handle it. Xilica 2040 on the Cornwalls. Xilica 4080 on the Jubes and center.
  16. Great read. Just the info I’m looking for to build my center channel. Although the quarter pie as a center could be pretty slick. It is a matter of size though.
  17. I saw it too. That’s how they arrived from Emile.
  18. Interesting hearing about the kappa 15. Down the road I was planning on starting a thread to see what was the latest and greatest k33 upgrade for belle and cornwalls. Expressing interest in getting the absolute best performance from each cab. Tightness, clarity, impact, and low distortion are top priority. I could care less about losing a little low end extension. They will all be crossed over to a horn sub anyway. I was thinking k48 might be the best option for both. People rave about their performance. Also running things active I wouldn’t have to worry about making a driver fit into factory crossovers settings or mildly modified settings.
  19. I look forward to getting these up and running.
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