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  1. I loved my Heresy, they were a fun speaker... would have loved to keep them but needed the trade in value to make purchasing the Forte IV a reality. I picked up a mint pair of Heresy II for my brother last year. He loves them. The form factor makes it an easy sell for your significant other if the WAF figures into the equation. Pair them with a good sub and that combo is hard to beat
  2. You are going to love them.... ok now its time for my review. They are awesome. You need a pair ! Seriously I will spare all the superlatives and hyperbole and let those who hear them judge. $4500 is not cheap but I feel they were worth the money. I think they will be positively reviewed , except by ASR.... those guys are complete numbers dorks....do they even care what something actually sound like? They ripped the Heresy IV.... I think they sound really good.
  3. Like I said in another post. The photos do not do these speakers justice. The Cherry is what color Cherry should be , and that’s natural. Not stained Cherry. It is lighter than the photos suggest and it is beautiful. Nice grain and perfect book matching . I would say the fit and finish is better than the III. You will love them. I’m trying not to over analyze the sound and acclimate to them a little. I watched a few movies through them and they really sounded awesome. Explosions and gun shots were true to life with great impact. Then I played some familiar music and some new tracks and really liked what I heard. I can wait to get home and listen to them. You will be happy you ordered them too! Enjoy!
  4. The Forte IV are anything but flat or dull. It is lively and dynamic and never harsh or strained. It sounds full and balanced at lower listening levels and sounds great at louder levels, never losing composure . Best speaker I've ever owned and I've had a few over the last 40 years....
  5. Its really sharp looking. Pictures DO NOT do it justice. It looks great , the contrast looks great with all colors Just received Forte IV in Natural Cherry and they have a great vintage look to them, classy color combo. Apparently they addressed the grill sag, mine are perfect. Veneer ? Perfection....much better finish than my H 3
  6. I wanted the Walnut too...they are sharp. But I got a great deal on the Ebony. Glad I got them, a lot of fun to listen to
  7. I couldn't hand my dealer the cash fast enough for my new Forte IV.... I could have bought the III for much less , but I didn't care. I got a generous trade in so I felt like I got a good deal.... and as for resale, I don't think I'll be selling them anytime soon. When and if I do, I got every penny's worth of enjoyment from them.
  8. Ok, so I had no intention of buying new speakers.....I just went in to buy my daughter a sound bar.... Really , thats the only reason...... Then we started talking about the Heresy 4... I listened to them, they were great. Then I listened to the Forte III and had to have them. Unfortunately they didn't have the finish I wanted. So put a deposit down on the not yet announced Forte IV.... I picked them up today and they are AWESOME !
  9. I have owned KG .5 , KG 4, CF 4, Heresy III , and just took delivery of Forte IV.
  10. The fit and finish of the Cherry veneer is excellent , really sharp contrast with the salt and pepper grilles. My Heresy III were a great speaker....gonna miss 'em but these are in a different league. No sub needed with these babies. Effortless sound and great low frequency response.
  11. I picked up my Forte IV in Cherry today and they are awesome !!! They sound incredible and the finish is beautiful Great job Klipsch !
  12. They have started shipping them, I just picked mine up and they are awesome !
  13. Cut them some slack... they really stepped up when I needed them . Try having your dealer reach out, mine did and my problems were resolved quickly.
  14. Can’t wait for mine to arrive...
  15. Running Quicksilver Mid Mono amps, 40 w , into a pair of Heresy III....sound great. Just ordered a pair of Forte IV....
  16. Currently own Heresy III , been very happy with them....went to listen to the Heresy IV next to the Forte III side by side. I thought the Heresy IV sounded pretty good, then I listened to the same material on the Forte III. I ordered a pair of Forte IV.....will be a few month wait at this point but worth it I'm sure.
  17. I have a pair in Ebony... they are awesome. I just got back into using headphones about 18 months ago and have been using a pair of Grado RS2e since. I was getting tired bringing the phones back and forth between my girl’s place and mine so it was time for another pair... I saw an ad one night and bought them sight unseen. Knowing they were a collaboration between Klipsch and Fostex I took a chance that they were good. When I opened the box it was immediately apparent that these were high quality, and made to a different standard. Im not going to go on and on with superlatives but they are quite good. They sound great on a phone, tab, receiver jack but plug them into a real amp with a great source and you are in for a treat. I’m driving them with a Rupert Neve RNHP amp. Im using a pair of Heresy III driven by a pair of Quicksilver Mid Monos and am hoping to capture that sound signature with the Quicksilver Headphone Amp that should be here in a week or two.
  18. I like them, I have 2 . One one my DAC's Toslink input , and one connected to my headphone amp's 1/8 mini input. My headphone amp is connected to my main system via XLR but the Chromecast allows me to listen to phones without turning the whole system via my tablet. Since getting a Vault 2i I am removing the one from the main system and using it in the garage. They are great for the money.
  19. The 520 is a great sounding receiver.... my Dad has one driving a set of Sonus Faber that are around 87dB and it's plenty of power .... I think it blows away his previous B&K pre pro and amp, it sounds that good.
  20. I've had my H3 for a little over a year and they are crystal clear without a hint of harshness.... running them with a 40w PP tube amp. I enjoy these speakers so much, I just bought my brother a pair of Heresy II that look like they came out of a time capsule.... they sound great too.
  21. Its funny you say that, a while back I bought a pair of KG1 for $50 to temporarilly set up because we were having a college graduation party back to back with a 22nd birthday party for my daughter. I put my Revel 106 away for three of four weeks and had those little Klipsch powered by a pair of 40 w mono tube amps and I couldn't believe how good they sounded. Fast forward a few months , I auditioned a pair of Heresy III and I was hooked. I ordered a pair and love how they sound like live music. Great live recordings sound especially good.
  22. Lenny Kravitz used mostly tube equipment for his first two albums....has original mixing boards from Abby Road used for Let it Be among other vintage recording gear
  23. My daughter cranked the volume on my system and cooked a midrange and tweeter on my Heresy III. I replaced both mid diaphrams with Klipsch replacements and replaced both tweeter diaphrams with Crites Ti diaphrams. They sound great.
  24. I have used both tube and solid state over the years but my current system is a tube Conrad Johnson Classic 2SE pre and a pair of Quicksilver Mid Mono amps which are 40 watt PP amps that can run a number of different output tubes. I fortunately have had great luck with these pieces. Aside from replacing tubes, i have had no issues. The way these sound with my Heresy III is incredible.
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