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  1. It does say, “Asking 1500obo.” Can’t blame a guy for trying. After all, professional photography adds to cost of ads.
  2. DizRotus


    I confess, I don’t get. Is it a play on Roxanne?
  3. Does Roy agree that the speakers need, or benefit from, a break-in period? @Chief bonehead
  4. Happy Birthday Steve. Looks like I'll miss the Coast Guard Festival this year, if it is even held.
  5. I agree with Claude. Using a sub, or subs is preferable to the bass bin mod. Fortunately, I had a unique opportunity to implement the mod on a pair of La Scalas used in a high school band practice room. There was absolutely no way a sub would be incorporated, neither was it really needed. The minimal gain provided by the bass bin mod was worth the effort in that unusual situation. Using the space in the top hat did not “waste good lumber.” The ported door used to close the top hat was scrap. Use subs whenever possible.
  6. Do you have a drawing showing how the upper volume will be ducted to the bottom?
  7. He was in one of my favorite films, The Natural. Hearing that he has passed at 85 makes me feel old, learning that he was not yet 50 when he played one of the geezers in Cocoon in 1985.
  8. Grab a mask and start the car.
  9. Congratulations and welcome. I look forward to a report regarding their function. It’s important to verify the operation of the tweeters. If the woofers or midrange aren’t working it’ll be obvious, not so with tweeters. The simplest way is to put an ear to the tweeter while blocking the output from the midrange.
  10. In 1974 I sold a 1961 Dodge Dart slant six sedan, think taxicab, for $125. It was rust free and ran like a top. Heck, it probably still runs like a top. Even in 1974 that was a give away price. I was young and foolish. The low mileage car had been given to me by a great aunt. I'd just started a new teaching/coaching job, so the new Olds 442 I bought fit my perceived image better than an old woman's car.
  11. I agree, but the problem is somewhat one of space and semantics. We do not have a 2-channel system in our “living room.” The music source in our living room is an older Klipsch iPod dock that connects to sources via Bluetooth. The unit hides under an end table. Anything larger would not be tolerated. Klipsch Pro Media 2.1s supply computer music in two offices. My 2-channel system—a pair of “Superized” HIPs and 4 TH subs—is in our basement. If we had space for larger speakers, which we don’t, they would be in the basement where WAF is not an issue. If by “living room” you mean the space where people frequently gather to watch TV, thus leaving another more formal space for entertaining guests and relaxing, I could see Jubilees as part of the informal living room/family room/great room.
  12. Apparently, my Mean Well LRS-350-48 has a fan that is thermally switchable to ON or OFF. I have never heard or seen the fan in operation. Reviewers at Amazon refer to the fan being noisy. Either the unit never gets warm enough to trigger the fan, or the fan is broken (highly unlikely). In any case, overheating of the PS or the TPA3255EVM has never been a problem. I set the PS output voltage at 48v and forget it. The exterior ON/OFF switch controls AC to the PS, but as I said above, it is on 24/7. That’s one of my Pono players sitting on the Mean Well.
  13. We traded the expanded metal grilles for a pair of round magnet Alnico K-77s removed from my HIPs. It was a win win for @longdrive03 and me. The switch to Crites CT120 tweeters made the K-77s available.
  14. I agree. The fan in my Mean Well 48v power supply has NEVER turned on, to the best of my knowledge. If it did, I would disable it. I removed the fans in my iNuke 1000dsp amps powering my TH subs. That has never been a problem. Like Claude, I leave my class-D amps powered on at all times. The amount of current drawn at idle is insignificant. There is no longer a single incandescent bulb in my house. The savings from the LEDS more than makes up for the class-D amps at rest.
  15. PWK used 18 AWG zip cord. IMO, the only reason it was replaced—after his death—by something heavier gauge was for marketing, not a difference that could be objectively perceived or documented by scientific testing. As others have said, wires are a topic that polarizes (pun intended, as always). I would rather spend my money on music or room treatments to improve the experience. Debates Regarding connectors rage almost as fiercely as do those surrounding wire. Rather than binding posts and/or banana plugs, I use Neutrik Speakon connectors exclusively. There is no sonic improvement, but they permit quick and secure connecting—or disconnecting—that can be accomplished one-handed in the dark. Thousands of band roadies must know what works best. YMMV
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    Some of your best work.
  17. That is a great opportunity for someone.
  18. Welcome @vincentq. Most important, how do you like them compared to your Cornwall 3s?
  19. DizRotus

    Car Thread

    That is a very nice looking C3. Too bad about the LT-1, but I agree with the owner, that ship sailed long before his involvement.
  20. Perhaps we should throttle back the advice. The OP’s, @3thernet, one and only post was nearly six months ago. Possibly rapture, or COVID, has rendered the point moot.
  21. I’m certain his influence extended beyond his final departure in 1971; his actual involvement, apparently, ended with Then Play On.
  22. DizRotus


    I can’t be certain without seeing his hands. No drink and cigarette; no Keith.
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