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  1. Congratulations! Well, since you own them, what is the answer to you question? IMO, if the question is “easily removable,” the answer is no. If the question is removable, the answer is yes, but time consuming and possibly not worth the effort. What have you decided?
  2. Even at 72 I prefer dressing warmly for cold snowy weather to being forced indoors to air conditioned “comfort” to avoid hot humid weather that would be intolerable even if totally nude in my back yard, which the neighbors’ petitioned against. Luckily, they dropped their complaint, citing a lack of evidence, at least any that would stand up in court. Garments can be added as needed for the cold, but subtraction for the heat can only go so far.
  3. Although not featured in the photos above, I especially like the Hudson steel body. The style is elegant and it’s not another fiberglass Ford replica. Also, as an older Detroiter, Hudson has a strong connection to the city. When you get her done, drive up to the Motor City. I ‘d like a ride. We can visit the Hudson museum in Ypsilanti, MI, but first we would pick up some friends at the bus stop.
  4. Welcome. Your room will be fine. I’ve used La Scalas in smaller spaces and in much larger spaces with excellent results.
  5. Where are the hollys? Are they hiding behind the Holleys?
  6. Yes. Each bump brings the thread back to the top to be seen by potential buyers.
  7. I agree. The restoration excuses the writing. Something about the continuous paragraph that wears you out before you start reading. Paragraph breaks give your brain an opportunity to rest. I guess that is why I have difficulty with Mellville and Moby Dick.
  8. Thank you OP for editing your initial post to no longer suggest that Chuck, @Tarheel, perform an unnatural act. Sticking to your price is your right; insulting your potential buyers is not. They look spectacular. GLWS
  9. Welcome, I don’t think the original veneer was put on using heat activated adhesive, which is not to say that using a heat gun to facilitate removal might not be helpful. Perhaps Andy @HDBRbuilder can offer better informed advice. I look forward to following your progress. Please keep us apprised.
  10. DizRotus

    RIP Hank Aaron

    A friend sent the link below. It was my first awareness of the passing of Hammerin’ Hank. May Aaron and Kaline both RIP. I won’t spoil the outcome, but both players seemed genuinely motivated by the relatively small prize money. https://youtu.be/mhZLtsEPjyo
  11. IMO, the tweeter is definitely an upgrade. Regarding the crossover, the Crites network is an upgrade over an aged Klipsch network, even though it might be comparable to the Klipsch network when it was new.
  12. DizRotus

    RIP Hank Aaron

    RIP Mr. Aaron. Were Henry born today, he would probably not have the legendary baseball career. Today opportunities in athletics and education not available to a young Henry Aaron would have made a career in professional baseball much less likely.
  13. Interesting way to discourage tailgating. https://www.craigslist.org/about/best/sfo/7241823593.html It’s not clear to me from the listing whether the General Electric Model T58-8F turbine engine powers the rear wheels, or just provides exhaust thrust. That engine was used to power helicopters; it has a shaft to deliver power to the rotors of a helicopter. Similar “jet” engines power hydroplanes by use of a propeller, not exhaust thrust. From the description in the listing, my guess is that it does not power the rear wheels.
  14. With Bob's gracious and expert help I was able to refurbish two La Scalas that had hung in an Ohio bar for decades. Now they help a Michigan high school band director. Hundreds of young musicians are exposed to the clear dynamic sound of Klipsch; an homage to Bob Crites and PWK.
  15. I do not use a preamp. A balanced signal is fed directly from a Pono player to my DIY Texas Instruments TPA3255EVM based class-D chip amp, as well as a pair of iNuke1000dsp amps that each power a pair of DIY tapped horn subs. The setup enables the track and volumes to be controlled from the Pono player. It does not permit balance or tone control adjustments. Overall, the compromises are worth it to me.
  16. Too many variables for a simple answer.
  17. I agree completely. Nonetheless, I wouldn’t want him to tutor anyone in spelling. 😉
  18. Seriously Dave? Parrot was, IMO, an Internet bully. After meeting him once, I had an even lower opinion of his rudeness enabled by the safety of a keyboard. In person he was meek without the bravado and insults hurled so easily online. Arnold Stang could have kicked the feces out of Parrot.
  19. Very sad news. Bob was a true gentleman. He will be missed.
  20. It’s simplistic, but the car radio mastering explanation is, IMO, very real. When I first used a Pono player to play a high resolution recording of Elton John’s Follow The Yellow Brick Road in the car, I had to constantly adjust the volume. The dynamic range that could be appreciated in a home situation with a low noise floor was awful in a moving car. Without constantly adjusting the volume, the quiet passages were too quite and the loud passages were too loud.
  21. DizRotus


    Where’s Grannie gonna sit?
  22. Welcome. I wish I could help, but I have no first hand knowledge that would benefit you in your situation. Years ago I sold and shipped a Klipschorn from Birmingham (Detroit) USA to a man in Belgium who wanted it as part of a vintage jukebox collection. It was without components so the weight was much reduced. If you’re not familiar with the following site, you will find it interesting, if not directly helpful: http://wp.volvotreter.de Good luck with your quest. I’m interested in your results. Please keep us apprised.
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