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  1. I don’t feel that “politics” need to be brought into a thread about Coronavirus. The best PPE on the planet can’t filter politics out of a discussion about Covid-19.
  2. Wish Glenn aka @picky a happy birthday.
  3. Are you sure Chuck and Carl are relatives?
  4. I seem to be in agreement with others above. I doubt your amp is the problem, or that a new amp is the solution. I suggest the following: Allow time for them to break in; Experiment with placement, corners work best; Continue to insist that Klipsch correct the grille defects; and Consider a subwoofer, or two, or three, or four. In my opinion, every Klipsch Heritage speaker benefits from one, or more, good subwoofers; horn loaded are best. That is not to say that subs are NEEDED. Klipschorns and Cornwalls produce most of the bass available in recordings of music. My “Supered” HIPs produce bass rivaling Cornwalls in my small space. Nevertheless, the use of four tapped horn subs flat to 25Hz powered by a pair of class D amps, provides that low bass impact unavailable without a sub. The explosions and exaggerated bass available in games and movies have created false expectations of what natural bass is and what it sounds like. People are amazed at how little perceptible sound comes from the four TH subs, but how much of a subjective difference it makes having them energized. For example, the heartbeat at the beginning of DSOTM is fine and can be heard and felt without the subs. Nonetheless, switching on the subs makes it sound better and can rattle the walls, windows, etc. at high volume. Switch off the amp driving the HIPs and there is remarkably little perceptible information coming from the subs. Welcome to the forum. Enjoy your beautiful Cornwall IVs for many years to come.
  5. I replied by email. I’ll keep the forum apprised.
  6. Recalling Spencer Davis reminds me of Steve Winwood, a one time bandmate to SD. My millennial nephew, Matt, was headed to a concert. My brother asked his son who he was going to see. Matt said Eric Clapton and that “some guy named Steve Winwood was the opening act.” My brother informed Matt that Steve Winwood is not “some guy” and he doesn’t “open” for anybody. He explained that Clapton and Winwood are peers, despite the disparity in fame and commercial success. When he returned from the concert, he understood my brother’s comments and agreed that Winwood was more than “some guy.”
  7. I love Dynaco, at least I did before Tyco ruined it. GLWS.
  8. DizRotus


    To discourage tailgating, the car in my avatar had a spring loaded rocker switch on the transmission tunnel that could activate the brake lights, including a CHMSL in the roll bar, without applying the brakes. I think Flammable’s approach is more effective.
  9. DizRotus


    That is a flamethrower. Note the spark plug used to ignite unburned fuel. That would be quite spectacular at night. If you’re a passenger in Flammable, you are in flammable, does that make you inflammable?
  10. Congratulations Chuck on 15 years. Inquiring minds want to know what you plan to do with all those letters “D” you’ve stockpiled by skipping them when they are supposed to be included. I’m certain you used to know what to do with them.
  11. A t-nut is clearly visible in the attached photo posted earlier by OP. Also clearly illustrated is the fact that the motor board has more plies than basic plywood (used in H2 motorboard below) although it is difficult to count the plies to see if it is consistent with the 13+ plies I have observed in my BB.
  12. Thai goes to the runner . . . or so they say.
  13. DizRotus


    He might be one of those blind persons who uses echo location.
  14. I believe Jim @jimjimbo deserves some of the credit for recommending, and selling, the h/k 630. Happy to encourage you to relieve Jim of one of his excellent h/k x30s. Glad you are enjoying the combination.
  15. What are those Dave? How close are you to Hinkley? They didn’t all get the social distancing memo about using every other post.
  16. Thank you for posting this. It does bring back memories. Where did you locate it? Are there more like this available? There were several duplicate pages which threw off the numbering. An ad from Klipsch & Associates is on page 190 of the magazine, which due to the redundant pages is at page 197 of 215 of the link. What is an inflation adjustment from 1957 to 2020? Even without a specific multiplier, those 1957 prices seem high. For example, $525 for a Sony Superscope R2R was a lot of money in 1957.
  17. Mine was returned today. I corrected the address and put on a fresh stamp. it’ll go into the mail on Monday.
  18. Voting? Yes. Judicial rulings? No.
  19. Best wishes to you Moray James.
  20. Mostly, I feel it is a difference of opinion, rather than “bad law.” In my experience, for the most part, the judges I have been before were conscientious, hard working and principled, which is not to say that I always agreed with them Judges are not infallible. Differences of opinion are not uncommon. The several layers of appeal are testament to the ability of different judges to reach different results. The fact that the U. S. Supreme Court doe not always reach a unanimous decision demonstrates that even at the highest level there can be honest disagreements.
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