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  1. You know it is possible to edit the title of the post?
  2. DizRotus

    Which is it?

    To me, an integrated amp with a tuner is a receiver. The addition of everything else makes their description make more sense.
  3. “Cohort” is buzzword du jour.
  4. This disease spreads like Amway; you infect 5 people, each of them infects 5 people, etc. Betsy DeVos knows how that works.
  5. How are you adjusting to life among the unwashed?
  6. I found these in my garage. First I was going to put on Craigslist to trade for C8, but then wife, who is in lockdown across town with dying 96yo mother, suggested giving to our neighbor, who is a nurse at William Beaumont Hospital. Julie replied by text, ”OMG that would be amazing. Thank you so much. Thank you so much for thinking of me. We are running out so fast at work.” No, thank you Julie for providing care to others. The Vette must wait.
  7. Roger, My only experience with K-55 drivers is with the spring-loaded terminal variety, so I have no basis of comparison to the solder terminal versions, or to the alternative sold by Bob Crites. Sorry I can’t be of more help.
  8. FWIW, I’ve had six, or more, pairs of Heresy, or Heresy derivatives, such as HIP, KP-200, H1, H2, etc. IMO, none “need” subs if used by individuals in ways that please them. IMO, each would need a sub to satisfy me in most of the ways I use them. Regarding the H4 rear ports, I’ve never heard the H4 at all, more important, I’ve never heard a direct comparison of the ported H4 vs non-ported H3. It’s anecdotal, but I prefer the sound of the HIPs, visible below on the foam wedges, to the DIY Supers with rear ports. The comparison is wildly unscientific, in addition to the differing port locations, the HIPs have Crites 120 tweeters and K55 squawkers, whereas the DIYs have H2 components, Crites TI diaphragms and Eminence woofers. I suspect the significant subjective difference is the tweeters. When I compare them, the pair being played are in the shown locations on the foam wedges and the four TH subs, in the corners below, are in use. I know better than to leave the speakers as they are in the photo and merely witch the cables. This summer I will finish the HIPs, perhaps I will experiment with front vs rear ports before applying the final coat of Duratex. FYI, my wife also prefers the HIPs. .
  9. IIRC, The Dope From Hope contains a tale where PWK explained that it was designed to not be placed in a corner, to which his audience of one replied, “That’s heresy.”
  10. Don’t think I ever heard that before, but just listened to original mono version on Spotify. A slow bluesy tune; liked it. I just now noticed your link. It sounds better than Spotify.
  11. Undoubtedly. There will be those tempted to implement a permanent response to a temporary problem. Be there for those in danger.
  12. DizRotus


    DUI, Distancing Under the Influence.
  13. DizRotus


    This car go space.
  14. Great story, especially that you still have the record. What was on “Face 2” and am I correct the record is a 45? Other than the large hole, does it indicate playback speed on the label?
  15. DizRotus


    Arthur Godfrey had a lung removed.
  16. DizRotus


    The wife and I recently watched Casablanca. It, like most other films of that time period, featured a lot of smoking. Directors and actors loved to use smoking as a dramatic tool.
  17. DizRotus


    I too recall such an ad.
  18. DizRotus


    Carl @CECAA850, Remember actor William Talman, who portrayed the prosecutor, Hamilton Burger? Do you recall his powerful anti-smoking PSA released posthumously? As powerful as it was, history tells us such, “don’t make the mistakes I made” warnings are, all but, universally ignored by young people who feel invincible.
  19. Not an album; my interest in music was sparked by my older sister’s 45s. The Everly Brothers’ Wake Up Little Suzie, Chains by The Cookies, Tell Him by The Exciters, etc. I honestly don’t recall the first album I bought, but it was probably something from Beach Boys, Rolling Stones, or Dave Clark Five.
  20. You must get that edit button fixed Bruce. 😉
  21. You might locate that receipt from the Dale Carnegie course. You should try to get your money back.
  22. Hello again friend. The advice above is good. No water, gentle vacuum, and brushes.
  23. Roger- I would say it is. This is what I received. I just noticed that one is ~1/2" plywood, while the other appears to be ~3/4" plywood.
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