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  1. Hello, Unfortunately, I don’t know of a substitute for CYASTAT, nor do I know how you can obtain CYASTAT in Australia, FWIW, I believe you’re correct about Record Revirginizer. I don’t know if it contains CYASTAT, or an equivalent ant-static agent. IMO, if you don’t break the static bond, NOTHING will clean your vinyl completely.
  2. I’ve used both. IMO, either would work well. I used The Eminence Delta Pros in a scratch-built pair of Claude’s, @ClaudeJ1, Super Heresys, with good results. I also acquired a pair of HIPs with the EV woofers. One had a bad voice coil. Rather than replacing the woofer(s), Claude recommend a local re-coning service. Both EV speakers were re-coned with excellent results. You might ask local professional musicians for recommendations regarding businesses they use to keep their guitar amps and PAs working.
  3. Welcome and best wishes. Offer $1,999, but pay whatever it takes, up to $2,800, to seal the deal. Make sure the drivers all work, especially the tweeters. Stuff a towel in the squawker and use a tube from a roll of paper towels to isolate the tweeter output.
  4. “Bo knew” I agree. The actual assaults at PSU, MSU & OSU (see a pattern there?) and UM were terrible, but the institutional coverups were just as bad, if not worse. I don’t believe that those at the four universities, as well as USA Gymnastics, knowingly initially gave license to Sandusky, Strauss, Nassar, & Anderson to molest students and athletes. I do believe that Paterno, Schembechler, and responsible individuals at all of the institutions, learned of the criminal assaults, but foolishly put the reputations of themselves and the organizations above the safety of the students and athletes. IMO, in each case, by the time individuals learned of the unspeakable abuses, they pursued the unforgivable strategy to try to cover it up in a naive attempt to insulate themselves and the respective institutions from shame and liability. Those cowardly and illegal responses allowed the predators to continue to have unfettered access to young victims . Paterno knew, but worried more about his personal reputation. Although Sandusky was removed from his coaching responsibilities, he was allowed access to the university facilities, which allowed him to continue to lure young victims. Bo knew, but put “The Team” and his personal reputation above the safety of individuals, including his stepson. Instead of being fired, Anderson was reassigned to the athletic department. Now that no reasonable person can deny that some, most, or all of the many victims are telling the truth, Individuals within all of the organizations take the very weak position of saying, “yes, but we didn’t know.” IMO, they knew. More important, it was their responsibility to know. It was their responsibility to know and to protect the vulnerable from predators. They failed miserably.
  5. RIP Ronnie. Phil won’t be able to bother her in Heaven; pretty sure he’s in the other place. Check out her rendition of Don’t Worry Baby. Apparently, Brian Wilson wrote it with her in mind.
  6. Kelly is one of my least favorite coaches, I mean humans. I lost all respect for him after he allowed a student to die while videotaping PRACTICE (think Allen Iverson) from a scissor-lift during a windstorm. ND is better off without him; LSU deserves what they got.
  7. EDIT: Postponed due to UM COVID issues. The game today at 2:30 pm EST on FOX between MSU & UM should be a good one. Michigan needs victories, especially a “quality” win over a top 10 opponent, if their NCAA Tournament hopes are to be realized. The Wolverines must play like their hair is on fire. If they lose a rivalry game at home, their season is toast. On the other hand, a Spartan loss on the road would not hurt their season as much. Both teams should bring intensity to make for an exciting contest.
  8. Am I able to contact the VA “asking for a friend?” Right now, my friend attaches a stigma to needing VA help. Also, she feels that her husband’s financial success precludes him from receiving VA help. I need to be certain that help is available before I put additional stress on her during this stressful situation.
  9. Apparently, the VA has a needs based threshold which excludes my friend; he made too much money. If anyone has first hand knowledge of the eligibility requirements at the VA, please share it.
  10. I appreciate everyone’s sincere suggestions. As you might imagine, I’ll filter what I share with my friend and when. At this point she is overwhelmed with well-intentioned, but often conflicting, advice. Her husband, and all veterans, deserve to be respected, appreciated and helped to face their struggles, whether caused directly by their service, or not.
  11. Bruce, He served in Vietnam, therefore his age is approximately the same as the last year he served in country. According to his spouse, three years ago he didn’t know what a cashew is. The decline has been swift since then. My friend is now faced with huge decisions regarding her spouse’s care. I asked her about the impact of Vietnam. She said the neurologist said there was no connection. I would respectfully disagree.
  12. The spouse of a friend of mine has Alzheimer’s. He was an Air Force Captain who served in Vietnam. Does anyone have suggestions regarding resources to help such a veteran or his caregiver?
  13. Full disclosure, Eastern Michigan lost their bowl game also, but you get the point.
  14. The two best teams in the country. It promises to be a good game.
  15. I felt sorry for Pitt’s third string QB. He kept them in the game until he threw that fatal game ending interception.
  16. You can say that again. It was an ugly win.
  17. Christmas gift. Seems promising.
  18. In a nearby town, Franklin, Michigan, there is a shop that specializes in exotic wreaths. That looks like the kind of thing you can purchase at Wreath ‘O Franklin.
  19. DizRotus

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    Congratulations and keep going.
  20. Please Mr. Postman say it ain’t so. Marveletts singer goes to her reward. https://www.legacy.com/news/celebrity-deaths/wanda-young-1943-2021-singer-with-the-marvelettes/
  21. That went pretty much as expected. Following the 90 - 78 Spartan victory, our older son took the rest of us on a behind the scene tour of the LCA security operations. Plenty of screens showing every nook and cranny of the facility.
  22. Headed downtown to watch Spartans vs Golden Grizzlies at LCA.
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