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  1. Regarding bracing the mouth, it doesn’t take much to achieve a big improvement. When I refurbished beater bar La Scalas for the local high school band, the director called after a few days to report distortion on certain songs. At first I blamed the CDs he was playing, but I quickly confirmed side wall resonance. The confirming diagnostic tool was also the temporary fix. I wedged sections of 3/4” dowel between the side walls and the “eaves” of the doghouse. The impact was immediate and substantial. Those small dowels proved that panel resonance was real and that it could be easily tamed. Eventually braces were installed but any improvement over the minimalist dowels is questionable. Another potential solution would be to run a threaded steel rod through the sides and the doghouse. Naturally, it would be sealed at the doghouse. Aesthetically it has challenges, but it would be easier than cutting and fitting plywood braces. I would place the rod slightly above, or below, the vertical mid-point of the bass horn to avoid just cutting the original resonance in half.
  2. DizRotus

    R.I.P. Kobe Bryant

    No matter how flawed his character, death at 41 is too harsh a penalty. If you can’t bring yourself to mourn Kobe, she’d a tear for his young daughter Gianna and the 7 others who lost their lives.
  3. Yeah, what ever happened with Pono? I never got a chance to try it out. I seem to remember the music downloads IME, if only purchased during promotional sales, the cost per track was comparable to HDTracks. Rather than the cost, IMO, the death of Pono Muisc World was caused by the reasons outlined in the post above.
  4. Dave, The Pono music store died when Apple bought the company that supported the PMW website and promptly shut it down. The timing of Pono was poor as it coincided with the trend toward streaming digital media, rather than owing it. Despite all its genuine shortcomings, a Pono player, with its ESS Sabre DAC, feeding Its balanced output to the balanced inputs of my class-D chip amps is a synergistic match made in heaven. The only improvement I would want is a remote control. Absent a remote, if you recall, rather long balanced cables (dual 1/8" TRS connectors at the Pono. And XLR connectors at the amp) allow me to control the music from the couch in my small basement space. The best way to gauge my opinion of Pono is to know that I bought four players; the first as a Kickstarter early adopter, and the fourth last week as an eventual replacement.
  5. Pono was not a handicapped child, but he did abandon it.
  6. Worth checking out if you’re local. If still available at the conclusion of the sale, they would be glad to not have to move such large and heavy objects. At least they appear to be genuine, not Klipsch “type” like that “Eames Type” chair.
  7. I love Duratex but even I draw the line somewhere. That said, they’re probably worth $500 to a local buyer. Cash in hand would possibly get a small discount. FWIW, I doubt that’s Duratex. Your “bedliner” comment is spot on, as well as lump on.
  8. Gone at 77 after battling dementia, Terry Jones is now experiencing “something completely different.”
  9. The player arrived yesterday in its wooden box inside sealed original packaging. Although I intend to set it aside as a spare, I charged it up and confirmed operation. Now I’m set for life.
  10. It’s interesting that only “... those students invited to participate in on-field activities ...” will have an opportunity to demonstrate their athletic potential. Perhaps the registration process is intended to weed out only those who would be ineligible irrespective of talent. IMO, cattle calls like this are designed to find kickers, both punters and place kickers. It’s not unheard of to find a soccer (football to the rest of the world), Australian football, or rugby player who can kick the heck out of a pigskin. Less common is a speedy track star who didn’t play high school football, but has value as a football player. How does one find such hidden gems only through a registration process? Unless you see the Brazilian kicker or Nigerian speedster in action, they could be lost in a paper registration process. Some foreign imports work out better than others. Danish soccer player Morten Andersen (not a walk-on) starred at MSU before his HOF career in NFL. In contrast, Aussie punter Blake O’Neill will forever be implicated in the 2015 MSU victory in the Big House, and, unfortunately, he did not go on to play at the next level after a knee injury ended his kicking career.
  11. My bi-polar sister won tickets to the Super Bowl in New Orleans several years ago. She is one of those people who regularly wins radio show contests. When they ask recent winners to sit on their hands, they’re talking to her. I made a brief attempt to suggest that she should consider selling the tickets, before I was reminded who I was talking to, so I told her to enjoy the game. There is NO WAY I would lose an opportunity to exchange Super Bowl tickets for thousands of dollars. Seeing a Super Bowl Live is not important to me.
  12. DizRotus

    NFL 2019

    At least it promises to be a competitive game. The Niners may be better in some areas, but KC has the better QB.
  13. One more reference to college wrestling — Spartan b’ball is off til Thursday at Bloomington — so perhaps I’ll peak at MSU vs MD at 3 pm Eastern on BTN. Even if I remember to watch, it won’t be for more than a few moments. Maryland was my second choice for college. My father wanted me to consider wrestling as a Terp, due to a Hopkins fraternity brother being friends with the MD coach. My third choice was also U of M, but the one in Ann Arbor. My assistant HS coach was a Wolverine and was pushing his alma mater. Of course my father would have preferred I be a Blue Jay at his alma mater, Johns Hopkins, but I couldn’t have gotten admitted there at gunpoint. In hindsight, I have a greater respect for my father’s approval, albeit reluctantly, of my decision to turn down scholarship assistance at the Us of M & M to go to MSU as a walk-on. I’ve never regretted that decision. Had I gone to Ann Arbor or College Park, rather than East Lansing, I would not have met why wife and we would not have two fine sons. Butterfly effect strikes again.
  14. To guarantee having a functioning Pono player for the foreseeable future, I recently sniped a bid on eBay and got a black NIB Pono for under $200, including sales tax and delivery. Now I can continue to feed a balanced diet to my class-D chip amps.
  15. Great room Mike. Good luck with rehab. Thought of you this week in Denver as family and friends admired the airport structures. I told them I have a friend in St. Louis who is in that business, but that you didn’t make those.
  16. Watching college wrestling? I started this basketball thread. IMO, watching college wrestling is like watching paint dry. I can say this, as I wrestled at MSU in the late ‘60s when we were good (NCAA champs in ‘67 and perennial B1G Camps). Don’t get me wrong, my Zenith was making the scholarship wrestlers, like George Radman, defending NCAA Champ at 167 pounds, work hard. Despite enjoying wrestling in high school and college as a combatant, except when watching my little bother wrestle, I do not find it compelling as a spectator sport. If someone who knows what’s happening can’t get into it, it’s no wonder legitimate wrestling has no substantial fan support. I know that there are rabid fans of college and Olympic wrestling. I applaud their enthusiasm as spectators, I just can’t share it. FWIW, I feel the same about sailing. Although successfully enjoying competitive dinghy sailing as a youth, I have a difficult time watching sailboat races on TV. That said, the foiling catamarans are exciting to watch, but comparing that to regular sailing is a stretch. Now we return to our regularly scheduled discussion of NCAA basketball. After dismantling the Badgers at home yesterday, the Spartans have 5 of the next 7 on the road. We shall see how good they really are. GO GREEN!
  17. Michigan is a good team and well coached. They will be a tough out in the Tournament. You just got sucked in by the blue & gold. Now you’re weaseling out.
  18. DizRotus


    Looks like, smells like & tastes like . . . good thing I didn't step in it.
  19. I agree with those who say to leave the K-33 woofers alone. Perhaps the Crites crossovers restored the sparkle that was missing with the original networks and their old capacitors. If the mids and highs were subdued by the old networks, you might have adjusted the volume to compensate, which would have effectively boosted the bass. The inductors in the bass portion of the networks do not age like capacitors. Restoring (boosting) the mids and highs will make the bass seem relatively lower. As one who has done the djk La Scala bass reflex mod, I would not recommended it to you. It has it’s place, but, in your situation, a proper subwoofer is a better solution to augment La Scala bass. I can understand why many are perfectly happy with the quality of La Scala bass, and do not feel the need for the missing lower bass. Apparently, you’re not happy with La Scala bass. In your case, I suggest a subwoofer, or two, to provide the missing low bass. In my opinion, it is best to utilize horn loaded subs or tapped horn subs to best integrate with La Scalas.
  20. Dave @Dave1290 what happened to Sparty today? They caught the same bug that bit the Buckeyes. Hopefully, Izzo will be able to use the film of this Purdue debacle to improve going forward.
  21. I don’t know, so I can’t make a recommendation. Perhaps someone else does and can.
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