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  1. DizRotus

    World Series?

    Wasn’t Marisnik put in for his defense?
  2. DizRotus

    World Series?

    Fortune teller.
  3. DizRotus

    World Series?

    Grienke should have stayed in.
  4. The reason why it hasn’t been done is physics. The laws of physics demand a larger bass horn than even in a La Scala to get real low bass. That said, the horn loaded bass produced by La Scalas goes to approximately 150Hz, below that it acts as a 15” direct radiator. That’s why the djk bass reflex mod works as well as it does. I love the tight bass produced by La Scalas, with or without the bass reflex mod, and I understand why many use them very happily without a sub, or subs. Scaling that down doesn’t work, at least it’s not worth the effort. The complexity of a mini-La Scala will not result in a usable functional mini-bass horn. You can’t make mini-bass waves. At those sizes, the simplicity of a direct radiator or bass reflex box makes more sense. IMO, fully horn-loaded is better, but the laws of physics demand bigger horns, not scaled down horns.
  5. I drove a lift truck for Rheem one summer loading hot water tanks, air conditioners, and furnaces into boxcars and semi-trailers. Those are probably all out of service by now. 😏
  6. DizRotus

    World Series?

    Astros done in by Rendon.
  7. DizRotus

    World Series?

    No one else watching this? Five games each won by visiting team.
  8. Probably requires a catheter. Ouch!
  9. So, meet in the middle maybe? The road trip would be a great story to be forever associated with the graduation gift. Michael Colter @colterphoto1 and I once met at a truck stop in Fort Wayne to do a speaker deal.
  10. It just occurred to me that Carl @CECAA850 and others might not recall that a “basement” is an area beneath a house that usually contains the hot water tank, furnace (a device used to heat northern homes) and stuff you haven’t touched for years but can’t bring yourself to toss out.
  11. As the caffeine was kicking in it took me awhile to figure out what you were saying about the black mark. I misunderstood and thought you were confessing to actually getting black paint on one of the speakers. After the caffeine was downloaded I realized you were referring to the Paint program and a computer generated black mark. They look amazing. Be patient. The right buyer is out there. BTW, you might want to change the third “speaker” to “photo” to make it more clear to others as dense as I am that the black mark is not paint on the speaker.
  12. DizRotus


    I would not post my phone number, but would invite private messages (PMs) exchanges where the phone number could be made available.
  13. You’re not losing your mind, but you could loosen your grip on, and lose, that extra “O.” 😉 I was at a neighbor’s outdoor party and had the same reaction to a large Sonos speaker, but then again, alcohol was involved. Alcohol causes one to lose inhibitions and loosen up. On the one hand, Sonos speakers, IMO, do an excellent job of filling spaces with music that sounds good as you walk around. On the other hand, my DIY system of Super Heresys and 4 tapped horn subs does an excellent job of producing focused full impact music fidelity if you sit in the sweet spot. Most of my friends and family aren’t interested in spending time in the sweet spot.
  14. I agree. My crystal ball is being re-capped, otherwise pics wouldn’t be needed. 😉
  15. It owes you nothing after nearly three decades. Replace it with a more efficient modern unit and forget about it. Or spend time and money to delay the inevitable failure, which could result in a flooded basement.
  16. Yes. A competent and thorough professional service would be $200 - $300. With the right technician, I woudn't hesitate to invest that much in such a unit.
  17. It’s done. It sounds and works great. One minor issue involves Bluetooth. The initial pairing takes many attempts. Once it connects, subsequent connections are immediate.
  18. I forget, did the seller represent that it has been professionally serviced recently? If not, I would suggest a thorough professional service irrespective of its present operation. If you spent as much again as the purchase price for a competent restoration, IMO, it would be money well spent.
  19. I have a pair boxed up and ready to ship. Where are you located? Send a PM and we can talk. They work fine. They were replaced in a pair of HIPs by a pair of Crites tweeters. One can be seen in the attached photo.
  20. With all due respect my friend you should care about beating a pathetic MSU, because it would be only the fourth time since 2008. To focus on beating OSU, which is extremely unlikely, and lose again to weak Sparty would be embarrassing. To beat Sparty this year should be easy, to lose again would be almost as bad as Appalachian State.
  21. Notre Dame is a fraud . . . again.
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