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  1. Wow! Last time I posted an ad from a different source, someone pulled my ad AND I got reprimanded for not posting in the "ALERTS" section. frankgh got off easy!
  2. Pictures are worth more than one hundred words.
  3. Hello Mike, I cannot find your location within your profile. It could help you to acknowledge your whereabouts.
  4. Does anyone know (for a fact) what tweeters came within the original 84' K-Horns? I am looking for a pair for a project. Thank you.
  5. I haven't read every single post here but I am wondering, how does one acquire a copy when the time arrives?
  6. I am only curious, what are you using 4 ohms for?
  7. And would this solder you speak of be Cardas Quad Eutectic? And while I'm at it, what is the best applicator. Obviously this is smaller detail than a soldering GUN approach. A soldering pen perhaps? I did see a nice "Hakko FX888D-23BY Digital Soldering Station FX-888D FX-888 (blue & yellow)" on Amazon for 106 bucks. Would this be a wise choice? Or do I just head over to Harbor Freight?
  8. Would you know off hand the cheapest place to purchase? Thanks for you help!
  9. I decided I'm going to practice and get good at cap replacements on many of my crossover networks. Guessing rosin core 60/40 is preferred? Please correct me if I am wrong. Much thanks!
  10. HEY, someone got a problem with Utah?! hehe
  11. That's what I thought. The very reason I asked the question. So without guess work, what is RB?
  12. I wonder, what does the RB stand for that is stamped upon the wood vertical surface? Anyone?
  13. As an accomplished wood worker I want to add one more important tid bit. After removing strip of veneer (as per babadono's directive) remember to clean all adhesive residue off of surface before adding new piece of edge banding. Unless the surface is perfectly clean edge banding will not adhere properly no matter how much you try. Many people give up frustrated for not knowing this. I would also suggest taking your replacement edge banding to your local paint/stain store and have them help you dial in the correct color. They will begin with a quart of custom stain for you. Take the old banding to the paint store along with your new banding you so they have an accurate way of formulating the proper color. With a bit of extra time and a little leg work, your Belle's will love you lots more!
  14. As I mentioned early on, the Khorns nor the K-402's aren't going anywhere and since building my retirement home, I'm certainly not going anywhere! While I am a fan of keeping such relics (such as greatly engineered cardboard packaging) it doesn't make sense to store things that take up unnecessary space . Throwing away those boxes felt like throwing away MANY articles recently that I've had kicking around for decades. It was an uncomfortable feeling for a minor horder. I figured I'd save the kids from cleaning up my cluttered mess after I kick the bucket!
  15. Sadly, the boxes made it to the dumpster this morning. 😪 Just couldn't see storing them for no good reason.
  16. 402's are for a KPT project of mine. Hopefully within 24 hours someone claims the boxes. If not, dumpster trip. I guarantee the speakers/horn lens's aren't going anywhere. At least not in my lifetime.
  17. I can't help myself. I almost feel guilty for throwing away perfectly good reinforced + styrofoam embossed boxes. Kudos to Klipsch for great design work! Thought I'd give this a try before throwing away. In SW Utah 84737
  18. Just curious ... does this mean you have twice the amount for sale?
  19. Hmm, never heard of the 911b's before.
  20. I have a single K-402 (includes original Klipsch packaging) that I am looking to sell. What is the going rate for such a thing?
  21. Tony T


    Trying to help out a fellow Klipsch member in here. How much for a clean pair of square k77m's these days. Actually, I will only be selling a singular k77m with a reported new diaphragm. As always, Thanks, Tony
  22. Ready to proceed with transaction. Only needing PP F&F info. Thanks.
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