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  1. Location? Ideally you could find a dealer within reasonable distance to do listening session. If you have the space and dollars, cw4 generally more preferred than forte (although different strokes for different folks).
  2. Heat from the attic cause bleed thru from magnets on one grille to the other? Best bet would be to just order new grilles from klipsch. Can try cleaners as suggested by kt88, since the stains are there regardless.
  3. With that budget, howsa bout looking at the offerings from musical fidelity (ms5 or even ms6)? Or Luxman integrated (509?). Or even something with tube preamp and SS amp like McIntosh ma-252?
  4. Rarely do I see amp recommendations in the forte line that exceed 10-20wpc, and often recommendations are low powered set or push/pull amps. But for chorus line the recommendations are often solid state 90 wpc and up, to “make them sing”. So my question is what is so different in the chorus line (101db efficiency) from the forte line (98 db efficiency). Not sure “more headroom” is the answer. Wouldn’t that also be true for forte, Cornwall, lascala?
  5. Can someone explain why chorus ii amp recommendations are always super high powered amps, while they are 101 (according to the spec sheet) db efficient, while something like a forte IV (99 db) often recommended lower powered tubes. What explains the difference?
  6. OR — if you run 2 sets of speaker wires from each amp - the avr for when you are watching tv/movies, then from the fisher when listening to music. Banana plugs and works if you can get behind or tip or get behind the heresy’s. I do this with forte iii (tube amp connected to turntable and marantz AVR connected to tv). It’s not a huge deal with banana plugs. However, one caveat. I believe you MUST have a load on the tube amp before turning it on. (Speakers connected) I marked my speaker wires and double check before turning the tube amp on. only other option would be a 2-channel amp or integrated with a home theater bypass.
  7. Tex — I seem to recall a few recent sales in the 1000-1500 neighborhoods but of course depends on condition. Hard to tell from the pics, but the ad mentions the thorens TT and Macintosh amp. If this ad has been up for 5 weeks, maybe a package deal on the speakers amp and TT? Good luck either way.
  8. @amheck. Found it here: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/867790930894012/?hoisted=false&ref=search&referral_code=null&referral_story_type=post i have chorus 2 up front and agree this is the best solution for center (currently have KG series), but can’t make this work with the space. Damn chorus are big. Maybe someone will rescue it.
  9. @amheckis there a link to this ad or is it yours? I might be interested in the single chorus if OP isn’t. I’m not on FB, but this is about 4 hours from me. Hate to see a chorus “parted out”.
  10. Thanks, Dude. I already have a phono preamp, but might be an upgrade to go to the schiit. Look like good quality products. My plan is to fix a couple of solder screw ups (I have a solder sucker on order), then bias the amp, and fingers crossed.
  11. Thanks! That looks good with 2 inputs (all I need). To clarify, in to the SYS from source (eg phono preamp/cd player), then out from the SYS to the ACA mini? Sounds like a winner if I can fix a couple of soldering mistakes.
  12. Thanks, Henry. So something like this works, or not? https://www.amazon.com/SOLUPEAK-Stereo-Control-attenuator-Passive/dp/B07TT8VC1B/ref=mp_s_a_1_4?crid=3A8966B4KO1TR&keywords=passive+preamp+volume+controller&qid=1672800030&sprefix=passive+preamp%2Caps%2C113&sr=8-4
  13. I got this kit and have started to look at building it. Perhaps a dumb question— I see no volume control so am I correct in assuming I need a preamp to run with it? Or something else? Any recommendations? or does this do the trick? thanks (sorry for my ignorance)
  14. As long as the partygoers know not to put their drinks or keys or anything on top of them. Depends on the party I guess, but that’s what I’d worry about.
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