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    Subwoofer (1): Klipsch RW10d
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  1. Buck115

    Thank you

    In Memoriam; remembering those that gave all on our 72-73 Cruise; a crisp salute goes out to you, you aren't forgotten. RIP LCDR Anderson and AZ1 Cobb!
  2. Born in Orange, TX; lived in Southern CA for 35 years, retired in 2006 and moved back to Texas (The Piney Woods, East Texas).
  3. Well, if we really receive it, with mine perhaps a Marantz SR5014 4K UHD 7.2 Channel AVR.
  4. Here’s another picture I took of F4’s on the deck of the USS Midway (CVA-41) during our 72-73 cruise. Notice the MIG kill stenciled on 113; one of VF-161’s Phantoms.
  5. I was in VAW-115 and flew as a member of the AEW crew in the E-2B. The F4’s flying MIGCAP were a great security blanket for us when we were on AEW/Strike Control missions. The last MIG shot down during the Vietnam War was downed on January 12, 1973 by an F4 from VF-161 attached to the USS Midway (CVA-41). Here is a picture I took of Phantom 102, the same F4 that shot down the last MIG, during recovery from a mission earlier during our 1972-73 cruise.
  6. @wvu80 Sorry, I can't answer your question regarding the DACs with any certainty since the SR6011 was a one year earlier model than the SR5012 and is a 9.2 AVR where the SR5012 is a 7.2 AVR. I suspect the SR5012 DACs were updated, but can't say for certain. I did try an SR6012, but didn't need the extra amplifiers and the SR5012 I replaced it with had the same sound quality in my opinion.
  7. I have a Marantz SR5012 that is sitting on the sidelines right now (original owner, box and everything it came with, perfect condition). I took it out of my 5.1.2 system to try out a newer model (2018) Denon AVR-X3500H. Truthfully, I can't really say which one I like the best since they both sound great with my Klipsch speakers, but each has its own strong points. If you don't find the deal of a lifetime 😂 elsewhere, then as a last resort we can potentially discuss things via PM since I probably should move one out.
  8. Some of the original predictions for us up here in North/Central East Texas had us getting 6+ inches, but when the depression stalled down south for so long, things changed. I measured .06 inches of rain on Wednesday, .38 inches on Thursday, and so far .05 inches today. Basically, we are damp! On the positive side, with the rain we have received and the overcast, I haven't had to run the lawn sprinkler system! And, it has been too damp to mow; ah shucks!!!!! We are very dry up here and could have used more rain, but I'll take dampness over flooding!!!!
  9. IMHO, for quality or high-end items (audio, guns, etc.) the original boxes and packing always adds value and increases the interest in what you are selling! I rarely, and I do mean rarely, buy any used audio equipment without the original boxes and packaging and I never get rid of boxes and packaging either. Heck, I still have a Marantz 4400 (Quad Receiver) in the original box and Marantz overseas shipping box that I purchased in the Yokosuka, Japan Navy Exchange in January 1975 when I was transitioning back to NAS Miramar. It is sitting in a storage rack with all of my old Carver equipment, all in their original boxes! 😲
  10. Doctor Hogly Wogly's Tyler Texas BBQ on Sepulveda in Van Nuys? 😋
  11. I haven’t listened to this album in a while, so I took a trip back to 1973 this afternoon and gave it a spin. Sammy Johns
  12. Great play! That album and that song, "I'm Your Captain (Closer to Home)", has always been very special to me!!!!! When we left the Tonkin Gulf for the last time in 1973 and started our trip back home, they played that song over the USS Midway's (CVA-41) intercom system. I don't think there was a dry eye aboard that ship at that moment in time!
  13. Ten Years After – A Space In Time (Quadraphonic recording) Until recently, the last time I played the Quad LP was on my last Quadraphonic setup (Marantz 4400 and Sansui speakers). When I played the Quad album on my current Stereo setup, I was startled when guitars and other instruments appeared immediately to my left and right, not just to the front and outside of the speakers; I started wondering if I’d gone back in time and had four speakers in the room!!!!!!! The stereo album is a nice recording with a great soundstage and depth, but not to the extent of the Quad album. Here’s a picture of both albums; the Quad album will start spinning shortly. Also, here is a picture from 1973 with me in my apartment just off the ocean in Imperial Beach, CA. I’d recently returned from our 11–month participation in the Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club. You can’t see it all in the picture, but that was my first Quadraphonic System (Sansui receiver & QS-800, Garrard Zero 100 Turntable, and Sansui SP3500 & SF2 Speakers).
  14. It’s A Beautiful Day – It’s A Beautiful Day from 1969
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