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  1. I have 4 of the Aura Pro shakers on a reclining loveseat. They are mounted push pull on 3/4" plywood with 4 through bolts per pair, then wired into 2 8 ohm pairs, then paralleled for a single 4 ohm load. They are driven off of an Inuke 3000DSP, and I spent an entire evening on the setup of them. I have a lot of EQ on them to bring up the bottom end, they have a large peak at 42 hz. I also have dynamic eq on them to bump up the level at lower levels. Once the signal going into the amp passes a threshold, the gain is reduced. I recommend some sort of DSP, as I also had to account for the 23 msec delay from the main subwoofer at the screen to the loveseat. The amount of DSP used in the amplifer will determine the latency as well ( it changes slightly ) so it's a trial and error process to find what works best for you.
  2. Now Claude, you know not everyone listens to a nasty peak in their vehicles: That was at the headrest, with no eq applied, just a sealed enclosure. Amplifier was a 1kw Soundstream, driver is an Acoustic Elegance AV12X in a sealed box. The other curve was measured outside.
  3. Here's a link to where they were hoisted up into the attic area with a winch... http://www.avsforum.com/forum/155-diy-speakers-subs/1495785-doug-s-dual-gjallarhorn-build-4.html
  4. Do what one member on the AVS forum did, he installed a pair of gigantic horn subwoofers in the attic that vent into the listening space. You could cut two holes and even chose a nice grille to cover the opening in the room. Unsuspecting guests will think they are A/C vents.
  5. Another + 1 for the flexy rack... I built one years ago. Plastic pipe was used to cover the rod, cut to length on a miter saw.
  6. TC Sounds was the OEM for the drivers in the Krell MRS subwoofer, they were similar to the TC1000. If you are anywhere close to Green Bay, Wi, you might try contacting John Janowitz @ AE Speakers, he might be able to measure the T/S parameters for you fairly quickly, although he may charge you a small fee.
  7. If you want decent power and DSP in one package for a not bad price, check out the Behringer iNuke 6000DSP, that should work for what you want. You can download the amp software from Behringer's site and get a feel for the interface without having to have an amp hooked up. ( it's pretty intuitive ) The iNuke 6000DSP is basically 2 bridged 3000's in one box, so it can only be operated in a stereo configuration ( or dual mono fed with a single signal ) as you can't bridge it to one channel. Musician's Friend an others have coupons and sales on the amps quite frequently.
  8. Yea we agree.... not. Find a well renowned audio engineer that does not use his ears as the final piece of test equipment. If measurments can do it all then we would all have indentical audio systems because they would all be built to these magical test results (that DO NOT EXIST). In the end all designers that are worth a shite tune to there personal prefernece to what they like to hear with the good old ears not test results. Yes people actually listen to what is being mastered, but unless they correlate what they hear ( or don't hear ) with what is being displayed on the consoles, we have recordings run up into clip, we have had discs mastered and released with no low end at all ( recently the Master and Commander on Blu-ray ) as compared to the DVD. ( Blu-ray edition had a 25 hz highpass filter, and caused quite a stir amongst enthusiasts ) How many people doing this in a day to day job listen entirely too loud, and suffer from fatigue and hearing degradation? This affects the final product, just as the monitors used, the room, the gain structure, and so on. In the end, the sound is subjective, but some of us are interested in accuracy of reproduction, as the signal was recorded.
  9. Monsanto was mentioned in the movie "The Corporation" and the expose on issues with the synthetic hormone RBGH that Fox news squashed before it aired on television. If you haven't seen this movie, it would be a good one to pay attention to while watching. THE PRICE OF WHISTLEBLOWING It turns out that standing for the public good is an expensive proposition. Ask Jane Akre and Steve Wilson, two investigative reporters fired by Fox News after they refused to water down a story on rBGH, a controversial synthetic hormone widely used in the United States (but banned in Europe and Canada) to rev up cows' metabolism and boost their milk production. Because of the increased production, the cows suffer from mastitis, a painful infection of the udders. Antibiotics must then be injected, which find their way into the milk, and ultimately reduce people's resistance to disease. Fox demanded that they rewrite the story, and ultimately fired Akre and Wilson. Akre and Wilson subsequently sued Fox under Florida's whistle-blower statute. They proved to a jury that the version of the story Fox would have had them put on the air was false, distorted or slanted. Akre was awarded $425,000. Then Fox appealed, the verdict was overturned on a technicality, and Akre lost her award. [For an update on the case see Disc 2 where we learn that at one point, Jane and Steve became liable for Fox's $1.8 million court costs, later to be reduced to $200,000.]
  10. Look for a new metric to measure. FR doesn't tell the whole story, you need to look at the time domain performance, as well as distortion, transient response, dynamics / power compression, as well as the complete power response.
  11. It depends on what tools you have access to, and what grade of plate it is, but I would probably use the torch myself.
  12. Timing belts have a few advantages over a chain or gear drive system. They are lightweight, take less power to turn, require no lubrication, do not stretch, and transfer less harmonics from the crankshaft to the camshaft and the rest of the valvetrain. They do require replacement though at specified intervals. Chains and gear drive systems have other issues as well. Some older engines had aluminum gears with nylon bonded teeth, over time the nylon would disentegrate and fall apart, causing the chain to jump. Fiber gears as used on the Pontiac Fiero would also go away on higher mileage cars. That said, I prefer belt drive systems. Here's a picture of my older Honda when I did the timing belt on it last year.
  13. Sorry to hear that she spent Christmas in the hospital, but glad to hear that she's fine and back home.
  14. Dang......... what a stockpile!
  15. Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms.
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