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  1. AndreG.

    The Other Discs

    Got interested in them when i read about them in the vinyl-thread, arrived yesterday: And this came in yesterday as well: Great records.
  2. Hello Guys, I thought for a while if i should start another thread asking about speaker/ receiver combinations - here we go again. I´ve been pondering about getting a new av-receiver for quite a while now and it was always the new stuff i thought about. Recently i had a chat with a local dealer and i told him i needed a receiver for a 5.1 set-up and it should be a universal model ( for there is a chance i might be moving from Germany to Japan in a few years.). He told me, why buy new? I still have a CRT-TV (last one made by Panasonic), so i won´t need the very latest UHD ect.. And once i move, i just keep my speakers and buy used again in Japan. As one of the possible choices he recommended the Marantz SR6010 which fits nicely with my budget. I want to drive RF3s, a RC3 and RS3s for HT and my Heresy Es for stereo. Power for stereo should be enough at about 180 Watts per chanel. I´m a little worried about HT, the 6010 will supply about 95 Watts with 8 Ohm speakers per chanel. Do You think the 6010 will be enough to feed the RF3s? Thanks for any suggestions.
  3. Are there real, ernest people out there that buy "accessories" like this. Isn´t it obvious that this is Voodoo?
  4. AndreG.

    CD's at Amazon

    My sentiments exactly. I like to have my stuff in my shelves and not online, i can still export my music to more mobile formats if i want.
  5. @MicroMara, ok now i get it, get rid of the plasic assembly also. Thinking about it, this might also be the better asthetic solution. Never thought about that, thanks! André
  6. You like'em where they make the most impression.
  7. Those look fine, exept i will have to use thread adapters, because my original feet/spikes look like this: But i think, i saw those adapters on the Viablue site in the link You provided me with the other day. André
  8. Since we talk about spikes and other solutions; my RF3s came with the choice of spiked feet, or rubbered ones. I always wondered wich are "the better ones"? Personal preference? Or is one better than the other at decoupling the speakers from the floor? I have laminate boards on concrete as a floor in my living room. André
  9. Per chance i took a look on Amazon and found all the parts i need for my stands/ risers: Speaker-base panels, birch verneer plywood 20x20cm, 2,4cm thickness: https://www.amazon.de/24mm-starke-Sperrholzplatten-Multiplexplatten-Holzplatten/dp/B07GZYBCVQ/ref=sr_1_429?dchild=1&keywords=Martin+Weddeling&qid=1596990186&s=diy&search-type=ss&sr=1-429 Baseplates, birch verneer plywood 30x30cm, 2,4cm thickness: https://www.amazon.de/Sperrholzplatten-Multiplexplatten-Holzplatten-Tischplatten-Sondermaße/dp/B07SK8J1VR/ref=sr_1_1?__mk_de_DE=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&dchild=1&keywords=24mm%2Bstarke%2BSperrholzplatten%2BMultiplexplatten%2BHolzplatten%2BTischplatten.%2BZuschnitt%2Bauf%2BMaß.%2BSondermaße%2B!%2B(30x30cm.)&qid=1597496862&s=diy&sr=1-1&th=1 Pillars, beech 4,8x4,8cm, 10cm long: https://www.amazon.de/Kanthölzer-Tischfüße-Drechselholz-Bastellholz-massiv/dp/B07H5T583T/ref=pd_day0_c_60_9?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B07H5T583T&pd_rd_r=a72613f7-4817-40d2-a7f1-3817e542f3dc&pd_rd_w=Mt224&pd_rd_wg=aYidm&pf_rd_p=2a6eb43a-e0e3-4e6a-aa6a-fd9d8153f61a&pf_rd_r=QKPAVPKJ5WP7Y5C6DJH1&psc=1&refRID=QKPAVPKJ5WP7Y5C6DJH1 Never imagined i would be able to get my hands at wooden parts this easily! Are we allowed to post links to Amazon here? If not, i´ll remove them, please notice me. André
  10. Yes, i still thank the guy who took me to that HiFi-Dealer in Bremen. These were the first speakers i got from my own money, so they are kind of special to me. They seem to be rated good by a great many people, even now a days. I think i´ll mail Bob Crites these days and ask for his recommendations. André
  11. Compared to the black factory-paintjob it´s 100% better. Yes, they sound great, used to use a sub before but don´t have the space now. I wish i knew if there was a way to upgrade, for example with titanium tweeters. Probably could get some improvement through recapping... Next will be some small risers to lift them up about ten centimeters from my desk. I already found all the wooden parts ineed on amazon.
  12. They are done! The finish is not perfect, of course there would be spots where the black paint got too deep into the verneer to remove. There also blemishes on each speaker i couldn´t remove completely, one has a "hot coffee-cup"-stain still faintly visible and the other what looks like two dark scratches, although the surface is smooth. there are fine gapps between verneer panels, where two were used. Maybe i´ll fill those later with a repair-wax. After finall sanding i used a wood regenerator fluid, which brought vibrance back to the colors and grain. Finaly i did two coats of wax and after drying, polished with a brush. All in all i´m pleased with the way the KGs turned out. I´ve learned a thing or two, which i will put to good use when i start working on my Heresy E´s. André
  13. Usually i´m not much of a beer drinker. But when it´s hot enough, like recently (above 92°F every day for the last two weeks in Germany now), i can savor a cool beer too.
  14. Speaking of sounding like Genesis, or in in my post, sounding like Phil Collins: Seeing most of the other Albums here, this is pretty recent. The singer is Simon Collins and he just has his fathers voice.
  15. Welcome to the forum JT, I don´t own RF7´s, but i do Heresys, first generation too. As far as i´ve read here in the forums, You can´t really compare the two. The 7´s are all Ooomph, more modern, a lot more bass and power to fill a room(my guess). I use my Heresy´s for music only, the woofers are decent for music, but not enough for HT. In my opinion H1s would be a waste in HT. I´m even considering buying a turntable again, just to enjoy th H´s. But all that is just my opinion, my 2C´s. André
  16. Seeing records labeled "Phillips" brings back memories from long ago. When i was a little boy, my uncle still had his big collection of vinyl records... Still remember those labels, like "Autobahn" by "Kraftwerk". 👍
  17. I guess Corona has some influence too, no?
  18. Surely just as "entrance models", right? The Heritage series has been around for more than 50 years and as such i think, the main line won´t change. Maybe they would try to gain a bit more mass apeal, so to say. If that is a good thing, who knows...
  19. Hi Ed, I´ve got the same speakers. The grilles are fastened with velcro-tabs to the motor board. Just take something, like a teaspoon and gently pry them loose. What can happen, as it did with my baybies, beeing 40 years old, is that the tabs on the motor board come of. But You can just glue them in place again. André
  20. Dear Forum, in restoring the finish on my KG1.5 and reading on this forum, a question came up for me. I read a lot about upgrading tweeters on the larger KGs, are there possibilities to upgrade the tweeter of the 1.5 (i believe they were K86ks)? Sound of my pair is still fine, no need for action yet, i´m just interested and asking. André
  21. I´m in the process of filling the gaps between verneer-halves with dust from sanding, mixed with wood-glue. After sanding i will take some pictures. After stripping paint, panels of the verneer are ofcourse show some patches, were the paint seeped deeper into the wood. I hope to lessen the effect through sanding, the rest by using an oil of darker hue.
  22. Guys, am i mistaken, or can this kind of story/history only be possible on this Forum? I don´t think there is any other in which you will find audiophilles, fans, plain users, and makers mixed together like this. You´ve got to love threads like these. Thanks!
  23. BigStewMan, have You thought about uninstalling the harddrive from your laptop and putting it into a external shell and save your data? Just my idea on this. Andre
  24. I forgot! What i did until now: - Put a rag onto the surface i wanted to strip and soaked with acetone. Waited a few minutes until the paintcoat started to disolve. - Used a scraper to get rid of most of the disolved paint and used another rag to wipe off the rest of the paint. - Dabed fine steel-wool in aceton and scrubbed the veneer to get into the groves of the wood and wiping up with acetone and a rag immediately afterwards. - After all of the acetone dissolved, i gently sanded the surface, using sandpaper with 180 grit. Wiped the dust of with a wide brush, wiped with a damp cloth and used an old toothbrush to clean the grooves of the wood. Done, so far. Andre
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