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  1. I own Heresy Is and RF3s ( which the RP8000 descents from, sort of...). Used to have them in different rooms but have them together in the living room now for some time. I find myself listening to most of my music with the Heresy now, somehow the sound is more "rounded", i can't really put my finger on it. But having  a three-way for classic and 70's and 80's music is somehow more fun. Only my Heavy Metal and electronic music seem to belong on the RF3s, and HT of course. i also find it interesting to compare the same recording on both speakers, There's no "better" or "worse", it's just different for me.

    My two cents.

  2. 3 hours ago, DizRotus said:



     The  Count . . . 


    You German edition is stunning.

    Yes, it's really nice, i'm sure there must be something like it in the English as well. It sits right next to a few selected volumes from Easton Press (The Hobbit, Asimov's The Gods themselves and a few others.). I think, if there's a similar English edition, Easton Press would make them. Might be expensive though...

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  3. 15 minutes ago, DizRotus said:

    That is a favorite of mine.

    Which one? 😄

    I love my german edition of The Count. It's got the illustrations from the original french edition in it:





    As for Terry Pratchett; I've started switching out all my paperbacks with the hardback University Edition. Nice little books. I love the ones featuring DEATH.

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  4. Resurrection time!

    I've decided to get a TT as well. I'll go down vintage road and will have a look at a Dual 1218 on Tuesday. " Ready to set up for audition", we'll see how that goes. I already made up my mind to rip the whole thing apart and do a revision. There's a german forum ( dual-board.de ) i signed up to with lots of help. If there's interest, i can post about progress, once i get to details. The 1218 seems to be an upper-level player for beginners these days, for me anyway. Really wanted a Thorens but was too slow (again) to get a reasonably priced TD 160 (200€). The Dual will be 55€, and i will have to work on it, but once it works it might be more fun than just plug and play.

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  5. On 10/29/2021 at 9:22 PM, wuzzzer said:

    Just wanted to comment that my THTs have been impressing me more and more every time I listen to them.  Listening to music, watching movies, they handle everything that's thrown at them without breaking a sweat.

    I don't even have any EQ applied.  I just placed them in my room 19" from the wall behind them and gave them a go.  Eventually I'll get a minidsp and all that jazz but I'm just enjoying getting used to them for now.


    Those subs make the Heresys look like they are really just bookshelves...

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  6. I was misleading, I wasn´t talking about myself. To expect a forum member in the US to help me out here in Europe would be a little much to expect...

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  7. IMG_20211021_121006.thumb.jpg.cdfcc1ee713db4966ce8ed44060f6752.jpg

    These speaker relais in my Yamaha give me some trouble lately, i have to push the appropriate speaker select button a few times to make the left speaker work on the A channel and for the right one on the B channel. I already gave the buttons a spray of contact-cleaner. Do you think it might be feasible to drill a little hole in them to get some de-oxifier inside?

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