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    Finally the powercord, I ordered two weeks ago, arrived today! Finally stuff can move into it´s shelves.






    The shelve itself is still an ongoing project. But now the TT and amp are off the floor at least!


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    Life is sometimes funny... Back in 1994 I played a game on my Sega Genesis called "Snatcher". It´s a scifi story, with more than a lot of Terminator and Blade Runner feel, it was/ is a great game and that includes the soundtrack.

    I knew that the OST was out there, both on CD and vinyl, but way to expensive... Two weeks ago I was lucky, or not if you ask my wallet... There was a seller in Germany and I got the double LP Mint for under 100€. So I pulled the trigger. 

    All in all I´m happy, and now I sit here in 2023, listening to the OST of a 1993 (digital) video game, on analog vinyl... Life is funny, isn´t it?


    (Gotta pull out that game CD again...!)


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