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  1. I’ve had Forte 2s for years. I’ve had them in large and small rooms and they’ve been great. I’ve found 6/10 inches off the wall and toed in slightly seems to be just right.
  2. I have to agree. I’ve had my Forte 2s in big rooms, small room and a big room with high ceilings. They sound great in any size room.
  3. Easy for me. Born to Run by Springsteen.
  4. I have the Forte 2. You can’t go wrong with those either.
  5. I use a Roku premier and A couple of different Chromecasts. Both work well.
  6. I have a pair of Forte 2s. I have had them in big rooms, small rooms and a room with high ceilings. They sounded great in all of them. I do think you need a wall behind to take full advantage of the passive radiator. 8/12 inches from a wall seem to be the sweet spot. If it were me In your situation I would probably have to add a sub.
  7. I’m by no means an expert. I have a Bar 40 which is the predecessor to the 400. My problem was it didn’t always turn on. I bought a higher quality HDMI cord and it has been fine for about a year now. When I was researching the problem it seems HDMI arc can be a little finicky. When I bought my sound bar there were others that had more bells and whistles at that price point. I just thought the design and build quality seemed so much better. The quality of the sound was what sold me. The detail really impressed me. When I listened at the store side by side against other bars I was considering I was picking up sounds on the Klipsch with both movies and music I wasn’t really hearing on other bars. I’ve been satisfied with my purchase.
  8. I’ve seen a several mentions for the Forte 2. I’ve had mine in large and small rooms and rooms with high ceilings and standard height. The sound equally great in any size room. You should be able to find a pair in your budget.
  9. I saw those same reviews you mentioned so I was a little leery. I found one on display at a Best Buy a bit of of drive from my house but I wanted to hear the Bar 40. The salesperson tried steering toward other sound bars that had more enhanced Dolby options and base he said “would feel like the walls would come down”. While I like some rumble when I’m watching TV/movies I tend not to like it as much with music. I prefer a more detailed and balanced sound. We listened to the different models in the price range and as I said several sounded really good with a movie on. Maybe a couple of other sound bars had bit wider sound stage and a couple of others really a lot of rumble. Like I said when we switched to music the Bar 40 sounded best. It was a Pink Floyd song playing and it really sounded good. You could.really hear everything going on in the song and base wasn’t lacking.The salesman was impressed how the music sounded but still tried to steer to something with more features. So maybe Klipsch sound bars are a little behind in features (which seemed to be the biggest knock on them in reviews) as far as I’m concerned they make up for that with a very detailed sound and excellent design and build quality.
  10. I have the Bar 40. We downsized in the past year and and our living area is much smaller. My sound system is built around a pair of Forte 2s which still sound amazing but our main living space was really too small to keep the Fortes setup there. Fortunately the new house has a walk out basement we finished and the Fortes are set up down there sounding amazing. I found a lot of sound bars in the $300 price range that really sounded great watching TV/movies but were lacking when listening to music compared to what I was used to. The Bar 40 was best to me listening to music. Not my Fortes but still very detailed and plenty loud enough. Sound for TV/movies is very detailed and dialogue is very clear in normal mode. It has a surround mode that definitely makes the sound bigger and if sound effects are overwhelming the dialogue you can boost the dialogue to even things out. It does lack some of the more enhanced Dolby features but I really don’t miss those. The Klipsxh sounbars are by far the best looking out there. I have gotten plenty of compliments about my Bar 40.
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