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  1. When I got my Lodge skillet it was coated with good old Crisco lard. Stuffed into an oven at ??? (forgot) for awhile. Turned oven off and allowed it to cool overnight. Took it out in the morning,wiped down and cooked some bacon. Some light sticking but no issue. Eggs were difficult but came out OK. I treated it with oil and smoked it on the stovetop after use for a year or so. Now I just clean it while warm and store in the oven. Gets used every morning w/canola wipe down and no issues for the most part. Right now it's in the oven with a couple of chicken thighs finishing up after a 9 minute sear (skin down) in olive oil to start. After 20 minutes flip and finish for 3 minutes. Looks like this when done. No sticking. So I'm not yet sold on the carbon steel. And my stainless gets treated a lot like the cast iron.
  2. Some photos? Just curious on what can be had for $1K.
  3. I've heard those xovers are poor sounding...then again I've never even heard a La Scala. Not true Roy?
  4. Who cares about looks? How is the sound?
  5. From the background either rearranging or moving. All those empty shelves.
  6. I've heard there's a high incidence of lead poisoning there.
  7. What did I ever do to you?
  8. Ever speak what you mean or always cryptic?
  9. Dayum I didn't know they were going to be that pricey. I think they're gorgeous. Simplistic and purposeful. A loudspeaker not a supermodel. I close my eyes when really listening anyways.
  10. ^^^^^ Yeah what he said...
  11. That's something to ask him. He does say the Forte I/II upgrade is not compatible with the Chorus.
  12. That actually leads to a question. If the caps are bad/tired can listening to the speakers cause damage? Oh and enjoy your Heresys @thombehne
  13. Durian Pizza. Look up Durian fruit. Supposed to be tasty but I cannot get past the smell to try it. Like raw sewage with rotting flesh floating in it.
  14. i cannot find words......
  15. I barely knew Dave but our few conversations made me like the guy.
  16. Free La Scalas. Man I have been down the wrong path in life. Enjoy.
  17. geezin'

    KY La Scalas

    At least he dusted them off for the photos. More effort than most.
  18. Yeah I really like the raw birch Heresys. Have a certain purposeful elegance.
  19. Yeah screw that. I'm basically done with concerts because of stuff like that. These guys got more money than God and they charge like that?
  20. geezin'

    Heresy IV

    Yeah and a bigger cabinet too.
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