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  1. I've found them to be so much better than the stock tweets in my C2's. Clear, livly, not mushy at all. I really like them. They are slightly more efficient than the C2's, so slightly louder, but I still feel they are balanced with the overall sound. Some people instal an Lpad to tone them down, give them a couple of weeks of listening and decide for yourself. I love mine just as they are.
  2. Good tip, Dave, that would save the potential touch up once they are installed.
  3. I finally got around to painting my MHAL's, I think they came out nice! I took the clamping plates off to do so, and as Dave has said, pay attention to the orientation as they are cut as one piece and to get the alignment right, so they have to go back together as they came apart. I marked left and right and up/down with a sharpie on each. I cleaned the bare aluminum with thinner, and then wiped them down with a tack cloth. I used a high build automotive primer, and tapped off the mating surfaces of the lense and the clamp to assure a good match up when they were reassembled. One coat of primer, and then 2 coats of Rustoleum Professional flat black. They came out nearly perfect, and match the Chorus 2's really, really well. I did touch up the lense/clamp seam with a tiny automotive chip touch-up brush, and some of the paint sprayed into the cap. There was just the slightest "silver" showing in a couple of spots once assembled. I love the tweeters, and now the matching cosmetics. Thanks for a great product, Dave, and all the comments in this thread around painting vs anodizing. Painting them was definitely easy and came out great.
  4. Sweetness on my Chorus2's also.... Did you paint them??
  5. I ran my Cornwall 1's, Heresy 1's, and now Chorus 2's off a Luxman C-02/M-02 with very good results. I found the Luxman stuff to be pretty punchy and very smooth. I recently switched the Luxman set to another room and replaced them with McIntosh MA9000 integrated (I wanted the 8 band equalization with my old ears but still seem to gravitate back to flat on many recordings), which also sounds great with the Chrous2's.
  6. Thanks! Funny you say that, I had been researching how to anodize them myself! Although the bare aluminum is growing on me.
  7. I have found a couple of recordings a bit bright, and others a bit dull. Recordings be damned. I made some small adjustments on my integrated amp @ 2.5k and 10K range to attenuate and boost. Fortunately, like you after some experimentation and a short time I really enjoy them.
  8. I'm not sure of the specs, but according to posts (some by you!) the K-79 is less sensitive than the K-77 by 3db. If the K-77 is 105 db, that makes the K79 102 db, and I think I read the LMAHL v2 de10 is 107 db, so not sure how it lines up, but it seems close enough to not need attenuation on the Chrous2 set up anyway. I can tell you this, they sing on the Chorus2's compared to the stock K-79's with the stock or Ti diaphragms. The Ti's were a definite improvement over the stockers. I'm not sure is the De10 needs break in, I' haven't noticed much difference in about 12 hours of listening at moderate volumes.
  9. I just did the Large MAHL V2's (DE10's) in my Chorus 2's and they are nothing short of magnificent. I read many of the reviews and kind of doubted they were THAT good, but boy was I wrong. I had been running the Ti diaphragms in my speakers, and they were definitely and improvement over the stock diaphragms, albeit sometimes harsh depending on the treble input and recording quality. These new tweeters are just great. The musical details and increased tone/stage just jump out at you. The vocals went from somewhat nasal to bright clear and sharp; I guess an easy way for me to think about it is this - they are clean, vocals come alive, snare drums are as if they're right in front of you and "snappy", symbols are distinct without any "shmush". The are very articulate but still balanced. The Chorus2's just sing now. Installing them wasn't bad, although the directions suggest pulling the midhorn it's was easier for me to remove the grill, lay the speaker down and remove the passive. Gave me a ton of room, and was able to mount them laying down instead of blindly while upright. They came assembled but the screws hand tight to remove the clamp plate/speaker from the lense. Then you remove the current K79-k tweeter, and mount the lense with the 4 factory screws. I then laid the speaker down, removed the passive, and mounted the clamp plate/driver from the back. Easy. The kit came with blue loctite i used sparingly on the 4 allen screws and tightened appropriately. Lastly, they came with 6" speaker wire extensions that fit the factory spades and clipped back onto the DE10's They are just the best upgrade I think I've ever heard! Awesome, if you are thinking about these, pull the trigger, you won't regret it. You can somewhat see them behind the grill cloth when there's enough direct light, they are of course bright machined aluminum, they'd be cool if they came in anodized black, but I suppose that would also add to the cost. They are super well made, milled to perfection, and were packed very well with everything you need to install them, including detailed instructions and helpful commentary. These are outstanding in every way so far, highly recommended!
  10. I'm backing off, not sure I'll get the bass I'm looking for over the Chrous2's, I may regret it, they are beautiful. You're up BadChile! Thx for the pics and the chat Dom.
  11. Thanks @BadChile! I too would like to see some pics!
  12. The buttering, I wish! After 30 years she's got my number!
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