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  1. Risk $100 https://detroit.craigslist.org/okl/ele/d/ferndale-technics-sl-1900-turntable/6854199336.html or $500 https://detroit.craigslist.org/wyn/ele/d/royal-oak-pioneer-plx-1000/6873341212.html
  2. Careful, it may be set up for 100v (or 110v I don't remember).
  3. I gave up cars years ago and do home improvement as a hobby. I made the table and matching side cart and inserts in the floors. I also cut every piece of marble myself on the floors and walls out of 3/4" slabs on a bride saw. I just need to fab some speakers mounts, finish the trim and this room is done.
  4. I have learned that simple is better. I remember my Chevelle with a high compression 454 and 4:11 gears. Looked good on paper but not much fun to own. This system is staying as is, and no I will not put Jubilees in there.
  5. I'll give you a happy B-day, but you aren't even 40 yet.
  6. Its funny, with all of this equipment, I listen to a pair of bookshelf speakers all day while I work and now these bookshelf speakers will get quite a bit of play when we are in there. We are doing quite a bit of work to the house so my stereo sits with a sheet over it. I also forgot the past two pieces of the system, monster cable RCA interconnects that were free with some purchase years a go and Monster Cable speaker cables that came free with a recent purchase of a pair of JBL speakers.
  7. My wife and I like to do puzzles in our dining room (Great activity to spend a lot of time together talking). I was getting sick of having the music in the other room so here is where we wound up. I need to mount the speakers on the wall up higher when I finish out the trim in the room. Anyone know of some decent shelves? I may need to fabricate something. All Craigslist buys. I picked up the Denon 3805 and DVD 2910 knowing that they would become useful some day. Two years later and here you go . After getting the B&Ws I searched for a cabinet. I got the stand on Craigslist for $30, but it was really tall. I took it apart, cut the legs on a table saw, re-drilled the holes to move the drawer and shelves (that took a while) and here you go. It looks a lot better at 34" tall. I bought the power strip from a recommendation on here about 10 or 15 years ago.
  8. You quest would be much easier in Clark County Nevada...
  9. I had a guy spend $1000 on shipping boxes for a pair of B&W N801s that I sold to him. Crazy for that as crates could have been built for less. The boxes were for the S Series and I had to modify the styro-foam to fit the N801s. Luckily I knew how to do this, I would have felt terrible telling him that the boxes did not work.
  10. Yea, Sony made some really nice CD players. I am also thinking of the "all in one" Sony system that my mother bought that never worked correctly. She now has Klipsch speakers that I bought and oddly enough a Sony receiver that my brother bought (I told her to get a Denon). I have a Technics SL 1210 and a SL 1300, both great TTs
  11. Home depot sells 2" thick styrofoam. Buy several sheets of that, several rolls of tape, some shrink wrap, a bunch of big boxes, a utility knife and a good sized pallet and get to work. Face to face with the foam between the k Horns should make a "square" on the pallet. Then more foam around the outside and cardboard and shrink wrap. Make sure you also tie them down to the pallet.
  12. Well yea. Would you buy a Panasonic stereo system (or a Sony, or Sanyo)? Sony has some good receivers (I think) but mostly budget systems. But the SL1200 is a different animal. I have an SL 1210 that I modified, When I took it apart I was really impressed with the design and construction.
  13. Sorry to hear this Bruce. That is also a tough trip, exhausting.
  14. This guy has some of the best videos. I was thinking about putting rockwool under my HVAC equipment in the attic. I will save my money.
  15. If you market the speakers as "Home Theater" you get to sell 5, 7, 9 or more of them...
  16. tigerwoodKhorns


    Horrible investment. The Fed will not let you write off business expenses so you get taxed to death, meaning taxed on "profits" that you did not make.
  17. OK, shows what I know. The Quartets must have been a later speaker. I have the Forte IIs and Chorus IIs. I'd jump on these if looking for a pair of Heresys.
  18. You have a very solid endorsement here. If they are good they are definitely worth $400 or maybe the $500. Make an offer and haggle if that is necessary. They look good. Are they the I's or IIs? The II's have a different updated midrange.
  19. If they were suspended they were probably not touched, dinged or hit. If the price is right I'd jump on them.
  20. Never put anything on top of your nice wood finish. Never stack equipment either, the feet may leave marks. If you absolutely must stack equipment (or put on top of speakers) I find that cardboard spacers used for drywall installation work very well. Put under the rubber feet so that only cardboard is touching the wood finish or component that is underneath.
  21. Aw come on, let me make a joke. The four La Scalas are next up in line.
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