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Found 19 results

  1. Bonjour à tous, recherchez toujours un K-31-K pour ma paire KLF-30, D'avance merci.
  2. Wanting to trade Medium Oak KLF-30’s for Mahogany KLF-30’s. These were owned by an Ex-Klipsch Manager since new. I have the original boxes, packing material, and literature. Speakers were checked by Klipsch Engineers for glue/baffle issues, and crossovers we checked/adjusted to be in spec. Willing to travel to make the trade. Also have the matching KLF-C7 in factory box.
  3. As was posted elsewhere an query to Klipsch for a forte III horn was sent in and this is what came back from them. Now maybe I am wrong but I think this might be a diaphragm kit and not the horn itself? We will give this another go at it in a few days
  4. Hello, I'm located in Scottsdale, AZ and have a pair of Klipsch Mahogany KLF-30s and a Mahogany C-7 in excellent condition for sale. I also have the Crites titanium tweeter upgrades for all 3 installed AND have the components from Crites for all 3 crossovers but upgrade parts are not installed. Also includes a new in box KLF-30 speaker grill. Selling everything for $900. No issues and a fantastic sound for music and movies. They look awesome as well! I will post pictures soon. Local pickup is preferred. Thank you
  5. Klipsch KLF-30 Legend Tower Floorstanding Speakers for sale. Like new condition. Original owner. Factory Medium Oak finish. Purchased and used in the same location for the last ten years. No disappointments. $1,200. Currently listed on Craigs List in Michigan. Serial Numbers: KLF30M00280081/83. I purchased these from the Stereo Shoppe in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I'll try and load more pictures - the 2MB limit is limiting. I can send picture to email if you desire.
  6. https://atlanta.craigslist.org/nat/ele/d/klipsch-klf30-large-spks-pair/6536137323.html $950
  7. No affiliation... Pair of KLF-30's and a KV4 center channel in black. Located in Terrell, TX which is about 35 miles east of Dallas. Local pickup only. https://dallas.craigslist.org/dal/ele/5914648288.html
  8. Can anybody show me how to properly brace KLF-30 Speakers and if anybody has the materials list and "How to" Photos? Thank you in advance.
  9. SOLD!-------For Sale: One pair of KLF-30 FLOORSTANDING LOUDSPEAKERS. CHICAGO AREA---WILL NOT SHIP! This truly breaks my heart to sell these speakers, but the car needs some work. I awaited a long time to find these and just took them out of their boxes just two weeks ago to give them a spin. These are truly a great sounding pair of speakers. Alas, now I have to sell them. They are perfect in every way except for 1 issue. The finish is coming off the top of one of the speakers. With that said, a little paint will cure that and they are back to being perfect. I will bite the bullet and sell these to a Forum Member for $750. DOES ANYONE IN THE CHICAGO AREA NEED SOME THUNDER?????------SOLD! http://chicago.craigslist.org/nwc/ele/6267664237.html
  10. FORUM MEMBERS! PLEASE HELP ME DECIDE! I have a very difficult decision and need the forums help in this matter. Due to massive repairs on my vehicle I have to part ways with: 2 pairs of RF-63 Speakers or-----1 pair of RF-63 Speakers and 1 pair of KLF-30 Speakers. I love the sound of both types of speakers! (I have an RC-64 Center). PLEASE VOTE FOR WHICH PAIR OF SPEAKERS (RF-63 OR KLF-30 ) YOU WOULD KEEP, AND GIVE ME A EDUCATED REASON-----WHY????? THANK YOU FORUM MEMBERS FOR YOUR INPUT.
  11. I am in need of a single K-31-K for my newly acquired KLF-30's. One woofer cone is cracked and the original owner used tape as a fix. It doesn't sound bad, but it looks terrible and it's gotta go. Anyone still have an extra?
  12. Does anyone have any experience owning and or.... listening to, the RF-63 and the KLF-30? I presently own the RF-63 and have an opportunity to pick up a pair of the KLF-30's. Is the sound of the KLF-30's going to be far superior to the RF-63's (I like the speakers) or am I just making a lateral move at much expense. THANK YOU ALL for your valued input in advance.---Ed
  13. Newbie, here. I own a pair of KLF-30's going on 19 years and while they are functioning perfectly, I am concerned about driver life, xover life, etc. I've read many comments in this forum that mention Bob Crites. I have visited his website and see that he offers replacement parts for the drivers and a new xover. My question is: has anyone purchased the 12" woofer (CW1228) for a KLF-30 and if so, how does it compare to the original K-31? Better, worse. etc. Also, how do the replacement tweeter and midrange diaphragms sound as compared to the factory originals? Lastly, is the B&K KLF-30 xover a noticeable improvement? Thanks for any advice.
  14. Came across a set of 30's for the right price so I decided to attempt a ground up re- design in an attempt to finally squeeze from this speaker the bass it SHOULD be producing. Although I currently own a pair of KLF 20's and a pair of KLF 30's, I couldn't pass these up at the price point I STOLE them at. Planning to reinforce the cabinet to the tune of 1.5" mdf ( box-in-box) with all the proper dampening, insulation, bracing, etc. Cabinet re-tune, correct those useless ports, and in all likelihood will try a non-crites crossover custom built by Norman Cerveny Pro Audio. Will refinish the outer cabinet as well with unfinished wood veneer with many coats of Hi Gloss lacquer, haven't decided on a stain color yet. Although KLF 30 mods are fairly standard these days, Norm Cerveny will be doing these from start to finish since this will be more than a simple modification.
  15. http://emotivalounge.proboards.com/thread/48005/xpa5-umc200-klipsch-more?page=1&scrollTo=844806 Anybody want to pop over to the Emotiva forum and help this fellow out? He has a nice set up with a pair of KLF-30's as his front mains. He says the speakers are extremely underwhelming in the bass department....obviously that should not be the case. Much appreciated, Tim
  16. I have inherited a pair of Legend KLF-30s but one of them is barely putting out any sound and it seems to be just from the tweeter. I confirmed it has a good sound signal from the receiver by switching speaker wires around plus I looked inside the enclosure by removing the crossover assembly and do not see any loose wires. They have been in climate controlled storage for 3 years and have been moved only once or twice after initial installation so I don't think it got dropped so as to dislodge a connection but something is broken. I see Crites offers a cross-over repair kit for $80 as well as replacement crossovers for $280 a pair. Is that a good way to go? I am not going to keep them as they are just too big for our place so if I can just solder on a new capacitor from a Crites repair kit that would be fine with me but that seems too simple to be true. I am no technician so I guess I need a repair guy in Houston - anyone no of a good shop? Any advice will be greatly appreciated!
  17. http://www.kijiji.ca/v-haut-parleurs/ville-de-montreal/haut-parleurs-klipsch-surround-prix-discutable-150w-chacun/1176131027 I went to see these, picked up his KLF C7 center and KSW15 sub. The KLF30s are in great shape but need motorboard regluing. He was not aware of the problem. The KSP-6 are also in mint condition. He will probably post the KLF 30s soon but he is asking $750 Canadian for them.. Damn too late for me I got my KLF20s in winter and the wife will put me in the doghouse if I get the 30s... He also has Denon 5800 He wants like $600 canadian for it.
  18. One K-31-K Woofer for sale. Used but in great working condition. These woofers are very rare and hard to find since they are not longer in production. Made for the Klispch KLF-30 Speakers Asking $90 + Shipping to the US only. Paypal only, I'll cover the fees. Please let me know if you need some more info or pictures. Thanks!
  19. Need a single K-52 driver and horn for KLF-30 rebuild. Came across a set of 30's for the right price so I decided to attempt a ground up re- design in an attempt to finally squeeze from this speaker the bass it SHOULD be producing. Although I currently own a pair of KLF 20's and a pair of KLF 30's (love these monsters) I would rather not pull a driver from either for this rebuild. Planning to reinforce cabinet to the tune of 1.5" mdf with all the proper dampening, insulation, bracing, etc. Cabinet re-tune, correct those useless ports, and in all likelihood will try a non-crites crossover custom built by Norman Cerveny Pro Audio. Will refinish the outer cabinet as well. Anyway one of these new old 30's as purchased contained a Selenium mid driver attached to a cracked horn. Certainly not complaining with regards to the Selenium squawker but I have a set of Ti's I would like use. Will trade the Selenium if necessary. Although a KLF 30 rebuild is fairly standard these days I am fairly anxious haven't done one in years.
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