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Found 17 results

  1. I have 2 available. Excellent condition. Located in the Western suburbs of Chicago 60511. Make me an offer. (There are some listen on the bay for $29.95 + $4.65 shipping each.... which is ridiculous!)
  2. Bonjour, je vous remercie d'abord de m'avoir accepté dans votre groupe. comme vous pouvez le deviner je suis situé en France. J'ai 46 ans, travaille de le composite, je suis passionné da la marque "copper & black" Je possède une paire de Klipsch RF82 MK1 Klipsch RF7 MK1 Et récemment une paire de Klipsch KLF30. ces dernières sont pour moi difficile à régler (en comparaison avec mes RF7...) Mon système est alimenté par un pré Ampli Ymaha Mx a5000 et son bloc ed puissance rxa 5000, DAC/stramer Yamha WXC50 (deezer). Alors, je cherche à améliorer au mieux mes klf30, j'ai vu beaucoupe d'informations et je souhiate demarrer par le changement du systeme crossover. Mon objectif avoir des Graves tendus et précis... Je serai honnoré et heureux de lire toutes vos suggestions pour améliorer les KLF30... Pointe de découplage ? Amplificateur à tubes ? Renforcer la caisse (même si je neressant de vibrations anormales) mais mon mur lui il vibre beaucoup... Merci de vos retours et conseilles Raphael FRANCE
  3. Zachk0

    KLF 30

    My klf 30s with KSW15 And carver A-500x and carver preamp
  4. I wanted to document my upgrade process for those of you who wanted to take the tinkering/budget approach to installing the B&C DE 10 driver into your KLF20/30 etc. speakers. Feel free to ask any questions. I purchased these drop in fit drivers for $36 plus tax on ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/2-Paudio-PHT-409-Horn-Tweeter-Supertweeter-Klipsch-replace-K-79-K-75-K-76-K-84/372632527011?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649 And the B&C Drivers: https://www.parts-express.com/bc-de10-8-1-mylar-horn-compression-driver-8-ohm-2-bolt--294-600 Then, I disassembled them as you will only use the horn parts. Remove the disc and cut out, dremel, sand, etc. these center phase plugs according to the pictures. The B&C Drivers already have a phase plug inside the housing. That concludes the modification of the lens assembly.
  5. I traded for these KLF30's (That was a nightmare, but that's a different story!) The cabinets were pretty scratched, with multiple blemishes on both cabinets and they had water damage at the bottom. I pulled all of the drivers and got to work. Patched, sanded and refinished. I fabricated custom risers for the bottom. I was going to pull the bottom panels, but the inside seals were still decent, so I chose to beef up the cabinet and build a base that wouldn't look too odd. Enjoy the pictures. Original speakers: Sanding: Added front to back Bracing: Stain: Beefing up the bottoms: The final Product!
  6. It’s been about a month since I picked up the 20s so far I got to say they are amazing they keep up with the 30s no problem and my Carver A-500x Powers both of them here’s the setup KLF-30 KLF-20 KSW-15 CARVER A-500x CARVER CT-25.1
  7. I’m looking for any old legend series ads posters promotional photos if you have any please comment them thanks !!!
  8. I am new to the forums so I thought I’d share my set up Klipsch KLF 30 Klipsch KSW 15 Carver A-500X Carver CT-25.1 If you have any questions About the set up or tips let me know from Ontario 🇨🇦🇨🇦
  9. Can anybody tell me anything about this like the weeks it was made or year thanks
  10. For sale is KLF 30 woofers they’re in excellent condition I have 4 pairs (8)
  11. Hello I am new to the Klipsch community in the late 90s my father bought a pair of KLF 30s and a KSW 15 sub with carver amp preamp/tuner In 2010 he passed away in the system sat until a few months ago when I decided I should probably hook it up again since it had been sitting on hocked all this time what do you guys think of my setup how can I improve it I’m an audio noob
  12. Hi all! This is my first post to Klipsch Forum, so Hello everybody! I will be selling a pair of KLF-30s with C-7 and I'm looking for input into shipping options, cost, and insurance... Would you guys palletize and send Freight? Try something like uShip where the shippers bid the load? Or FedEx/Ups? I do not have the original boxes (omg, I wish I did). How would you pack them to insure no damage? I appreciate any input. These are great speakers and I just want to be sure any potential buyers can enjoy them without headaches.
  13. Yesterday I installed my a55g mid drivers into klf-30's and am giving them there run in. First impression was a noticeable difference in the lower end of the sqwalker and over all smoothness. After ~10 hours I have started to notice on lesser quality recordings are showing themselves. So far I am very pleased with the new drivers. Now if I can hold off with putting the Ciare drivers in for another few days.
  14. For better or worse what woofers would be proper replacements without and with network mods. For the 30's likely top notch woofers even if need updated crossovers. Any suggestions. Looked around never found a definite choice on this forum nor elsewhere for the 3. Anybody try swapping all 4 of and klf pair out for anything? thx E EDIT,ps My woofers are fine but want to try other woofers. yeah why, because there are better woofers these days?
  15. I have my complete Klipsch Legendary System for sale, Included in the sale are the following speakers (2) each KLF30'S with gold crossovers cherry wood good condition (2) each KLF 10'S in ebony (1) each KSW-12 (2) each RP 140SA (1) SC1 Center Channel All speakers are in excellent condition and work perfectly, never abused and are acoustically perfect, I however will not ship they are to heavy and would not do the speaker any justice. I have owned these speakers since new, you ask why I am selling these, my wife that's right says they are to big and ugly so I just purchased a new wireless system. I if you are interested in pictures please message me and I will send them from my phone. Cost as a complete set $2500.00 will not separate nor ship, the 30 are heavy,
  16. Located Southeast of Phx, AZ Klipsch KLF-30 pair, plus Klipsch C-7 Center channel combine to make an incredibly powerful High Fidelity Home Theater or Home Stereo setup. These speakers sound Amazing! This set is used, in Moderate condition. There are some cat scratches on the left side of one KLF-30 cabinet, and some minor surface scratching on top of other KLF-30 cabinet. Center is in Great condition. Also included is a brand new set of Factory Klipch KLF-30 grills, never installed, never removed from factory bubble wrap. I hate to sell these, but I must due to downsizing and moving for work. Listed for $1,300 OBO, very motivated seller. Make a reasonable offer Buyer is responsible for shipping Cost and Arrangements. I also have a pair of Heresy I, Parasound HCA-2205a, Parasound PHP-850, Yamaha RX-v995, and Monster Cable HTS-5000, MIT Terminator 2, and Synergistic Research AC Coupler available if interested.
  17. How much would a pair of KLF 30 (black) and a pair of KLF 20 (oak) in Excellent condition go for in New York area? Currently I do not see any on eBay so I'm not sure what people are asking?
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