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  1. I've finally reassembled a pair of Klipsch KP-301s I've had in disassembled form for too long. I bought them three years ago from a musician who had used them in his travelling rock band for years. When I got them, they were beat up on the outside, grilles frayed, but whole. Upon more detailed examination, I found neither tweeter worked and one of the woofers had been replaced by an 8-ohm JBL 2226H. I pulled them apart, sanded all of the crackle finish off of the cabinets, repaired all dings and scars, primed, and repainted with semi-gloss black. It came out pretty well, but these will never be anywhere near mirror-finish. But now they're quite presentable. Internally I used a good deal of 1" square wood molding to brace the cabinets, both along the length of all panels and braced across panels to eliminate resonance. As an experiment and practice on how to brace cabinets this was a great exercise. Given how thick these cabinet walls are from the factory I'm sure the bracing will result in a rock solid box. Dead tweeters got new Crites Titanium tweeter diaphragms, and the crossover got Dayton 1% caps for mid and tweeter, new electrolytics for the woofer, and Mills resistors. The rest was kept stock. I filled the stock port holes with 6" tubes from Parts-Express. Using an online tube and frequency calculator I found this would lower the resonant frequency of the cabinet and add more oomph below 50 Hz. I just put these back together yesterday and ran a short demo on my restored Fisher 500C. My first impression was extremely positive. These are very lively and dynamic, which is no surprise. The Fisher is an ideal pairing and the efficient KPs really let it shine. The bass is accurate, full, and can extend low. I was expecting more with the port tubes but these do not bellow out of the box like me Series 1 CF-4s. I used the tone controls on the Fisher to lower the treble to 11 O'clock (leaving bass where it is) and this helped. With the right song (I tried Muse Madness) these are lower and hit hard. What really surprised me was how well these image - I had the speakers 1' off the wall, slightly toed in, about 10' from one another and 7' from me. These worked like monitors! Overall I am very satisfied. And while I planned to re-cover the grilles with new cloth, my wife told me she likes the industrial look. So maybe they'll stay open. I also planned on playing with these for a while before selling/trading them on but now that I've heard them that may be difficult. At the least, they will go into my main system while I do a careful restoration of my Klipsch CF-4s.
  2. Hi guys..just signed up...total newbie to the forum. May not be posting this in right place? Newbie to forum...but i do own a set of Cornwall 1 with Fastlane wood horn upgrade to mid, and rebuilt crossovers - plus a set of SpeakerLab K-Horn clones with rebuilt xovers. Have had Cwall 3 in the past. Im in Alberta,. Canada...and have a chance to trade some gear for a set of La Scala that I believe to be what I know as "industrial" models...havent seen them yet, no photos. These apparently are 2 piece, but not sure if top piece is a rectangular box or wedge shape? Dont know what finish, but definately have metal edging. I am assuming has all original drivers, but will need to verify. Present owner has modded the bottom of base cabinet to open into an additional box for more bass, but says he has the original wooden base pieces to return to stock. Am trying to get a grip on what value? Up here a set of home model La Scala seem to be going for $1500 - 2500 depends on how old and what finish. I missed a nice set for $1200 that had ALK crossovers and I think Bob Crites tweeter upgrade. Poor weenie Canadian dollars...so take off 1/3 for US perspective. I know very little about the Industrial line, like is that even what people call them? Good info would be helpful and interesting. I understand the woofer is a different model (K43?)- with higher power handling, but perhaps with not quite as good a hi fi sound as the home models? It would help me to know what they are worth. And how easy would be to sell? I get the feeling that home models would be easier to sell and worth more? I keep talking sell...as not sure have a space to use them...maybe, maybe not. Have same issue with my SpeakerLab K-Horns...not using them as no space right now. So resale is something i need to know. My limited understanding is that....the 2 piece are worth more than a 1 piece (and easier to move), and the wedge top is worth more than the rectangular top, and the metal trim is worth more than no metal, and that there is some model with a fiberglass or pebble type finish (not regular paint) which is worth the most (when combined with metal edges?) Help please!!
  3. Hello Everyone, An opportunity has presented itself and I'm going to take it. In order to fulfill my commitments however I need to generate some capital. My wife is a vet and we have been asked if we'd like to buy-in to a successful Vet Clinic with her colleagues. It pains me to post these up as i love them very much. I'll go into a bit of detail on how i collected and put the system together. My journey first started with a diy project utilizing a pair of 15" Radian 5215Be's coaxial drivers I purchased from Frank Fazzalari (Radian Dealer) from Coherent Audio. I put the drivers into some cabinets made by Bentwood (photo link below). I was happy with the outcome for awhile and it was my first time hearing 2 channel audio with the beryllium diaphragms. A few months pass and i see an ebay post for a single K-402 horn located in Florida. I wasn't able to get a pair as some other members on the forums snipe them first The single K-402 had an 5-6" crack on the top, I have not found an acoustical differences due to this crack. I will post additional photos when i get home tonight with up close HQ pics. The K-402 arrived on a pallet from Florida so my search began for another single. As you can imagine it is difficult to locate these, let alone by themselves for sale as a single. I was able to find one through Rescue Audio here in St. Louis and it was in perfect condition. While i was there i also purchase the KPT-904 LF cabinets that were also in great condition. So, at this point i had the horns and LF sorted. I wanted to incorporate the beryllium diaphragms with the K-402 horns as I've heard rave reviews from people on the forums. I contacted Trax Audio (Radian Dealer) in Utah about my plan to purchase a Radian 2" 760 PB and switch the diaphragms with the Radian 5215Be's. This would allow me to create a Radian 760BePB for the K-402's. I brought all the drivers to Bill Elrod at Winston Electronics in St. Louis, MO to switch the diaphragms for me, which he did a great job. I have 2 separate ways to handle the crossover. I have an active crossover, the Electro Voice DC-One which does a great job and is a 2 in 6 out active. I also purchased a Marchand XM44 crossover, which i prefer because i purchased a very nice external dac. The Marchand has balance and single ended connections and it can be configured up to a 4-way crossover by purchasing additional input boards from Marchand. They are currently crossed at 60hz and 600hz @ 48db slopes. I had Marchand install upgraded Burson V6 OP amps into the high frequency section as well. Both options can be customized to fit your needs for crossover. When i incorporated the Marchand XM44 into the system i utilized my pc for EQ. Obviously the Electro Voice DC-One can handle everything in one unit. I will separate these from the KPT-942's w/ Be diaphragms as I know people may want to go one way or the other. I also have amplifiers for sale. I have a Pass Labs Aleph 5 for the high frequencies and a Crown XLS 2500 for the low frequencies. They are both in great condition. An Inuke 6000 DSP is available, hand this connected to my subwoofers. These will be listed separate as well. That's the journey, I hope the story didn't get to convoluted and I'm happy to talk to anyone who is interested on the phone to answer any questions. I will deliver up to 100 miles from St. Charles, MO 63366 for free. Any further and I'll have to come up with a delivery charge to cover gas (Midwest delivery). Local pickup is fine. p.s. I have the original drivers that came on the 402s as well, I'll throw them in for free. I will not separate the 942 combo. Klipsch KPT-942 w/ Radian 760BePB Beryllium compression drivers: $3500.00 $3,100.00 KP-904 LF Section: $300.00 Marchand XM44-4AA Crossover: $2,100.00 Electro Voice DC-One Crossover: $350.00 Pass Labs Aleph 5 Amplifier: $1,500.00 Crown XLS 2500 Amplifier: $250.00 Inuke 6000 DSP Amplifier: $290.00 Bentwood Angel 15" corner cabinets: $1500.00 $1,200.00 Photo/Vid Links: KPT-942 Video KPT-942 Photos Bentwood Radian setup
  4. Hello, I have a Pair of KP-3002's I'll separate from for 400.00 . All components in great working order. They have a little surface rust from the garage storage but no unreasonable damage. Local Pick up Preferred ...... possible shipment available for a fee. Fort Worth area pickup ( I have Pics but they are larger than 2mb) Email for pics if interested. Thanks derronmiller@gmail.com
  5. Hi! Just looking for some info... I ran into a sound company back in the 90s that I remember having a set of large format sound reinforcement speakers made by Klipsch. I believe it was three boxes per side and built to move as a stack (about 6ft). I've since looked for info about these boxes online and Ive come up with nothing. Has Klipsch ever made a large 3 section box for concert style audio?
  6. I did a full MCACC Pro calibration after properly placing all speakers (5.1 setup), the Pioneer AV receiver detected surround sound speakers (RP-250S) as a large tower speaker ! Should I keep the setting for these surround speakers Large as calibrated or change it to Small manually? I know the RP-250S is strong and has deep bass. Need your opinions
  7. Good morning forum, I purchased the Pro 4800-W to free up my Forte's from HT duty so that they could be relocated for 2CH listening. I was able to purchase a few pairs for $99 a pair on sale so I figured at this price if I didn't enjoy them I would not lose to much. I am in the process of remodeling parts of my home so that it can be used for men's ministry and didn't want to install anything to expensive since my family won't be living here with the men. My impressions so far are beyond my expectations. I watched I-Robot with my wife last night and really enjoyed the experience. It really helps having the same LCR speakers across the front.
  8. Anyone using Klipsch Professional speakers in their HT setup? A buddy has a pair of wedge-shaped stage monitors and I'm tempted to use them as rear surrounds. How well voiced would they be for HT, and how do you connect from a home theater AVR to what appears to be locking 1/4" jacks?
  9. http://www.ebay.com/itm/322028864875 In the case that anyone is looking for these, they make really good in home theater speakers. A three way design and fairly sensitive. I just bought one to round out my basement theater room. Thought I would pass it on as $59 is a pretty good deal for these. Seller still has nine left....No affiliation. Tim
  10. Hi guys, is there a way to hook up a "speakon" only Klipsch monitor to a regular home SS amplifier? There are a ton of cool Klipsch speakers that I would like to try out that only offer a speakon hook up and I have no idea on how to hook them up. Is there some kind of adapter or something? Maybe a speakon bare wire or something? Thanks for your help Tim
  11. Hi Forum, Looking for a pair of Failtal Pro HF200 drivers and would also possibly be interested in HF14AT drivers in place of the HF200's. Do these sound as good as the spec's make them out to be? They look like they would kick some butt in a 2 way system. Please let me know if you have any laying around that you would like to let go Thanks, Electricpisa
  12. Hi there, I'am looking for 15" radiators for my KP 4000. For now I'am using 15" burned ciol speakers and cut the magnet from the basket. It works but I'am not so happy with it. Is there someone ho can help me with a manufacturer who can deliver 15" rubber surround radiators, or perhapes an other solution for me has. Kind regards Arjan
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