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  1. I already have a few klipsch in my life but I wanted something that would be a bit louder since I play these in a split indoor/outdoors environment. It could possibly be a downgrade from my RP-7000f’s but I just didn’t want to go through the process of replacing the horn diaphragms in them again. I have a few amps and just was wondering what the best one would be to use with these monsters? Vector Research VRX-9100 Pioneer VSX-LX503 Denon AVR-S540BT
  2. Selling my trusty RF-7 (pair) and RC-7 in Cherry. These are the last of my home theater Klipsch setup. I've gone through many different speakers (from Heritage, RF62, RF83, to Ultra2 THX and then to these) and RF-7/RC-7 were the ones I've kept long term. They sound amazing and are in great shape for the age. There are a few minor scuffs here and there, but nothing big. All grills are in original condition, no broken pegs or holes, speaker cones are not dented. The best sounding speakers I've had, work great at any volume and are a pure joy to listen to. EXTRA - a spare 10" RF-7 woofer. I bought it and kept a spare just in case one ever got damaged. That never happened, so it's been sitting in the original shipping box all this time. I think I also have some of the original paperwork/brochures for these, but not 100% certain I can find them. EXTRA - speaker cables with banana plugs EXTRA - Monster cable SUB cables (thick, but soft) SOLD
  3. Hi all. I too have a pair of used RF-7 speakers whose crossovers were modified at my request by DeanG. I am the third owner and am convinced on the newer, fresher highs these speakers now produce. However, I bought them before I realized I had to move sooner than later to much smaller confines. So, if anyone is interested or has never owned the sound of the RF-7 line, now is your chance to behold their power. I hope the pics on my CL ad do them justice as they are on a wheeled platform in storage with no access to A/C power. The feet had been removed for climate controlled storage, but I still have them. The cabinets are cherry wood veneer design and do have some imperfections for their age. I am asking $895 as I am already losing $ on investing on the modifications. But I am definitely open to negotiation since I can offer no demo for where they're located. These are located less than 30 miles east of Dallas, Texas. For some reason I can't get the CL link to paste here. Do search dallas.craigslist.org and type in Pair of Klipsch RF-7 Speakers Thanks for your interest.
  4. Hey all - Just had a newborn and considering going to in-walls to free up some space in the room and hopefully have some money left over from the sale. Would hate to see this stuff go, but we don't get to use the media room much, right now.Considering selling my Klipsch system. Purchased in 2014 and in great condition. Never over, or under, driven. Originally powered by a Denon x2200w then Denon x4300h and now an Outlaw 7125 amp.Available (a la carte):2 x RF-7 II - $750 each1 x RC‑64 II - $5502 x RS‑62 II - $250 each2 x RS-41 II - $100 eachAll together = $2600 ($150 off)Only have original boxes for the RS-41’s, so can’t ship the RF-7s or the center. Located outside of Wash. DC (Leesburg, VA - 20175).Attached are a few pictures of the speakers in our room. Also listed on AVSForum: http://www.avsforum.com/forum/209-audio-gear/2931458-testing-waters-klipsch-reference-7-0-setup-rf-7-ii-rc-64-ii-rs-62-ii-rs-41ii.html#post55081452
  5. Hello, interested in buying RF-7 I's. Located in Las Vegas area. Cheers!
  6. I'm using a H360 with Klipsch and I think it sounds amazing. Just what other people's opinions too Aleksander
  7. I recently hit the jackpot on craigslist and scored a complete system for just $299. The insane part is when you hear what the main speakers are. Mains: RF-7 Center: RC-3 Sub: KSW-12 Surrounds: RS-3. Receiver: Yamaha RX-V2400 EVERYTHING TOGETHER for only $299!!!!! And they're in good shape. He just wanted them out of there. Or his wife did. I already sold the sub and the receiver so I'm almost down to $0 for the RF-7s!!!!!!!!!!! Now, to see if I can upgrade the crossovers on the RF-7's. I tried to call Dean using the number and email listed on his facebook page but the number didn't work so I shot him an email and message but haven't heard back yet. Is he still doing crossovers? Or are there details and instructions somewhere so I can buy the parts and do it myself? Thanks!
  8. Looking for a pair of rs 62ii and rc 64ii to complete my set up any for sale out there
  9. This looks like a great Reference package for $1200. RF-7, RC-7 and RS-7. No affil. https://akroncanton.craigslist.org/ele/d/klipsch/6270902796.html
  10. I just got done making some homemade coupling/decoupling pads for my new Klipsch RF-7ii's. As I have slightly uneven and hollow tile floors over concrete (which has caused sonic issues with all of my floorstanders in the past), this is an upgrade I have been very curious about trying. To start, I cut 1.5" thick granite plinths, then fitted natural cork feet and a thick layer of blue-tack to decouple the granite and from the floor. I then built new bases for the speakers out of 3/4" MDF, adding coupling spikes to all four corners. My goal was not to isolate the speakers from the floor, but to strike a balance between coupling and decoupling, reducing or eliminating unwanted reverberations from the floor, while providing enough cabinet stability to reduce extraneous cabinet movement. I tried to be as objective as possible (while still being completely lazy), so I did some before / during / after listening to a handful of tracks that I use for reference listening. No mics / spectrometers used, only my ears. Upon first impression: improved mid range definition and tightness in the bass. When listening with only one speaker stand done, I noticed that the imaging pulled toward that speaker (without calling attention to the speaker itself). To be sure, I adjusted the MLP to account for the increased height of the stands, and noticed no difference in the sound. Especially at loud (over reference) volumes, I have noticed that certain tracks that we're previously harsh in my (very lively) room are much more tolerable, even for extended listening periods. Overall, I am quite pleased with the results so far! Pictures attached for anyone interested.
  11. Hello All, Wanted to see if anybody is currently running this setup. I just purchased a pair of RF-7's which I love. However, they are cherry and it would appear that finding a cherry RC-7 may be a challenge. Also have been chewing on the idea of buying a cherry RC-64II, but wanted to get some opinions on here first. Yes - I am aware that your front 3 should always match. I do also know, though, that sometimes a later generation of a speaker is not all that different than its predecessor. - Any opinions on what the RF-7's and RC-64 II sound like together? - Does anyone happen to know if the cherry veneer on the RC-64 II matches the veneer on the RF-7's? Hard to tell in photos whether there is a considerable difference in color. Any insight would be appreciated, thanks!
  12. Downsizing forces me to clean out the audio closet. This is one of many unrealized projects. My home theater consists of 4 rf-7's and an rc-7. A long time ago I came across a new rf-7 that was damaged in home delivery and the business trashed the cabinet and saved the parts. I bought these and have never used them. I was told all parts were new, but I suspect one of the woofers was used to replace someones less than perfect driver because 1 of the pair I received has a small dimple in the dust cone. Otherwise everything else is in excellent shape. I do not want to separate this set right now. I'm looking for $350 shipped in the CONUS. Let me know if you have any questions and i'll do my best to answer them. Thanks for looking.
  13. I'm about to move to another house but will be required to store my RF-7's for 3-6 months. Does anyone have some original boxes they wouldn't mind parting with? Otherwise I guess I'll be wrapping them in blankets and hoping for the best. I'm in Huntsville, Al and would be willing to pay for shipping and maybe a reasonable fee for the boxes. Thanks, Wayne Wilburn wilbucd@yahoo.com
  14. I have owned these since new, a pair of cherry finish RF-7 speakers. They have never been abused or mishandled and have all original drivers and crossover components. I never felt the need to make modifications. There are no scratches on the finish nor are there any dings in the drivers. The grills are like new and all pins are intact. I have the original boxes and they are also in like new condition. I will not be considering shipping these as the likely hood of damage would be too great but you can see and hear them on the southwest side of St. Louis near zip code 63049 for serious buyers. Sale is Pending 3/27/2017 - and they are SOLD
  15. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Klipsch-RF-7-Main-Stereo-Speakers-2-pair-with-rc-62II-center-/192056190233?hash=item2cb770e519:g:8p0AAOSwOtdYVZGO Looks like a great deal for someone local to Hugo, MN. No affiliation. Good luck Tim
  16. http://www.ebay.com/itm/KLIPSCH-RF7-TOWR-SPEAKERS-PAIR-/201676675232?hash=item2ef4ddd8a0:g:3jEAAOSwzaJX6HKm This pair look really nice. Pick up only in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Anyone close $625 seems like an amazing deal! No affiliation!
  17. No affiliation... Edit: Price reduced from $800 to $600. https://dallas.craigslist.org/ftw/ele/5740909753.html
  18. Testing Waters: Klipsch Ref. Surround + Dual HSU subs - SF Bay Area Hello all, My wife and I are moving cross country and the cost to move and protect our system is unfortunately pretty insane. Looking to see if anyone is interested in the setup before we pay to move it. Klipsch RF-7ii x 2 - black Klipsch RC-64ii - black Klipsch RS-62ii x 2 - black HSU VTF-3 MK5 x 2 (< 7 months old - purchased in January) All speakers are in good to excellent condition. Original owner of everything. Non-smoking home. Never overdriven, etc. Would be looking for local pickup only; with our move and getting the house ready I don't have time to pack the speakers, too. Original packaging not included; never had a place to store big empty boxes. Looking for $3800 for everything. Located in Morgan Hill, CA, but could travel to San Jose/Mountain View/Sunnyvale if necessary.
  19. There's a pair of Classic RF-7 speakers for sale in my area, with factory-upgraded crossovers. I'm interested but not finding much info on them. Can anyone tell me: - How do Classic RF-7's compare with RF-7II's sonically? - Are Classic RF-7's better for 2-channel music or 5.1 home theater? What types of music or movies are they best suited for? (my AVR is a Yamaha A-3000, my 2-channel amps are Odyssey Stratos Monos) - When would you choose La Scala's over Classic RF-7's or RF-7II's? Thanks in advance for enabling my latest obsession...
  20. I've been rocking my old Bose and Kenwood for 15 years now and decided it was time for a much needed upgrade. I have a finished basement, carpeted, and the main area measures app. 26'x17' with 9' ceilings. About a month ago I ordered- Denon 4200 RF-7 Black Epson 5030ub Silver Ticket 135" fixed screen DVDO HD wireless transmitter Right after I got the AVR and RF-7's I immediately broke them open and hooked them up in the middle of the floor. I must have looked like it was Christmas morning! So long and short, I loved the speakers and now HAD to have a good center. I ordered the RC-64 II and , again, once I got it hooked her right up. Wow! Now I had my RF-7's and the RC-64 running. Sounds awesome! But now I need some bass and rears. Again, my old Bose just couldn't dream of keeping up. Earlier this week I ordered RF-7 for the rear 2 R-155SW and WA-wireless for back sub. XPA-5 amplifier Now I'm in deep. I have lots of questions (can I borrow some money, it seems I've developed a hole in my pocket) I want to use the rear RF-7's for surround for movies but would like to use it as a second set of fronts (I used to use a and b channel back in the day) when listening to music. My thoughts were to use the XPA 5 to drive both sets of RF-7's (fronts and rears) and the RC-64. Plug both subs into AVR. Is this the best way to do it? Now my AVR will have un used power. Is bi-amping the fronts and rears viable? Worth it? What is the best wire to use and are banana plugs the optimum connection for speakers? It seems my AVR has has 2 RCA pre amp outputs and the XPA 5 has either a single unbalanced RCA and a single balanced cable connection. What is the right way for me to connect the Denon 4200 to the XPA5? I think I should hide my wallet after cocktail hour from now on! Any help would be tremendously appreciated as I think I jumped before I looked. Thoughts and feedback about my selections would be highly appreciated as well. Im hoping I did well for myself, especially considering the financial commitment. Thanks
  21. I've never had any real AV other then stuff from Best Buy. I decided to start building a system and just ordered RF-7's and a Denon4200. I guess my question is did I get the proper receiver for the speakers? with the sensitivity of the speakers I'm thinking I don't need tons of power to make them sound good, if not great. As I said, I'm a novice, and would like to know if this is a good receiver for my needs now and to build on in the future. Usually going to be 70% music. Any thoughts or expertise would be very much appreciated. (I can't wait to get these beasts!)
  22. ***SOLD*** I am selling my beloved pair of cherry Klipsch RB-75s. They are in very good condition and sound amazing (of course). The woofers have no dents or scratches and the magnetic screens are in great shape. The only real flaw is that one of them has a small dent on the back, top right hand corner due to moving (...I was pissed). But I have tried to take a very close picture of that to show it. Here is an imgur link with some quick picks before I boxed them up about 2 weeks ago. Oh yea I have the original Klipsch boxes too. http://imgur.com/a/n2CEZ CL post for RB-75s http://phoenix.craigslist.org/nph/ele/5379499052.html !!UPDATED!!: Special Klipsch forum price: $600 -- SOLD I am also selling a pair of black RF-82s. These are in great shape too. Screens are all intact and no real damage to speak of. I'm guessing these were B stock originally though because near the back bottom on one you can see some non-uniform coloring in the paint. Not like it matters but just mentioning it to be as honest as I can be. -- SOLD SOLD -- CL post for RF-82s -- SOLD http://phoenix.craigslist.org/nph/ele/5281143005.html I'm not super interested in shipping these but I suppose if the buyer wants to pay for it and is interested enough I could do it.
  23. From the album: 3.1

    RF-7's, RC-7, UMC-1, XPA-3, SUNFIRE TRUE BOB CARVER SIGNATURE 12" SUB, FURMAN 20PFI, PS3, WII, CUSTOM MADE ET CENTER, ALL CUSTOM CABLES. this is my new 3.1 set up. i moved into this new "open floor plan" home and have no way of adding any surrounds. sure, i could place one in non-optimum positions, but that won't mean i'll get a turn "surround" sound. i'll get 5-7 speakers that make noise! before the comments roll in, yes, there is a plan to "upgrade" the 42" TV to something nicer. it's been 6 months, so isn't it time to upgrade your tv? lmao! i had this TV when i moved into a very small duplex and 42" was (literally) the biggest TV that would fit. any bigger, the front door would smack the edge. i'm thinking of 60"+. i have pics on here with a smaller living room wall (7.1 set up) and a 50" TV, and that even looks a little small.
  24. Hello fellow K-heads! i've had a complete 7.1 setup (RF-7/Emotiva) , dual amps, total blow your hair back set up.... i had to move and box it up for several years.... i've recently started back over but i can only do a 3.1. it's set up, tuned in, and still sounds good when i run the THX demo. here's my thoughts...i'm thinking of putting the entire 7 series away. i already have 1 amp, and 4 RS-42's boxed up. i doubt i can sell my set up due to all the mods. my mods don't come with a "name brand" just me, my word, and the caps i chose (which differ from the norm). i'm thinking of going with a G42 because it's very clean and i can mount it below my future 75" TV. i would leave my entertainment system alone, because i would still use my UMC-1 with XPA-3. i know, the XPA is a little overkill, but it's what i have. this way i can still use my Sunfire Sub and not need to do any additional cabling. my concern... the G42 will sound so much worse than the 7 series. i've never heard one but i know it can't compete with any reference speaker. i was also thinking of 3 G-28's, but they are $350 each. just a bit much for what you get. i know that series is about performance with a certain look (which i like), but i don't want to run all the wires in the walls. (i know, silly reason). so what does everyone think? is this just a dumb idea? will i regret the switch? oh, the G42 doesn't come cheap. it's $550 new from an authorized dealer. (Sound Distributors) posting a pic of the 3.1. it's not "finished" but it gets the point across. the 42" looks super small, and No, i wouldn't normally set a TV on a RC-7, but i really have no choice. the speaker wire is just Mil Spec 12awg twisted pair. i had it laying around i knew it would "work".
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