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  1. I just purchased a new Apple TV 4K and have it plugged in to HDMI 1 on the HD Wireless hub. While 4K connectivity works, I'm not able to pass an HDR signal through the hub to the TV. If I plug my Apple TV directly in to my LG TV it works fine. I did a little digging, and from what I'm seeing HDR requires HDMI 2.0a, but the specs on the RP-HUB1 only show it supporting HDMI 2.0. Am I missing anything, or is it true the hub will not pass through HDR content? Has anybody else run into this? If so, it seems like quite a limitation. Perhaps something that will be addressed in a firmware update?
  2. Hi Klipsch community, I recently purchased RSB-14 sound bar, with 2 RW-1 Wireless speakers. To set up a surround system with the bar and the RW-1 speakers, you need in first place to work on some FW updates (http://assets.klipsch.com/files/Stream-Surround-Update-TechBulletin-v06.pdf) For the RSB-14, no issue at all, you can download the binary file and use the USB interface on the bar. Worked like a charm. However, for the RW-1 speaker you have to download the “Klipsch RW-1 Utility Stream" Update app for android or apple. And follow the steps... here start the issues. => The update application never find my speakers, and it stuck on the screen "Searching for device", this may take few minutes ;-D .. I let the app running for 1 hour, still did not find my speakers.. I followed every steps very carefully: wifi set up & speaker in update mode. I've also double checked my network config: - Both speakers are seen by my network ( I can access it with their IP address on a web browser). - I've tried DHCP IP address and then put a static IP address.. same issue - I've tried with the speaker wired on my network: same - I've tried a factory reset on the speaker and start the process again. same issue For info, the speaker in stand alone works fine on my network with the klipsch play-fi application.. I also tried to put both of it on stereo mode, and it worked great.. so my router and network set up seems to work OK.. If anyone already experienced the same issue and found how to resolve it, many thanks for sharing ! Cheers,
  3. Hi all, First of all, I apologize for my English, it is not my native language. Nonetheless, I just bought a powergate with 2 RW1 and a Jamo810 sub in order to make a 2.1 wireless setup. I tried to play with it, everything is running smoothly for the wifi setup, music is being played stereo ... BUT I can't manage to find a way to stream from my powergate to the RW1s without the phone. To clarify, the workflow I'd like to implement is the following : [AUX | PHONO | BT ... ] --> Powergate --> RW1 And so far, this is not working, I need to control all this with my phone and setup a 'line in' zone on the powergate. I wanted to know if I understood properly and this is indeed not possible, or if I am missing something. Thanks a lot in advance Frankois
  4. When can we expect an update so we can use Alexa built in? I see Sonos already released an update and Yamaha said early October. Any news guys? Thanks all, Scott
  5. I am unable to update my brand new RSB-8 to the latest firmware (v2.4.9) - I contacted Klipsch technical support to no avail - told me to turn off the update notification in the play-fi app. I have exhausted all options that I can think of, including trying different USB drives (2.0,3.0) all freshly formatted on Windows 10 w/fat32. to no avail. I've followed the pdf instructions each time, reset the RSB-8 to factory settings and started all over again. As a result the sound bar will not pair with the 2 RW-1's I purchased to go with it. I would appreciate any ideas. Thanks, -Steve
  6. Hello everyone. After a reshuffle of furniture, I reconnected and booted up my Klipsch Premiere Wireless system again. I have a setup existing of 4 shelf speakers, standing next to my TV and behind my couch, and one subwoofer. Currently, the speakers behind me only produce sound when set to SIDE. However, from a position perspective, they are more REAR. From what I remember from my old setup, they were always set to rear and produced sound. They even "mirrored" stereo sound from music (Network stream, Spotify). My questions that I need help with: Do I lose out on sound when my speakers are set to SIDE instead of REAR? Should the speakers behind me, be set to SIDE or REAR in a 4.1 setup? How do I get the speakers behind me to "mirror" stereo sound? Thank you very much! Willem
  7. Any news about this? http://www.avsforum.com/best-of-ces-klipsch-heritage-wireless-the-fifteen-2-way-15-active-speakers/
  8. Hi, I own a REFERENCE PREMIERE HD WIRELESS 7.2 SYSTEM. Once in a while i loose connection between my HD Wireless Control Center and my speakers. The only think I can do is to scan for new speakers to solve the problem. This is really annoying. I have contacted the retailer. They say I must return the system to their repair shop. But now I'm thinking is this a know issue and Is there a fix for this problem? Can it be that my and my neibhours 5ghz wifi interfer with my system? If so. Can I do something about it? To disable 5ghz is NOT an option for me and anyway are my close neighbours using 5ghz wifi as well. Regards PWJOKS
  9. Hello, does anybody know if the gate is compatible with the master quality of tidal? Or this device is like any other Sonos connect without true high quality support?
  10. Hello, I recently was finally able to acquire the stadium speaker. I LOVE IT! even more so than i thought i would. I have two questions. 1. It came with a metal stand. Its only referenced in the manual by picture, and its purpose to me is still unknown. 2. I cannot get the speaker to connect to my wireless to save my life :). I've tried the drop down and selecting my SSID / CCMP. and this doesn't work, I've even tried to configure manually with WPA2 AES and it still doesn't work? What am i doing wrong? What are some things i can try?
  11. (I want to preface this by saying that I did do a forum search and didn't find anything related to what I was looking for unfortunately. And since I'm new my apologies if this is miscategorized.) Greeting all. I'm a new(ish) Klipsch head. I bought a pair of RF-82 IIs a few months ago, and a pair of R-14Ms recently. With my room layout (walking space behind my primary viewing/listening area) I need a wireless solution for my rear speakers. I previously purchased a Rocketfish wireless rear speaker adapter (https://www.bestbuy.com/site/rocketfish-universal-wireless-rear-speaker-kit-black/8275528.p?skuId=8275528) which seemed to work okay for my old speakers, but I fear the Klipsch are too power hungry for this little setup... which brings us to my question. Should I look for a different (that is to say, stronger) wireless adapter... or would feeding the adapter into a powered stereo amp be a better option? And do you have recommendations on hardware? Thanks in advance.
  12. Hi Everyone.. is there anyone familiar with setting up the RSB-14 to use Apple Airplay. The soundbar is connected to my home wifi, and I can stream music via my Apple TV to the HDMI of the soundbar - with no problem. However, I'm not able to: 1) Stream from my iPhone's Apple music app, the Airplay icon won't show 2) Stream from my iPhone's Play-fi app choosing songs from my Apple music library - Error starting playback. Has anyone come across this? Thanks much, Goeppche
  13. I am unable to update my brand new RSB-8 to the latest firmware (v2.4.9) - I contacted Klipsch technical support to no avail - told me to turn off the update notification in the play-fi app. I have exhausted all options that I can think of, including trying different USB drives (2.0,3.0) all freshly formatted on Windows 10 w/fat32. to no avail. I've followed the pdf instructions each time, reset the RSB-8 to factory settings and started all over again. As a result the sound bar will not pair with the 2 RW-1's I purchased to go with it. I would appreciate any ideas. Thanks, -Steve
  14. We just received an excellent review on BusinessInsider.com for our Heritage Wireless "The One" speaker. People are taking notice that this thing is the real deal. This product stands far above the competition in audio quality and design. Check out the review: http://www.businessinsider.com/klipsch-the-one-bluetooth-speaker-review-2017-3
  15. Which speakers/system we can buy for outdoors, to use wireless and together with an existing RSB-8 SOUND BAR + WIRELESS SUBWOOFER connected via bluetooth to a computer?
  16. Hello all! I'm selling a few extra things I have sitting around. First off is a brand new in box pair of black RP-160M bookshelves. I got these as part of a bundle with some RF-7 II's and an RC-64 II but I already had a pair of them, so I don't really have a need. Asking $350. Can and will ship at buyer's expense. I also have a couple brand new in box WA-2 wireless subwoofer kits for use with the reference series subs. I bought a couple R-115sw's and they came with them but I prefer a wired connection. Asking $60 each, will ship at buyer's expense. Last but not least I have a pair of Cherry Polk (eww I know) RTi A9's that I ended up with as part of a trade and I really have no space for them. Plus, I'm sort of a Klipsch guy. No idea what these things are really worth, but MSRP looks to be $1500/pair. The previous owner either had them shipped or knocked them over, and unfortunately they have a couple dings in them. The worst by far is next to the middle woofer on one of the speakers, but all drivers are absolutely flawless. I have a couple pics to highlight the damage, luckily it's mostly covered by the grills. If there's any interest, I'd strongly prefer local pickup in Terre Haute, IN. Asking $600 for the pair.
  17. Quick drawing attached, don't want to stuff your pretty wireless speakers in my walls. want whole home wireless, zones, zone independent source I could put this together but I'd have to use, 3rd party speaker/mini amp/Blutooth/powerline ethernet.... so when you gonna ship this? thanks, chuck
  18. Congratulations on the new product line! I am very excited about the potential here, finally a competitor to SONOS with the sound I love. I wondered about how we can integrate out local library/NAS/iTunes music into the streaming? I understand SONOS is a more mature product but I hope Klipsch goes one step beyond, as they usually do. I wondered if there chance voice control would be added via Amazon Alexa/Google Home to control the media and zones?
  19. I've got plenty of great active speakers that I would like to connect to my sound sources wirelessly. HD Control Center (without speakers) seems like a nice solution. However, I do need a WiSA receiver and DAC for each speaker. But these are not easy to come by. Found only one: http://www.summitwireless.com/summit-pro-audio-rx.html, which is actually just an eval platform. My questions are: Will the HD Control Center work with any other WiSA receiver? What receivers are available?
  20. Got my 7.2 system set up <huuuge grin>, and am experiencing an interesting behavior of my dual R-115SW with the signal being delivered via the wireless WA-2 subwoofer kits. Every now and then, when nothing is playing, I'll hear a strange and very low "burping" (perhaps 3 or 4 short bursts of low frequency blips in rapid succession and then nothing). I'm wondering if it's because of the frequency spectrum used by the WA-2's. 2.4GHz is pretty busy in my area. I enjoy the convenience of the wireless adapters for the subs. For now, I just turn off the subs when not in use. Anyone else have this experience?
  21. I have the RB10. There is a local person that is selling his RB10 subwoofer that he isn't using. Will it mate up with my RB10 wirelessly like the one I already have.
  22. I have the Icon SB 1 Soundbar and wireless sub. I purchased new about a year and a half ago. This problem just stared about a month ago. When I turn on the sound bar, the wireless sub will "pair" with it. When it does, it makes a sound I can best describe as a small squelch. It kind of creeks and buzzes at the same time (an electric static-y sound) , for a couple seconds. Then it doesn't get louder than a whisper. I have tried using both different inputs and plugging it in to different places. Anyone have an idea of the problem?
  23. Apologies in advance if this is the wrong forum for soliciting technical assistance with a video streaming device... I bought a Roku 2 last week and I'm having a devil of a time getting it set up on my home network (Verizon Fios). Before I call Verizon and get the runaround I thought I'd try asking here since there's a decent likelihood that one of you has dealt with this exact situation. The set up: I have a wireless router installed in my home office at one end of my house. It is currently the sole router in the house and is Ethernet-connected to my PC. I have a Verizon set top box connected to the same daisy-chained Verizon coax in my home theater at the other end of my house. I have been advised by Roku owners to not even attempt to run my new Roku 2 wirelessly from my existing router since the distance is great (60+ feet) and allegedly the Roku is happier when connected via Ethernet cable. The problem: I found a spare router that Verizon told me I could keep a few years ago after they upgraded routers for their customers in my area. It is the same brand (Actiontec) and a similar model to the current one. I swapped it out in my office and my PC connected to the Internet fine via the old router so I know it works. But when I add it to my home theater in place of my set top box and then attach the Roku via Ethernet cable, the Roku is unable to access the Internet and establish my account. The solution that failed: After an afternoon's research on "Setting up multiple routers on a home network" and trying everything that was advised (including reassigning device IP addresses, disabling DHCP, resetting the entire network, etc) I'm no closer to having an Internet-connected Roku than when I started. The ultimate question: Can I use my spare router to provide my new Roku 2 with a hard-wired Internet connection or must I live with a Roku that is wirelessly-connected to a router that sits on the other end of my house?
  24. Check 'em out! Reference Premiere HD Wireless https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=430sT1V19oI R-15PM Powered Monitors https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2J82ToPHor8 Heritage-inspired products https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLUdGib2L4o New Headphones https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAD1oKAxXB4
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