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Classical Recomendations Please


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I've just recently started getting into some classical music. The RF-5s sound so amazing with it that I can't help but to want more. I ran across some Beethoven (9th) and it sounds amazing. I have heard other Beethoven that sounds very heavy, and powerful, but I have no clue what it was.

Can some one give some good recommendations of some classical that would knock my socks off, especially some of your favorite Beethoven movements. Specific recordings that I might keep an eye out for



Barista T. Bill

My Rig, Minus the new Klipsch RF-5 (Not shown)

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classical music isn't often referred to on this board (which is a shame...). Any way, Beethoven is certainly a good starting point for an investigation of this kind of music.

The piece you've heard might have been either the 5th or 3rd symphony. Of course all Beethoven is available in countless recordings. I think a very good starting point are the Karajan/Berlin Philharmonic recodings from the 1960s. Karajan has recorded all symphonies four(!) times, and the set I am referring to is his first set recorded for DG (Deutsche Gramophone). I know that many people also like his set from the '70s, but I'd go for the earlier one. Unfortunately I am in the middle of moving into my new flat, and all my CDs are already in the new place. But I think you'll easily find this set. Another option are recordings using so-called period instruments. They sound different to modern instruments and might be a good second step (my vote would go to Roger Norrington and the London Classical Players - used to be available on EMI, but is now issued under the Virgin label-I think).

Anyway, good luck with your discoveries. If you'd like to get more info on classical music just let me know.



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Piano Concertos 4 & 5 - Decca Legends #289-467-126-2

Symphonies 5 & 6 - Von Karajan - Deutsche Grammophon - #439-003-2

Symphony 3 - von Karajan - Deutsche Grammophon - #439-002-2

As for other composers:

Tchaikovsky 1812 Overture - Zubin Mehta - Teldec #4509-90201-2

Holst - The Planets - Von Jarajan - Deutsche Grammophon # 439-011-2

Pops Toppers - Boston Pops, Fielder - Living Stereo # 09026-63304-2

Stravinsky - The Firebird (complete ballet) Living Presence # 432-012-2

These are a few that I like.


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Tchaikovsky 1812 Overture - Zubin Mehta - Teldec #4509-90201-2

Holst - The Planets - Von Jarajan - Deutsche Grammophon # 439-011-2

i played those with my orchestra last year. we were told by the judges "You guys are by far the best band in this competition" (all of the top bands in Texas), then they said,"no, correction, you guys are the best band in the nation". needless to say, we came home with a few trophies Smile.gif we also played in this contest The Hounds of Spring by Alfred Reed and another... ah geez. this will drive me crazy. It was very much like The Planets mixed with some other great stuff. I love playing in the Orchestra, that is about as close to the sound as you can get, any closer is just sick Smile.gif (impossible???.....)



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I like the DG recording of LVB. And HVC is a leading man. You can't go wrong.

I find that there is much to hear in classical and the Klipsch speakers really bring it out.

I've quiped that the Beatles got successful because the tunes sounded good on a Japanese transistor radio with a half dead Ray O Vac 9 volt battery. A tribute to Lennon and McCartny.

On the other hand, I believe that LVB can't be appreciated, in full, without a darn good set up, like you have, now. He was a rock and roller.

So I'd say you should listen to the big symphonies and the overtures, like the Egmont and Coreolen (sp?). Previous posters gave good advice.

I'm gonna violate spelling codes here. Rimsky Korsikov's Sheherezade is perhaps the most beautiful piece of classical music ever written. Give that a try. Dvorak's "New World" is something you'll like.

I'm not speaking against The Beatles, or pop music. For example, now that you're set up, try Sgt Pepper.

The bottom line is that there is a lot of music out there that can't be fully appreciated without good speakers. Now that you have some, there is a lot of investigating to do.



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classical music isn't often referred to on this board (which is a shame...).

Hehehe, yea I figured it would spark the attention of a few, even though. By the looks of it, I've scored some excellent replies!


The bottom line is that there is a lot of music out there that can't be fully appreciated without good speakers. Now that you have some, there is a lot of investigating to do.

Amen. I've always wanted to get into classical more, but it never really had the "zing" to it that it does now. There is really something to be said about the way Klipsch presents a good classical piece. Next to being there, or in Justin's case playing there, you can't get much closer. Without a second mortgage that is Wink.gif.

Thank you everyone! I've got a lot to keep me busy here! I appreciate it very much!


Barista T. Bill

My Rig, Minus the new Klipsch RF-5 (Not shown)

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I recently got into SACD. If you want to really enjoy classical music this is the medium. I would rate it even ahead of vinyl as the absence of pops clicks and the rest means you hear all of the music - not just the parts that are louder than the hiss.

If you are staying with CD, however, I would take a look at Naxos recordings. There is a wealth of information on their site (www.naxos.com) including various "best of" CD's that can help to introduce you to classical music from different composers.

I have found Naxos recordings to be very reasonably priced and am yet to be disappointed with a performance.

BTW - If you were listening to Big Beethoven Symphonies you were listening to the odd numbers - 3,5,7,9 are all big powerful works with 4,6 and 8 being softer more melodic works. 1 & 2 were not his best. Of course you may have been listening to one of the piano concertos with the 5th being probably the best known (the emperor).

All magnificent stuff.

Of course if you really want bang - take a listen to extracts from Wagner's Ring of the Neibelung. You will find many of the pieces familiar - especially the Ride of the Valkerie - magnificent stuff!!!

There is so much out there it is almost impossible to go through it all for you. Once you are off the big stuff there are simply sublime soft works that will transport you to far flung dreams (Straus waltz's (Blue Danube you should recognise), Grieg, Mendelsson (my current favorite)...)

Then there is Rachmaninoff - the 3rd piano is to die for, Modest Mussorski's Pictures at an exhibition, Chopin, and Mozart - my god - lets not forget Wolfgang - a good stepping stone into Opera (Marriage of Figaro, Magic Flute, Don Giovani...), not to mention his best symphonies (38-42), his piano concerto's and Sonata's , the Saltzberg symphonies....

But I am getting ahead of myself. There is plenty to get you going there and about 1,000 more titles I can put your way, maybe more.

enjoy - a lot of real music awaits!


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I find compression horns in general (not just K, I'm a huge Altec-Lansing A-series fan cwm12.gif) excel at large orchestral. And small orchestral. Aw hell, they excel at everythingcwm1.gif

There is SO much to be explored. Vinyl for me is a cheap way to do so. In the calssical world, I started with a little Mozart, and it just slid downhill from there... it's dangerous... addictive..

And so wonderful.cwm1.gif



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One of the great things about getting into classical music is that you can find alot of recordings dirt cheap! Although some of the book stores - turned music stores (ala Barnes & Noble or Borders) have much better classical selections...they do tend to be more expensive. Your bigger mass market electronics chains (ala Circuit City or Best Buy) carry classical cd's for very cheap prices...we're talkin' $5- $7 bucks...that's cheaper than used! Granted, some of the higher end lables like Telarc are not nearly as cheap...but I have picked up a few Deutsche Gramophone disks on the cheap.

Some composers/compositions not list already that I like:

Vivaldi - "Four Season's"

Copeland - "Fanfare For The Common Man" a must hear on horns!

or how about film scores...I like the work of some of the following:

James Horner

John Williams

John Barry

Trever Jones

One of my more listened to disks of the last couple of years in Tom Newman's score for "American Beauty"...granted it's not classical, but give this one a listen...and don't forget to turn on the sub...there's some pretty serious LF on this recording!

Happy Hunting!


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One nice source of info about classical music can be found at www.classical.net

The composer index is at http://www.classical.net/music/mstrindx.html

Just click on the composer you would like to see and they have stars next to their most popular work...They also have reviews of a few of the CDs for each work.

I have been very happy with the recordings they have recomened, EXCEPT for one...it was a MONO recording, with the klipsch speakers, it sounds like sh*t.

One good source of is the "Penguin Guide to Compact Discs" and it can be purchased at www.barnesandnoble.com or most GOOD classical music stores have a copy. A better bet would be Stevenson Guide, but it is damn hard to find...I'm still hunting for it.



Home Theater

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Well if Samuel Barber's-Adagio for Strings doesn't get to you emotionally you're probably listening to Bose. I'd recommend the CD(I just looked for 30 minutes and couldn't find it but the CD is a compilation of ambient classical works that is incredible-I'll post the exact name when I find it) & the newer Telarc version of Holst-The Planets with Levi conducting. Telarc's-Wagner-Ring Without Words is great as well.


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Some excellent, rather minimalist, baroque:

Handel Complete Violin Sonatas

Andrew Manze violin

Richard Egarr harpsichord

harmonia mundi 907259

If you like that:

Pandolfi Complete Violin Sonatas

same performers

harmonia mundi 907241

These are very well performed and recorded, and the music is fascinating and beautiful.

This isn't anything like orchestral music .. 1 violin and 1 very small harpsichord. Both of them are loosely strung, very woody sounding baroque instruments. I use a tube amp and RF-7s. The sound is wonderful. I believe these instruments are especially good on the reference series speakers because most of what you hear comes out of that big square horn. Only the fundamentals use the woofers for the most part.

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If Beethoven impresses you, you must seek out some works by a certain W. A. Mozart, arguably the greatest composer of all time...

A few I enjoy on my system:

1. Piano Concertos 22 & 23 - Barenboim\English Chamber Orchestra, EMI #CDM7691222... these two gems are over 30 years old, and make most modern performances sound like monkeys typing.

2. Divertimento, K563 - Kremer, Kashkashian, Yo-Yo Ma, CBS Masterworks

3. Eine Kleine Nachtmusik - Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields' Chamber Ensemble, Philips 412269-2... one of Mozart's most recognizable, this performance is not the most emotional I've heard, but it is very clean and accurate... horns love violins, too.

While you're at it, The Lord of the Rings soundtrack has been played almost daily at my house... even if you didn't think the movie was great (which it was), the music covers a wide range of classical styles.


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For about $ 40 you can get 6 Naxos CDs.

Some of the DDD organ music is impressive.


Penderecki Vol. 2

Vaughn Williams Sinfonia Antartica

Bax Symphony no 5

With Naxos if you do not like it give it to a friend, they are so inexpensive.

Anonomous 4 on Harmonia Mundi is a great choral group interpreting very old masses or chant type music.

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