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What's a NIB KHorn like?


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I noticed they are an inch or two lower than my prior ones. Also the top surface is cut back from the wall rather than making contact. A nice thought I'd say. The old scrapes are still awaiting paint as we try to decide what color to paint our interior. Using the Outlaw 2150 for now and I needed some input so I hooked up the ole -


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Now that's how to spend the afternoon indeed.

Next - gonna have to drag out the Blueberry and VRDS for the BlueVD versus XP's smackdown.

I've surely wasted enough of your time so stick you head out the window and maybe you can hear woundrous sounds from Crackerville South. How bout some clap praise for PWK!


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Your first listening impressions PLEASE!?

Firing up a set of your very own long-yearned-for Klipschorns is like first solo in an airplane. An unforgettable moment that you'll long remember in detail. Bear in mind that Khorns are very amplifier sensitive and they require a while to break in. So, your first listening impression may not be the one you eventually come to settle down with them with.

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I like the Outlaw a lot. It sounds quite good to me and it's easy to use. Easy to use is a term probably absent in most audio today, but remains important when wife is solo, visitors, the kids, etc. are around. I keep it hooked up so she can listen to whatever and/or run the TV through it. Don't want a theater system. I'm a stereo type is appears. The VRD/Blueberry is a little trickier to get running. It does have a different sound. I'll listen and try to describe it another time - but those nuances are not my forte. I also have high hopes for the XPAs.

On to listening. I had soft FM radio on to be sure left and right was working and had gone to take doggie (real name Cutter) out. I hadn't really listened to anything so to speak. I heard voices when climbing the stairs for the umteenth time that day and the the guy next store had popped over. He was outside earlier and had seen the pallet and boxes. He returned to help carry them upstairs after a bait/beer/girlfriend run nice chap that he is. Impatient soul that I is there they already stood in their respective corners. (I might name them. Foreman and Frazier??? Better than George and George.)

Back to the helpful fellow, first I apologized for my "say goodbye to the Cornwalls" the night prior. I don't know how loud it was, but it was punishing - Queensryche Jet City Woman was the grand finale. By then the wife was standing outside waiting for me to grow up. (In hindsight I should have tried the Doors or Coldplay, or Enrique Iglesias - ha.) Appears a few neighbors were along the fence too!

The helpful fellow is not into much music, he has a collection of real old polka vinyl to worn for me to even play. Plus it's polish language. He said no problem about the prior night - I hope he had enough beer to forget. Anywho, he was ribbing me at how big the KHorns are so I put Plant/Krauss on. Gone Gone Gone. He covered his ears and went home laughing. He looked funny holding his beer over his ear. So, that was the first song.

On to the sound ... in my best John Wayne voice - I don't do no stinking measurements.

My cracker voice - it either gets it or it don't.

My semi-rational impulsive inner being - I like both Cornwalls and KHorns. To me, KHorns float you in a sea of less directional sound, filling the room. Cornwalls seem more directional, you sense more where it's coming from. If you like to stand in front of a stack of Marshalls Cornwalls are heavenly. If you like a seat where it all blends KHorns are more the mix. I dunno if that makes sense, but that's how they differ to me. Both have virtues and I like both scenarios depending upon mood and BAC.

KHorns sound better at lower volumes and great at high volume. Cornwalls sound better the louder they play. Course that's all to me. Cornwalls hit you in the chest. KHorns rumble the neighborhood and never really hit you anywhere except the ears. When I played Gone Gone Gone, if you know the song, it starts with a plodding bass line. Back door ajar, I could see the guy two houses over dancing on his dock while fishing. That made me smile. Then I saw my wife. That made me scared. I turned it down. He stopped dancing.

"For the music is your special friend
Dance on fire as it intends
Music is
your only friend
Until the end" - JDM and pals

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didja put rubbers on their footies like we taught ya? Those metal glides would be hell on your tile floor. Make sure no drunks come stumbling out of the little motorcyclists room into the R cabinet!

No rubbers - I could never move em I fear. I'm thinking carpet. They will have to come out for paint pretty soon. I have till then to figure it out. They do sound ... ugly when sliding. That's the door into the house from downstairs. Not the front door, but we never use it. That's a concern I'm also pondering, the glancing blow from bags or whatever. But even if they do get bonked it be worth it. Rather listen than look if I had to choose, but I would scream in pain.

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ah, it does my heart good to know that Percy was the first voice heard on the new babies. Excellent choice!

The rubber footies do more than protect flooring from scrapes, they keep the Khorns tucked solidly in to the corners where they belong.

Woe be the Forumite who doeth hasten to rid his castle of the Corns for he shall live to regret the day.

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Thanks for taking the time to post all the pictures and comentary!

About half way through, I felt my blood presure raising! LOL I was almost there with you. [<:o)]

(Lifts glass up)[D] Here's to many many years of Beautiful Music![D][^]


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If you like to stand in front of a stack of Marshalls Cornwalls are heavenly. If you like a seat where it all blends KHorns are more the mix.

Not that I've ever been right in front of a stack of Marshalls at a loud a concert... the Khorn description reminds me of my first big (and loud) rock concert, The Who at Indianapolis' Market Square Arena back in 1982... our seats were hard stage left maybe a bit in front of the stage in nosebleed section, sounded good...snuck down on the concourse opposite the stage maybe returning from buying the tee shirt both daughters have claimed (sniff) - MUCH impvroved sound - the blended together sound would descirbe that I think. I've been front center or near so at (much) smaller (and not as loud) concerts and it's a lot different sound. Too bad you couldn't have kept the Cornwalls. Close up front and back where it all blends together is awesome. Now to just get that chest thumping with Klipschorns....

Nice write up. Be hard to chose one over the other.

(drool) Enjoy! (drool) [8][8][H][8][8]

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great write up and pics. I got so excited the night I brought my Khorn home from my roadtrip to Chicago that I forgot to take a single pic of them in the moving van. It was late and I was on the phone awaiting my friend to show up to help move them in the house and I was feeling a little, well not to bad that he had to leave his house so late to lend a helping hand as I arrived home 2 hours later than expected that I just forgot.

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InnerTube wrote, "My semi-rational impulsive inner being - I like both Cornwalls and KHorns. To me, KHorns float you in a sea of less directional sound, filling the room..."

I like that description. To me, as I described my own impressions of Khorns a long while ago on this forum, Klipschorns just seem to energize the utter air in the room. I had that impression again when I turned them on just now and the local FM classical station was running a vigorous Mozart piano concerto and wow, the room was alive again. I should be hitting the sack but no, gotta stay up and hear the rest of that concerto. That's what Khorns do...


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This thread was such a wonderful read and the pics had me memsmerized! Why? Well, I have a pair

of Khorns being delivered tomorrow morning!!! Thanks for the pics! Oh, and didn't see many pics

of your wife toward the end, hope she is OK.

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