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What to do with empty corners??

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What year was that published? Couldn't find a date on the add.
Was the bass horn section licensed from Klipsch? I heard they had a deal of some kind that let PWK use the T35 tweeter and other EV components.
The T35 was improved later with something called the Avedon (or some similar sounding name).... does anyone know exactly what that was?
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I'm having a hard time picturing the scale of a bass bin accomodating an 18 in driver.

Pretty cool, indeed.

Not a whole lot bigger than a Khorn bass bin, 34.5 H X 46 H. Here are the plans for it if anyone is interested:


This is similar to the link mentioned above, except the wood cutting for the bass horn plans are at the end of the PDF file.

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Back in those days of mono music, one speaker was all you needed. There were a lot of single Klipschorns sold then, too. A 7-speaker setup would have sounded like something only a king or a billionaire would have.

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