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Finally a member of the Heritage club!

Pete H

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Just what I needed, another set of speakers. I've been watching these and bit the bullett at 600 for a set of Cornwall 2's with some veneer and grill issues but functioning fine. I wouldn't have purchased them but I have some good friends in the same area that will pick them up and hold them until I get over there in the next couple of weeks.




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Congratulations and welcome to the family!

I think you're going to like them!!! Stick out tongue


I made the mistake of stopping by the Klipsch dealer close to me and listened to the CW 3's and then started looking for a set of originals or 2's to put out in the shop when it's done. That's what I'll tune into while I'm building the Jamboree's to keep me in the right frame of mind.
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Just what I needed, another set of speakers.

Careful, these things have a way of multiplying asexually. I started out with the pair of Heresies on the wings and look what happened. There's a third pair of HD-BRs and a third Corn you can't see too!

I'm with ya! Let me see, RF 7's, 35's, RP 5's and 3's, RB 5's (couple pair), A few centers and surrounds and a couple of subs.................gotta go, there's an auction ending soon, it is for a pair of speakers.....LOL
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