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  1. Running a Juicy Music Blueberry Extreme w/Cream
  2. Had a friend back in the 70's that had a pair, seems like back then they sounded good to a 16 year old boy, I do remember them being very loud and that you could feel the music. But I'll stick with my Cornwalls & ST120. Wouldn't mind a set in my shop though.
  3. I had two rectifier tubes blow, talked to Bob and he told me to try the Webber Copper Cap, no more problems.
  4. Running my ST120 with a quad of matched TungSol KT120's, with a pair of Amperex Bugle Boy 12AT7's on the outside post and a Telefunken ecc88 in the center. Have a Juicy Music Blueberry Extreme with Cream feeding it. Powering my Cornwall's. Love the sound!
  5. Check out Bob Latino's ST120, love it with my Cornwalls!
  6. I have Cornwall II's, JM Blueberry Extreme with Cream & Latino ST120, sound is magical!
  7. I love my Juicy Music Blueberry Extreme with Cream! Find you some Juicy Music!
  8. Thanks, I'm gonna play around a little with them. I can move some stuff and spread them out a foot or two. It sounds pretty good, but I haven't had time to really listen to it and try and form a hard opinion about the changes.
  9. I love the Sonys. I got my 765 from Canyonman. He is big into R2R. Maybe he can help you out.
  10. Well, here they are, I'm happy with the sound. It seems to put the music right in your face when I sit on the couch. Not too much, but it brings the sound stage forward. I also like the LP storage,
  11. One of my two Audio Dynamics B200's. One is in my bedroom system the other sits idle.
  12. I'm building a riser that will elevate my Cornwalls about 16" off the floor. I just wanted to try it and see how it sounds. I'm making it so it would hold some of my LPs. They are made out of 3/4 MDF with glued and nailed joints and I'm painting them flat black to match my rack system. I'll post some pics when I'm done with them. Let me know your thoughts on this. Jeff
  13. Just a surge suppressor. I unplug the surge suppressor when we expect bad weather.
  14. I agree, I talked to Bob Latino and he told me the power tranny is more than ample to drive the KT120's, as far as setting the bias, I set it at .55 VDC on each tube, same as my KT88's, it's kinda like having a huge engine in a truck, it doesn't have to work as hard to pull the load. So far, I'm loving the sound! jeff
  15. Finally made the leap to replace my old Ruby KT88s in my Latino / Dynaco ST120. Wow, these tubes are massive! Pulled the 88s out and cleaned up the deck. Turned down the bias and put the 120s in. Turned on the amp and slowly brought up the bias to .55 VDC. Everything stabilized and got started with some Keb Mo. All I can say is wow, sound is so sweet, seems like it brought out the mids and tightened up the lows. Headroom increased also. As for my power tranny, I did not notice any increase in its temp. I have about 6 hours on these tubes and all I can say is I really like them! I also installed tube dampers on my three Ampex Bugle Boy 12AT7s in the pre-amp section of my amp. Next project is to pull out my Juicy Music Blueberry Extreme and replace the 12AX7 with a Genalex Golden Lion & the 12AT7s with Mullards and install tube dampers on them. I also got a new 6H30 super tube to install. Try the KT120s, there a lot of tube for the money! Jeff
  16. Well, where are we on this? I'm loving mine, Pandora sounds much better on the Pure to me.
  17. Yes I understand this, my problem is that I keep my Iphone in an Otter Box to keep it from being destroyed while I work & play. I have to take it out of the Box to get it to dock, I also just put my wifes Ipad in a similar case for protection, thank God as she just dropped it...... but it too must be taken out of the case to dock. Other than that, I think it's a heck of a little unit that does a very good job converting the digital signal to analogue with it's on board DAC, especially for under a hundred bucks.
  18. I think you will like it, let us know what you think! jeff
  19. Without a doubt it is better. The I-20 has its own 24-bit 192 KHz DAC built into the base. It has L-R analogue outputs in the back to go to your pre-amp. As I understand it, it takes the raw digital data from your Ipod, Iphone & processes it through the built in DAC in its base. I also docked the wifes Ipad 2 in it and stremed Pandora for a few hours. Sound was way better than it usually is coming from the head phone jack. I found mine on Amazon.com. Several suppliers, mine came out of GA, got here in three days. Total was under $100.00. I'm very happy with the unit. Jeff
  20. Just got my I-20 last night. I really like this, makes my IPhone sound great. The on board DAC does a good job, it's well worth the $94.00 I paid for it & it works with our iPad as well. Pandora sounded much better hooked up through the Pure than it did coming from the headphone jack to my BBX. Anyone else using this system?
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