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How would I ship a pr of Herseys ?


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Want them to be safe and arrive intact, but cost will be a consideration. How should these be packed ? Any tips for low cost shipping ?

I have 2 pr I want to sell, but want to get shipping specifics so I can let potential buyers know upfront what is involved.

Also- what about delivering the speakers to a pack and ship store, then having the buyer talk to the store and direct how they will be packed and shipped ?

Thanks !

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I ship electronic stuff all the time. Hereseys are not that big, so it's not that hard.Electronics are heavy and are harder to ship than speakers the same size.

Ship in two separate boxes. I have had good luck with Fed-Ex Ground.

Get the boxes from Office Max that is larger than each speaker.Allow for at least 3-4 inches on each side of the speaker. Go to Home depot and get some foam insulation and surround the speaker on all sides until the speaker will not shift in transit. You may need up to 4-6 foam panels on each side to fill the space around the speaker. Make sure the speaker will not move at all and is tight against the foam.

It will arrive safely!

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I make my own boxes by cutting down larger boxes made with double layer, heavy cardboard. Sony Bravia boxes work great for this. Or La Z Boy recliner boxes. Lol.

I line the inside with 2" polystyrene foam insulation. One caution with this though, you have to clean any dirt and dust off very carefully or the "bits" will scratch the finish on the speakers. I wrap each Heresy up in a plastic bag before dropping into the box.

This is one of two boxes being sent to a customer that he'll use to send me his Heresy's for restoration. Hopefully the boxes will make it through multiple shippings so they can be used for shipping the finished speakers back to him.




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I just sent a pair of Heresys to my brother 700 miles from me and they got there in the same condition they were in when they left my house by UPS. Purchased boxes 2" bigger than the size of the speakers on all three sides and added styrafom all arround the speakers. cost was 64.00 total in two seperate boxes. Previous post isexactly how how I shipped my speakers.

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