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$900 Klipschorn Craigslist find wooooo hoooo!!!!!!!!!!


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all, new to the forum but I finally got my hands on a pair of Klipschorns 1979

vintage Walnut Oiled with Cain grills off Craigslist for $900 from a really nice lady in Texas

who drove them up to Texarkana, Arkansas to meet my family and drop them off. I

would be the second owner but they are salesman samples out of Texas so who knows? They

where purchased in 1980 by the previous owner. I hooked them up and they sound

great but they still have the original AA type crossovers so I am just

wondering if I should replace them? I listened to them with a Marantz 2270 and they sounded great but I know they can sound better. I am attaching pictures below. I am soliciting opinions from other Klipschorn owners so let me here from you...............

forumsPhotobucket" forumsPhotobucket" mce_src="http://s1136.photobucket.com/albums/n493/eaglesfan723/?action=view&current=100_1085.jpg' target="_blank">" alt="" border="" hspace="" vspace="" width="" height="" align="" />

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Wow excellent find.

I would live with the current crossovers for the time being as you get used to the speakers. I think that given the age, the crossovers will no doubt need to either be rebuilt or replaced. I would introduce yourself over in the 2 channel forum which is where most folks hang out. I would in fact repost your "find" and questions there.

Take your time to explore the crossover options as there are a few.

Info on the options can be searched for and found in the two channel, technical questions or updates and modifications forums


PS welcome !

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With a steal like that, you get to skip from "new forum member" freshman class(5 years) and go right to sophomore class.[:P]

Welcome back with a big bang. Beautiful score. I have a pair of Heresy II's in oiled walnut and cane grills and just love the combo.


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. Pipe Insulation how does it attach to the back?

Use it on the edges of the tail piece. The idea is to have the the insulation fill in any gap between the edges of the tail piece and the wall. This will greatly improve both the bass and overall sound.

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