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Diy Klipsch RF-62II


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Se você alguma vez encontrar-se com pouco trabalho, você deve dar Klipsch uma chamada e mostrar-lhes algumas dessas imagens. Eu acho que eles iriam contratá-lo em uma batida de coração.

It would be a pleasure to work on klipsch in Brazil but I live far from klipsch. I liked the idea of sending some pictures for them would be like this?




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Wow, trabalho muito útil. Eu não tenho idéia de como soa, mas o aspecto é muito grande.

They play much better than the original RF62, I did a complete rework of internal increased bass now they have a more serious and this show was very strong.




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Por que a mudança na aparência do sub para os três da frente?

The sub I got him before I'd buy the RF62 RF52 + RC52 + SW-110 after I sold the RF52 + RF62 and bought the RC52 + RC62 and got the same sub. He is in front of the boxes only to take pictures then put it in the corner again.




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