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KP-250's and bass bins ARE SOLD.


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Steve, the boxes are tuned a little too high for HT. I think they're somewhere in the 30-35 Hz range. They're music monsters though.

EDIT, I re-read your post. They'd be great as surrounds as you'd cross them over and not send the really low stuff to them. You'd need a HT sub for that. When they're not being used as surrounds, wheel them where you want them and pound some tunes.

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Fabulous setup for big backyard parties!

Thanks Dee. That's exactly what they were made for, and they excell.

A high school kid at chuch maybe after tax time I found out Sunday spent $1500 of his parents tax refund on amplifier and speakers and cables, maybe laptop, to DJ. Speaekrs and amp I think are Pyle Pro. Or at least that's what they told me. Said it played loud beofre mentioning sound quality.

These would so blow his starter rig away and I'm sure could've gotten everything in his budget. Ugh. I wish he'd said something to me before they went speaker shopping. Pyle used to make some good stuff, in Huntington Indiana. Maybe the wifr of a local guitar speaker maker is related to the former Pyle owners and said junior or somebody took over and basically parted it out..

Getting these from Texas to Indiana could be a challenge but Dallas area is +- 20 hours earch way and maybe opportunity for Klpsch Expres.

I wish I could afford these for backyard speakers. And had a place to store them but if I could get them I'd make room to store them. SWMBO would kill me if I bought something like this right now.

p.s. So maybe if could hide the purchase and get them to Dee's for storage..

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We could definitely do that! I'd be happy to store them in my garage for as long as needed! Big Smile

And I'm sure keep them well fed and nourished.... I'll check with Ryan how long he's had the Pyle Pro but probably past the return time but just in case. If can get to Daddy Dee's it's a bit closer than Dallas area or wherever these are located. And if near Hope then I'm sure could get to Indy eventually with a bit of patience.

Our garage is kind of damp as built on a swamp with no vapor barrier. [:@] At times in winter get a nice coating of frost on the damp concrete. Ya that's fun to step on at a bad angle... Could store in home office between outdoor uses. But already on casters then only have to worry about dust so would need to cover. Or replace rotting out garage doors which I need to do anyway. And the non-neutered male cat who moved in has moved on. Durn kitty from 'ell peed on EVERYTHING. Even on shelves. In cabinets the cats like to curl up in. UGH Use the loft as a litter box. A couple of stray tom cats moved in the lost that was reasonably clean and peed on most everything and used it as a litterbox. Basically didn't leave. One was a stray house cat that met his fate in the road. The other was a HUGE wiley feral cat that took over a month to trap... don't worry, he was relocated to a new home and not reappropriated as fertilizer.

So maybe I can work out a deal... if I find a new job soon enough what can team SWMBO say? Yep folks looking for a new job. Signed on for early retirement as it beat the very likely possiblity, and I'd have bet my brother's remaining pieced of the family farm that I would've been laid off. Possibly after the early retirement option was over. Laid off during that time or right after would have been better.... severence does not incure early withdrawal penalty as does raiding retirement funds...

Y'all heard it hear first that I think I may have mentioned it to Dee on FB? Or not. But "I Have Decided" was hymn this past Sunday with sermon on blind faith from uh, the New Testament, where what's his name, annoying blind beggar had the blind faith that Jesus would heal his sight. Dee may remember that. At least I think that's what FB chat was about. I've slept since then... maybe even volunteered to retire since then, forget the timing... Now if I listen as well when God tries to tell me this is the job or new line of work for you...

That was $800 for all 4 cabinets? Dang. If that's true I should buy them as investment. lol I do have a few dollars right now.... of course I'm hoping gets us to at least January if need be.... Working on project deal with Mr Paint to build a killer home sub on the cheap and just barter for the driver and passive. Buy the recommended amp. Build a box. Hopefully not too ugly. And killer sub based on RSW12 sub drivers (I think that was the model). One active. One with issues converted into passive radiator.

And I so much want to be able to rock the county block... but I would behave myself. Most of the time. Bwuhahahaha I've spent all afternoon with Colterphoto1's KP 250's. They play more than loud enough for hours stait. Add killer bass? Awesome.

Wheels of how to convince SWMBO we need these... even if we have to let Dee keep them until we can get them, assuming I can get them there.... or ROAD TRIP. My last day is tomorrow. [:o][:|] Reality sets in.... lol. Serious job / new career search begins in earnest next Wednesday

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Assuming $200 for gas still a great deal. CP1 does get to the dtels every now and then... they were in Tennessee when we went to Florida for Christmas a few years back. Wonder how far a detour to where Elden and Christie lives from Father In Law in Venice FL.

Wheels in the brain are turning. I've got music for classic rock, pop in mid 70's to mid 90's timewarp and more. Could sign onto licensing service or just download onto laptop with DJ software... and start a DJ biz. Of course then there's lights. Or maybe just biz for very simple sound reinforcement. Speeches. Maybe small acoustic combos in small space would need some mikes and simple mixer.

Our data center customer service representative said we should open a night club or bar and grille... back in architecuture school a friend and I had picked out a name, or maybe just me but labeled on a project as Fungobucci's which in English makes me think of fungus and botulism... maybe we did that on purpose? Maybe just thought it sounded cool. I've a sadistic masochistic sense of humor so I think I'd try a place called Fungobucci's. Of course she wants to open it in Argentina... but says $1000 US is about $5000 Argentina... so maybe that's plan A so SWMBO falls in love with plan B...

Or maybe I just get Coytee to work on it.... I think I can dig up some sort of dirt on him... he has gotten large speakers moved very inexpensively. Of course with no job, what's a couple thousand mile road trip. Anywhere near Amarillo? Could take Alea to visit her best friend in Amarillo for a couple of days... and if near Dallas area I did used to work in Plano, about 20 years ago now but even if can't find former coworkers some Klipsch Forum members to meet...

Time for my night time meds. Muscle relaxers for arthritis are very tranquilizing.... Good thing the TV is off as I might not be able to resist the Ronco Food Dehydrator or whatever Ron Popeil is selling.... or the wear it 38 ways dress for SWMBO, only 4 easy payments of 14.95 pluse S&H... was pulling out the credit card for that one before I realized it was basically a simple wrap dress that one could buy at a Ross or TJ Maxx for $9.95 and just wrap a bit differently.

I still want a Ronco Food Dehydrator. Or maybe a better food dehydrator. Mmmmmmmmm Beef / Turkey / Pork jerky mmmmmmmmmmm.

That's it.. I don't know hon. Apparently I sent PayPal payment for speakers in my semi-conscious stupor... that would've worked pretty well a few weeks ago... but that's another looooooong story of TMI

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Forget Beaumont to Amarillo. May be farther than Kokotucky to Hope... Dee appears to be about 200 miles from Hope. 200 miles closer to Kokotucky. Hope is only about 11 hours from Kokomo. Was hoping to send team SWMBO on to Alyssa's home in Amarillo but over 8 hours from Hope. Alyssa's Dad is maintenance supervisor for Tyson so he does know where the Klipsch plant is.

9 hours one way is a long day trip. At 35 to 40+. Overnighter now. I have pretended to be DJ a few times. Got a little Rat Shack mixer I bought and used for a couple of just for fun in college. 2 at least abuse the stereo equipment of friends and / or my own. One with a nice 100 watt Shure PA that rocked the local Presbyterian Church's basement. Not at all publicised CCM dance that only the two groups, the Presby's and The Other Lutherans (LCA, ALC, AELC, now known as ELCA and maybe the LCA still exists? Not to be confused with the Missouri Synod Lutherans). The Presby's had their own "normal" dance and hired some DJ with a couple of small 8" 2 way Rat Shack speakers. Packed the place. Dude thought he could sing, or rap, Mid 80's. Couldn't tell sounded like CRAP. Ok. From camera phone pics Ryan's Pyle Pro have got to sound better...

Forrest City does look to be on the way to Hope. KP 250's no problem. We have a Grand Caravan - they easilly fit in back cargo area. Swallowed up in back cargo area. The bass bins. Well they be huge. I think both and KP 250's would fit with seats all folded into floor.... and if could get to Dee's or Hope maybe could corerce Trey or somebody to pick 'em up on way back or next Hope Pilgrimage.

I was going to get minty Chorus II from GMLA51 but it was Christmas trip to Venice FL with side trip to Okeechobee and while one Chorus II would have fit fine in the back to fit in 2 seemed like way too much real estate with full team SWMBO with winter clothes and Christmas gifts and ~ 1100 mile return trip home... so Mashall had a plan B lol. He was afraid team SWMBO might leave me in FL with or without my "new" speakers. These base bins may make Chorus look compact. I still think should fit in GC with 1 to 2 and maybe 3 travelers...

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Meds injested. Sleep to commence soon.

Also adjusting to new, much better glasses - the old ones teflon coating wash trashed and near script has changed a lot...

That send him the PayPay would've worked pretty well in September... might not be such a good idea now... Coytee our dear friend had posted in an underground private Klipschanatic for the truly crazy Klipchanatics about ways to hide purchases from his SWMBO.... for a couploe of thigs called TADs or something like that?

I can blame Richard for inspiring me to buy these now?..

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Were losing him, were losing. Clear...............................................

Duder - some might say I've been lost for years. I'm not just crazy, I'm sure I'd have no trouble proving it. [:$]

Think back to rant with Dollar Bill and Professor Thump on FB about sound quality or lack there of... and that the CD may not be perfect sound forever... but can be durn good or poor if poorlly mastered... it's not insanity. It's passion.

Ok. I'm just a nut. But (usually) a loveable nut.

Arthritic hip does not help staying asleep. Flouroscopic (sp? under x-ray) cortisone shot tomorrow afternoon. Then PT to commence Thursday. Osteoarthritis. With Ankylosing Sponylitis (not sure if that's in hip). Maybe even Bursitis... I hope there's some Bursitis as it can be treated. I'm not sure family doctor or rheumatologist ever said if hip replacement is in my future or if I listened to answer. I think rheumo asked if FP talked and I said well recommends cortisone shot (which did get) and PT (didn't follow up) then the under x-ray (bullseye) and more pt and maybe a new hip and he didn't disagree. Family doctor never did say. She did do the cortisone shot herself and found a mole on my backside to remove on another visit. Expected to be sent to a dermatologist for that but our doctor did the punch biopsy explaining technique to nurse then cauterized it electrically.. Couldn't see but did very that when said to not contact metal on exam table.

Time to go get ready for bed before I fall asleep in chair.... good thing I don't have Carl's PayPal information... If I'm back on compture tonight (still Tuesday night until I go to bed though now 12:48 AM) it will be to catch up FB or email.

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,,,,,,,I'd love to have but, 37 hrs / 2364.21 miles Est. Fuel Cost $241.4 one way road trip. I'm sure my pick-up would use more then that!3 Not to mention food and motels. Guess I'll have to just drool [:'(] . What kind of power to drive the base bins? Are they completely coated with bedliner? As in non showing areas underneath etc. I think I could really wake up my semi rural neighbor hood with these. Alas major expenses have come up. Any possibility of shipping IF and that's a big IF I found the money somewhere?............Taz

......Will send email.

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Still seems like a good idea to buy these... so maybe I've not slept enough but could potentially use for a secondary or tertiary income ...

I haven't calculated gas but our Grand Caravan gets 25+ on occasion on pure interstate driving... 19 hours each way but if could get to Daddy Dee's for about $200 or maybe dtel's for less as I'm sure they'd be happy to store. The rest of the trip home may just be a road trip or get some Klipsch Pony express going on.

Just to get SWMBO buy in...

This is a great rig for a killer price. I'd love to have it. [8][8][8][H][8][8][8]

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