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If you could have any Klipsch speaker you wanted what would it be?


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jhawk...see my posting on Oak LaScala Cabinets elsewhere in this section under "twin-powered older h/k addiction?" originally posted by me yesterday...


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PWK's first speaker, though it sounded like hell, what an item to have! A PWK original, the one that started it all.



SoundWise Support

A technical help site created by me and my fellow Klipschers

I am an amateur, if it is professional;

ProMedia help you want email Amy or call her @ 1-888-554-5665 or for an RA# 800-554-7724 ext 5

Klipsch Home Audio help you want, email support@klipsch.com or call @ 1-800-KLIPSCH

RA# Fax Number=317-860-9140 / Parts Department Fax Number=317-860-9150s>

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My Klipsch needs, wants, and desires:

1. A single Belle for a center channel in my HT - preferably oak oil.

2. A set of Klipschorns as a basis for a 2 channel system.

#2 will likely wait, due to cost....but I'm searching for the Center Belle with more urgency now.

My other need (non-Klipsch) is for a new pre-pro - the Outlaw 950 business is starting to drive me nuts!! I'm losing patience - but have little other options for a pre-pro in the $1000 range. I wish I would have bought the closeout Acurus ACT3.......


Klipsch Cornwall II's (mains)

Klipsch Academy (center channel)

Klipsch Chorus (surrounds)

Outlaw 750 Amplifier (5x165)

H/K AVR 75 (used as pre/pro - will be upgraded soon)

Bass Kit:

2 JBL 4638 LFE/Bass Reinforcement cabinets

Crown CE 1000 amplifier

Behringer Feedback Destroyer (Bass EQ)


Pioneer DV-333

2 Aiwa ADF-850 3 head cassette decks

General Instruments cable box

Panasonic VHS PV-4459

Digital Audio Labs CardDeluxe (computer sound)

f> c> s>

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Hmm......the only space I have available would be for a set of 1974 Albino Cornwalls. 2nd choice would be for any other year Cornwalls. I heard my first pair back in '79 and later passed up a pair of 87's in 1990. Looking back , I just didn't get it - I was a real stingy s.o.b.

Of course, if I do find this set of Cornwalls, I will have to "butter up" the babe to get them into the house!


NP - Accept (Chick w/the Chainsaw) Remaster (1979).

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